SentrySafe P021E Portable Security Safe Box with Programmable Digital Keypad 0.21 Cu ft

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This Sentry Safe is portable security while also great for homes and offices. This medium digital lock box has a programmable electronic lock and override key. With durable, solid steel construction it provides added security. Keeps your valuables safe and secure and easily portable to take with you in extreme situations. This unit includes two override keys just in case.

  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes two override keys
  • Non-fireproof/non-waterproof
  • Sentry Safe

SentrySafe P021E Portable Security Safe Box with Programmable Digital Keypad 0.21 Cu ft

20 reviews for SentrySafe P021E Portable Security Safe Box with Programmable Digital Keypad 0.21 Cu ft

  1. Office Depot

    Your safe good for the stuff i have in my safe and think about buy one more. For me to hold jewelry

  2. Padma

    I wish that the lock mechanism was made of metal too, but it is
    perfect size and comes with easy to follow manual to setup.

  3. Big A

    Good safe for the price, fits in an office desk drawer and easily bolted (drilling required) to the drawer itself for more security.

  4. Luvbugandi80

    It’s has all the features we were looking for and is very well made. A plus is that it wasn’t expensive

  5. Flag

    It’s the perfect size for what I need it for and is tamper proof.

  6. BrianH

    I like this safe because it lets me know that my valuable items are safe not only from theft, but also from fire. I also love that is is unlocked with a digital code, I don’t have to fish around on my keychain for a key.

  7. Linda K50

    This safe box is just the right size to keep cash, a few papers and special things away from little fingers and sneaky teenagers.

  8. Jessica

    does the job good features but the mechanism plate and where the lid closes to the actual box both of those areas are loose and Wiggly not a Tight Seal

  9. Trex29

    I thought the entire safe was steel but the dial and number pad are plastic.
    and the front doesn’t close tight. Very easy to break into.I will have to buy a security cable wire/chain with a lock to wrap around the safe for extra security.
    Quite a disapointment.

  10. Dontbuythis

    Not worth the money, terrible product, don’t buy!!

  11. Gloria Dei Lutheran

    Purchased this safe because we had the same one for the last 3 years and wanted to keep the security code the same for the weekly counters, secretary , treasurer and Pastor. Electronics failed on the old one.

  12. Trex29

    I like the safe because it’s a good size for my documents and fits in my cabinet. Plus, it’s fire resistant and waterproof. The one minus feature is the plastic closing latch, would be more secure if were made of metal.

  13. Ron E

    The elimination of one of the lid springs was a bad idea. The one spring will not keep the lid open. The quality of the product is not near as good as the older version. Seems to be very cheap made.

  14. Fugh87

    I love this safe because you don’t have to use a key. It’s easy and quick in and out. Plus it’s a decent size and the handle is great for portability.

  15. Sharon1

    The instructions need a little tweaking re: where key lock is located and that the key code it asks for 2x is the same…unless I’ve missed sonething.

  16. Jason

    I love this safe. It is exactly the right size and perfect for what I needed to use it for. I have had this safe for over 5 years and never had an issue. My wife and I use it to protect our important documents and no one has been able to get into it without our help. It was in the rain and still kept our papers safe. We are getting another one for less important things that we want safe.

  17. Teacher

    I like the size of this safe. I will use it in my endeavor to finish the day with pencils, as my students rob me blind daily.

  18. Deeg

    I love my new safe because it is the perfect size to hold all of my important documents, and it is also extremely secure.

  19. Dawn

    Great for keeping medication out of the wrong hands.

  20. evisok

    Perfect size, price, protection… i love it!!!!!!!

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