WorkPro 239-Piece All-Purpose Home Repair Tool Kit

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About This Item

This WorkPro 239-Piece All-Purpose Home Repair Tool Kit (model W009028) includes: sockets, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, a ratchet wrench, a wire stripper, drill bits, Allen keys, a utility knife, a hacksaw and more. Tools are encased in a durable, 2-drawer metal box that is convenient for transportation. All the tools in our tool box are made with a fully polished, heat treated, triple chrome plated finish where applicable in order to prevent rust and corrosion. No need to worry about leaving your tools outdoors or in the rain. This tool kit is the perfect set to have in your home or keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency; it has all the equipment necessary for auto repair and home maintenance. All tools meet or exceed ANSI standards.

The WorkPro 239-Piece All-Purpose Home Repair Tool Kit includes: 

  • 13- 3/8″ Dr. sockets 
  • 11- 1/4? Dr. sockets  
  • 4- 1/4″ deep sockets   
  • 4-3/8″  deep sockets    
  • 1- 3/8″ Dr.F X 1/4″,  Dr. M adapter 
  • 1-1/4″  Dr. X 3?Extension bar 
  • 1- 3/8″ Dr. X 2.5? extension Bar 
  • 1- 1/4″ Dr. Sliding bar 
  • 1-3/8″ Dr.ratchet handle 
  • 11- Metric  Hex key set   
  • 11-SAE Hex key set
  • 1- Magnetic bits Driver
  • 60- 1″ bits 
  • 6- 40CR sandblasting Nut drivers (3/16″, 1/4″, 9/32″, 5/16″, 11/32″, 3/8″)
  •  8- Chrome plated Combination Wrench
  • 1- 8″ Chrome plated Adjustable wrench 
  • 1-7″ Combination pliers 
  • 1- 6″ Long nose pliers 
  • 1- 10″ Groove joint pliers 
  • 3- Cr-V Slotted Screwdriver
  • 3- Cr-V Phillips Screwdrivers   
  • 1-Crimping tools 
  • 55- Terminals 
  • 1- 18MM snap off knife 
  • 20- Cable tie 
  • 1-Mini hacksaw 
  • 6- Nickle Plated Precision screwdriver
  • 10- 18MM snap off knife blades with plastic box 
  • 1- Metal box


Heat Treated, Triple Chrome Polish
Assembled Product Weight
46.2 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
23.60 x 20.90 x 11.40 Inches

WorkPro 239-Piece All-Purpose Home Repair Tool Kit

10 reviews for WorkPro 239-Piece All-Purpose Home Repair Tool Kit

  1. Lisa

    The WorkPro 239 piece all purpose home repair tool kit is the perfect kit to tackle all of those DIY projects around your home. This kit contains a variety of tools in a very stylish tool box. The bottom drawer is completely open and allows you to store the bigger tools like the wire stripper and the mini screwdriver set. The middle drawer, each piece has it’s own compartment for storage which is nice to keep it organized, especially all of the screw drivers. The top shelf contains a multi-purpose screwdriver with 60 different tips, two wrenches, and different length socket wrenches allowing for the perfect fit every time. The lid has two locking clips that when secured, the bottom two drawers are locked in place. The clips also have little loops that the owner can put locks on. This is an added safety feature that means no one can just walk up and take your tools if you’re working outside. This is the tool box you want to invest in that will allow you to tackle all of your home projects with ease.

  2. BargainDiva

    Received this massive tool box as a member of the Spark Reviewer Program! Looking forward to having all my tools in one neat box with a space for everything and everything in in its place! Large metal tool box that is heavy but not too heavy to lift and move from place to place. The Hubby is going to love this for Christmas! Easy glide drawers in this tool box, just a great presentation!

  3. pinkchux

    Tool box itself measures 8.5” tall x 9.5” deep x 18” wide

    Drawers 1.5” deep.

    The drawers easily hold all the tools plus additional tools such as a level and hammer and 25′ tape measure (which are not included).

    The Work Pro 239 piece tool set is definitely not your typical cheap quality multi-tool kit.  

    After tossing in a hammer and tape measure in the bottom drawer, the 239 pc tool kit contains everything I need for most projects around the house.  

    I am truly impressed with the good quality of these tools. The wrench holds its position while using, the socket works smoothly, and the screw driver tips don’t chip or strip out.

    I am super picky about tools. Trust this set. It’s quality!!

    For me and my at home and on the go projects, I love the high quality, compact size, easy to carry case with the multiple drawers.

  4. FalconsRider

    This tool set is a great starter set for the future mechanic and/or home do-your-selfer. There is a nice selection of wrenches and sockets, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and a whole lot more!

  5. joey33

    Love it and received it on time

  6. timothy

    Great buy, very useful, would buy again

  7. Aleigha

    I got everything but I was missing one piece to the tool box.

  8. Jason

    I was looking forward to the arrival of this tool set. Always fun to get tools! The tool set arrived well packed. Pretty much everything in its place in the drawers. Needed to unwrap a few of the items. The drawer box itself is made from metal and pretty sturdy. It has two clasps that you can put a small lock through. When the claps are closed you can’t open the drawers. In the top section is an assortment of screwdriver bits, monkey wrench and regular wrenches. In the middle drawer are assorted screwdrivers, pliers and Allen wrenches. In the bottom drawer is a small hand saw, small screwdriver set, razor, wire cutter, clamp and some screws and nails. I haven’t had the chance to use all the tools yet. From the ones I used they seemed sturdy and worked fine. It’s nice having all the tools you need is an organized portable container. It has a carrying handle on top. Not that portable though as it is somewhat heavy. I can’t say this set felt and looked as strong as some others but it was fine for what I needed. For basic work around the house, this is what you need.

  9. WhatsUpWithThePrice

    awesome variety for the price. build quality of the tools themself seems fine! bought for my S.O. and he hasn’t used them yet but they feel strong. UNFORTUNATELY, one of the hooks on the toolbox is BROKE though. very upset about that. other than that I’m pleased.

  10. joneser67

    The tools are ok, but the box is the worst tool box I have ever had. One of the clasps broke as soon as I opened the box and the whole box is some of the flimsiest metal and should not even be used for a tool box. If you only want it for the tools, then it is a decent deal, but if you don’t have a box or bag to put your tools in, make sure you get something to store the tools in as well.

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