Sylvania Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Dual 8″ LED Light Up Drivers – SP782, Black

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Sylvania Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Dual 8″ LED Light Up Drivers – SP782, Black

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Take your tunes on the road with Sylvania’s black SP782 Bluetooth® speaker in sleek black color. Wirelessly stream your favorite music and podcasts right from your smart device using Bluetooth or connect using a USB flash drive. With two eight-inch speakers, this mobile party station is perfect for outdoor events be the campsite MC, belt out karaoke or make announcements to the crowd with the included microphone input.

  • Bluetooth Technology-Go wireless and stream your favorite music or podcasts from your Bluetooth-enabled smart devices
  • TWS capability: Buy 2 and run separate channels
  • Huge dual 8” led light up drivers!!  Plus 1” tweeter
  • 10 watts of power!!
  • Multiple Inputs and File Types Supported-Besides streaming, play your favorite music using USB, tuning into the FM Radio or hooking up via auxiliary cable
  • LED Lighting-Blue LEDs glow brightly, lighting up the party.
  • Versatile – supports USB, SD cards
  • Built-in Radio FM
  • 3.5mm aux input
  • Microphone input
  • Long lasting, built-in rechargeable battery – play your favorite tunes for up to 4 hours
  • Impedance: 2Ω.
  • Accessories: USB charging cable
  • Color: Black

Sylvania Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Dual 8″ LED Light Up Drivers – SP782, Black

20 reviews for Sylvania Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Dual 8″ LED Light Up Drivers – SP782, Black

  1. funyygal

    I received the Sylvania Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Dual 8 LED Light Up Drivers – SP782, in Black and We totally love it. It didn’t take that long to charge out of the box and the instructions walk you through using it. We’ve enjoyed the light show! Anytime we dance with video games this adds a great party element. Charge holds for a good while and sound is decent. Outside it gets super loud and it’s great. Very portable with a handle on top. Even has an AUX for manual hookup. Even has a USB, TF card reader, and the best feature ever… a microphone jack! Bring on the Karaoke! Great fun item to have for any occasion.

  2. Zia

    The sound is loud enough though not much bass but great for small gatherings. I love that it has both Bluetooth and AUX capability – and USB support. It can stream or connect with any regular device on hand. The led lights is a good touch for those who care for it. The speaker looked heavy but it really isn’t and can be carried around effortlessly. Has a convenient handle at the top. Can be mounted on a stand but that a separate purchase. Has a mic port as well as holder for getting people’s attention at those get-togethers/parties. Love it!

  3. Linlin

    This speaker is very loud for it’s size! The changing lights are awesome too! There isn’t much bass but the music is loud enough to have it outside on the basketball court. When you play it loudest inside it will hurt your ears. I love how it is portable too! Very good speaker for the price. In the photo, the chairs behind it are the taller island height chairs.

  4. Dean

    I recently got the Sylvania Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Dual 8 LED Light Up Drivers. The speaker is definitely big but not sure about rugged. The housing is plastic and the speaker is super light in weight. It appears to have a spot for a pole stand attachment in the back. The sound is decent. Good Highs and Mids. There is not near as much bass as you would think with such a large speaker. The speaker is very portable as it is a rechargeable speaker. It comes with a cable but not the power adapter to plug into a wall. The lights on the speakers are vibrant LEDs. The speaker has a built in radio and can perform as a Karaoke machine which was a pleasant surprise for my daughter. If you have a memory card then it will allow you to record sessions. All in all it’s a colorful fun portable speaker that you can take about anywhere you wish to jam out!

  5. michaelgzk

    loving this speaker! excellent bass, sound quality and light show. we use it at work to jam out and manager can use mic to make announcements on floor.

  6. Gabby22

    This speaker is a fun lightweight party speaker. I look forward to hauling this around to family bbq’s and events. It is super lightweight and for the price it is a good quality buy. This speaker is worth the money spent.

  7. littlepinkheart09

    I’m super happy with this Big Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Sylvania! When I decided to choose this speaker, I never looked up the actual size, so I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up and it was much larger than I had expected! At almost two feet tall, it’s definitely decent in size, yet still small enough to be portable for gatherings, functions or just jamming out at home. The outside material is constructed of a very strong and durable plastic. It’s lightweight and feels like it should hold up well to being moved around and I think it will resist most minor dings, bumps and scratches. This speaker does require an initial charge with the included USB cable (the wall outlet piece is not included), but once charged, the speaker lasts quite a while. I was able to easily sync this to my phone via Bluetooth and play my favorite music, but you can also hook this up using USB or auxiliary cables too. I also love that you are able to play the radio on this, use it for karaoke, and even record sounds. There’s even a place on the back of the speaker to hold a microphone (sold separately.) I think this speaker sounds great for what it is. It gets plenty loud and the sound still sounds crisp and clear. You can even switch songs, pause and adjust the volume from either your paired device or the back of the speaker. The LED light function is a wonderful plus too, because the lights are gorgeous and I love watching the rainbow colors flash to the beat. The box makes it sound like you can control which color light you want, but you cannot, only either turn them on or off by holding down the MODE/LED ON switch on the back. My husband even liked my speaker so much that he bought one for himself! One improvement I’d make is it having a little better range. It seems you need your paired device somewhat close to the speaker for best results. We tried pairing to a phone using Bluetooth upstairs and bringing the speaker downstairs and the quality was spotty. Overall, I would say these are great speakers though, and I’m really happy with it!

