Sceptre 27″ 1920×1080 VGA HDMI 75hz 5ms HD LCD Monitor – E275W-1920

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Sceptre 27″ 1920×1080 VGA HDMI 75hz 5ms HD LCD Monitor – E275W-1920

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With a 27-inch LCD screen, millions of colors, and a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Sceptre E275W-1920 27-Inch LED Monitor puts you right in the middle of the action. VGA and HDMI ports come standard, and the cables for these hookups are included so you can unpack and play. Maybe you still enjoy using retro-style equipment — if that’s the case, the Sceptre widescreen monitor has you covered with both old-school 640 x 480p resolution to today’s HD 1920 x 1080p. Built-in 2-watt speakers provide the audio to go with your video, and they eliminate the need for standalone speakers that take up desk space. Watch streaming content and game in immersive detail with this Sceptre Full HD LED monitor.

Founded in the City of Industry, California over 30 years ago, Sceptre Inc. made a promise to create and deliver superior products for remarkably affordable prices, a rare tradition that has continued to this day.

Sceptre 27″ 1920×1080 VGA HDMI 75hz 5ms HD LCD Monitor – E275W-1920

  • LED display offers a vast array of rich colors
  • Fast response time
  • Multiple ports DVI, HDMI & VGA
  • Built-in speakers
  • Kensington lock fastens your monitor in place
  • Tiltable display tilts backwards 15 degrees/forward 5 degrees
  • VESA wall mountable

Sceptre 27″ 1920×1080 VGA HDMI 75hz 5ms HD LCD Monitor – E275W-1920

20 reviews for Sceptre 27″ 1920×1080 VGA HDMI 75hz 5ms HD LCD Monitor – E275W-1920

  1. sirrobert

    I bought two to add to 2 identical ones I have for a quad monitor setup. I dual boot both MXLinux and Windows 10 Pro. These monitors work well in both systems.

  2. Rese

    Item arrived on time, and was packaged solidly with no damages, The monitor came with Monitor Display x 1, Base x 1, User Manual x 1, Power Cord x 1, VGA Cable x 1, HDMI Cable x 1 as stated in the description. It was very quick and easy to set up and I am very impressed with colors. Measurements of screen diagonally is exactly 27″. It is easy to work the menu to adjust colors and more.

    My only critique is that, in my opinion, the base is rather cheaply made. However, the monitor stands solidly so I guess this is not that important an issue.

    I highly recommend this monitor, and intend to purchase one more in near future, as I use dual monitors for gaming. On my attached photo, my new Sceptre 27″ monitor is to the left.

  3. sonjitree

    i was comparing different monitors for working at home (also a gamer by night) so i needed something that could do both seamlessly. after researching the more “mainstream” brands, and realizing that they are very overpriced and the ratings were subpar, i sat back in frustration. then i looked to my left… my old square sceptre monitor that still is in full use, over 7 years old, and working flawlessly. why hadnt i thought of that before! looking at the other brand that i was using for my main due to it being newer and horizontal vs square, i realized just how poor my “newer” monitor was. so i decided to get this sceptre instead of another “better” brand. i have never been happier. it has all of the size and durability of any other major brand its size. the screen does not have the same lighting as the “better” brands so instead of the light being brighter on the bottom and dimming as it goes up, this monitor is all one even brightness. which is great for text and dark rooms of horror with my games. there are no pixel issues, it can handle any game i have put it up to, and is much easier to read. the only settings i changed were the darkness/brightness a tad bit since i like a bit more washed out/brighter color for those dark rooms in games. but it has not hurt the text reading at all. not only would i recommend this to everyone i know, but i highly recommend the brand in general. they are a much underrated monitor provider. heck, i plan on getting a few more since they are so good! replacing all my other monitors in the house.

  4. JackG

    One great Monitor, I highly recommend it
    27″ LED Full HD 1080p. I have used name brand
    monitors that do not come close to the clarity of
    this unit. Great right out of the box and at half the
    price of the name brands

  5. Steve

    I was looking to get a bigger monitor because the eyes are not what they used to be. I was also looking for a monitor that was relatively cheap. After doing my research this Sceptre monitor seemed to fit both of my needs.