  8. nessNjohnny

    The Sylvania bluetooth speaker was a miss for me. Nowhere in the description that I saw did it state that it was a karaoke speaker, but when I received the speaker and opened up the manual is where I see that it’s a karaoke speaker. I can’t use it for karaoke. So based on playing music and the sound quality is why I deducted two stars. Without turning up the dial very much it sounded like the speakers could blow very easily. There is absolutely no bass so it’s not enjoyable to listen to. I thought the light up speakers would be a bonus, but the sound quality is just not worth having on especially since I have a smaller portable Sony speaker that blows the Sylvania out of the water so to speak. No issues connecting to Bluetooth and the functions are easy use. I couldn’t get any decent stations connect to. It’s lightweight especially considering the size of it and feels hollow inside. There is a convenient handle space at the top for carrying. There is a holder for a microphone in the back. This could possibly be ok for karaoke, but definitely not whole playing music at the same time.

  9. MomInLa

    This speaker is nice looking, my kids love the lights. It’s not too heavy which is good for me. Sound gets a bit tinny at highest volume. Overall it’s a decent speaker for the price point.

  10. carlo

    The box arrived with no damage. One of the speakers had a broken magnet inside of the housing. When removed foud bad quality manufacturing of the speakers. Repaired the magnet with duck tape and the sound is good. The mic option do not work and missing mic. The am/fm radio option is not easy to set the stations. The bluetoothworks bot range is not as discribed. The battery is small. It run for only one hour on a full charge. The pic I included shows back of the good speaker throw the hole of back power panel removed.

  11. Customer

    Super light weight. Bought two for the garage and they paired up really well for even more loudness. Read instructions for pairing. It took a little time to get it paired, but well worth the time spent. Connects instantly. Not really good if any bass at all, but still a great speaker for the spend. Sylvania makes other good lighting products so we thought we’d try it and we are definitely not disappointed. We plan on bringing it out to the back yard for summer get togethers and for camping. Would recommend and buy again as a gift item.

  12. A

    It’s a great gift but if you are gifting it for Christmas just know that it will not be in another box to cover it. It comes just like you would get it from the store. My son knows what he’s getting since he saw them drop it off so that was a little disappointing but other than that it’s great.

  13. Erik

    It’s light, seems sturdy, has LEDs. Loud enough, has a decent feature set (radio, sd card, usb, Bluetooth, mic input), runs a decent amount of time. It’s really best suited for kids or background music for like a patio. My 3 year old likes to dance to music and the flashing lights. I mean for $30 or less it’s a cheap fun gift for younger kids.

  14. GEM1N3YE

    The product is very light weight and easy to carry with the handle. Connecting through blue tooth from my phone was very simple and quick. It can pick up a limited amount of local stations but you are better off streaming music directly from your phone. The speakers lack deep punch bass if you are into that feature. To create more bass you should set the device horizontally on the floor. You can adjust the bass and sound quality from your phone music app or any device that has that capability but in the end the bass is not deep at all. It’s mostly a treble sound. If you just want a portable light weight device to just play audio then this product works fine. I would recommend this product for younger kids that are not particular about high end sound quality and just need a speaker to hear audio from a portable device.

  15. Triggers

    I liked that I only paid $25 for it, what I didn’t like was the sound (it’s really bad, but hey, it was $25), there is no way to set the lights (there is only the disco mode, or off), I haven’t even attempted any of the other functions as I just wanted to get a little bit more noise out of my echo dot. It feels like a cardboard box with some electronics in it, which is exactly what it is.

  16. Michael

    Just got the speaker. After a few minutes of playing anything via Bluetooth the built-in radio tuner, the sound stopped working. Now the cheap speaker is useless, just flashing lights. Also, the lights just blink, basically just two led bulbs that blink…You can turn them on and off, but thats it. The speaker is still overpriced, even for the low price that it currently costs…its built that cheap.

  17. Pickles

    When i received this, i didnt think it would work well since it was REALLY light weight. Kind of felt cheap. But then I heard it in action. This thing sounds GREAT. And its gets really loud without losing a lot of sound quality. Then i realized that it being super lightweight didnt mean it was cheap. It just meant its ultra portable. This speaker is on the larger side. I could see you taking it to a pool party, taking it to the beach or park, taking it outside in the back yard. Its big, but its light.

    The controls are on the back. Old school turning knob to turn on and control the volume. There also appears to be a spot on the back that would hold a microphone (not included). I was easily able to connect my phone via Bluetooth. All in all, i really enjoy this speaker and look forward to taking it out and about once it starts to warm up again. For now, I use it to blast music while I vacuum at home.

  18. Uma2007

    If you’re not looking for a speaker to provide bass when playing music, then this speaker will work for you. I returned this item and opted for the Onn speaker instead which I already own.

  19. Pedro

    Speaker’s height a little bigger than expected that’s a plus,.Its volume is loud enough what,.I basically did is downloaded the app called Equalizer BASS BOOSTER

  20. me

    very loud …..not much base but it’s really loud
    fm radio hard to use….. unable to set channels
    ….. i can only scan but not listen … to my favorite ststion

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