    It was delivered to my door a few days later than the estimated delivery, but that was only a minor disappointment. Once I got it out of the box it was a breeze to hook up to my computer. It took literally just a few minutes.

    I am not a technologically savvy person so I can not tell you about the technical side. I can tell you that the picture looks great. The monitor is everything I hoped for and it was at an excellent price.

    I am very happy with the purchase and would do it again.

  6. Mark

    I bought this monitor to use to work from home during the Covid19 pandemic and it surpassed my expectations. Bright vibrant screen. If I had to come up with a “con” it would be that the pedestal that the monitor attaches to seems a little weak for such a large display and if bumped, seems to rock a little. I can’t really see that as a drawback for typical desk use. That would be really nitpicky though.

    Highly recommended.

  7. sam

    Ok first of all the shipping went from California to Arazona then Texas to Kansas to Chicago to piladelphia and then came. Shipping is messed up the speakers on the monitor are not very good so I would get another dedicated sound system. My view sonic monitor has better speakers which is sad

  8. Frank

    I am somewhat pleased with what I’m looking at atm, however this is not at all the moniter pictured in the image advertised. As the moniter I’m looking at aesthetically is VERY different, the stand/base for one is different, it is much thinner than the one pictured and also the blue LED to display the moniter is on does not exist on the moniter I recieved. I thought Amazon was the only place that pictured different items than what you were getting, I guess everyone does now. I already junked the box so I cant send it back, I just think a little less of Wallmart at this point. Also a more concerning issue with shipping, it is NOT packaged for quality shipping, my box came with a hole right in the front of the display, and if that wasnt enough the fedex man left it right in front of my porch for the entire street to see SCEPTRE 27″”. This wouldnt have been an issue if Wallmart had packaged the moniter in a “brown box” as not to advertise itself to the whole neighborhood as well as protect the display from a rough shipping. Ebay sellers handle shipping better than this, tisk tisk. With all this in mind I will come back in a few months and update my review, wether this moniter I recieved is worth it or not, considering it was not the one advertised. Id leave a third picture but I’m only allowed two, I’l use this limiting option to display the poor packaging/shipping.


    Bought this in October for my sons Christmas present. I bought it early because I heard it was going to be hard to get stuff this year. He literally just opened it and the monitor is broken! Talk about a seriously disappointed kid! I go to start a return and it’s out of the return window! It’s literally Christmas Eve and my kid isn’t getting 1 of his two gifts. Walmart you better make this right or it will be the last time I ever buy something from you!!!!! Also now I am running to target to replace it because I know they will stand by there products

  10. Ray

    Size and price works for me.

    I got what I paid for.
    I have never purchased any monitor this bad right out the box.
    Color quality is very poor. I have to tweak it just to make it usable. I would not recommend this monitor and still considering returning it.
    See attached picture.
    Scepre monitor on the right

  11. Bigdaddy

    We recently upgraded our old computer and needed a new monitor replacement for our old trusty 19″ monitor. We saw this one and it got pretty good reviews, so we went for it… and the timing was perfect because it had a “Price Rollback”! How much different to have a 27″ vs. 19″ computer monitor! The color is excellent, right out of the box! Even using a VGA cable instead of HDML! We are not super computer users, just basic home use. Not gamers, so I can’t comment how good the monitor is in that regard. So Far… Very Pleased! Yes, I would recommend!

  12. Emmie

    We purchased this to use at work. However, upon connecting it to our computer, we immediately noticed lines scrolling through the monitor. Also, it comes with the wall mount option on the back, but the arm to the desktop does not come off. I wouldn’t want to mount this with that black piece sticking down from the monitor.
    We never went any further in the use of the monitor with these issues. We submitted a request to return the product.
    NOTE-These issues are those of the manufacturer, not Walmart.

  13. RVnLV

    My sister and I purchased this monitor as a Christmas gift for our mother. She uses an older PC (Windows 7) but wanted a larger screen. It is “plug and play”, uses a VGA plug, but includes an HDMI option for versatility. She was not interested in a touch screen and we wanted to avoid a built-in camera. The picture is crisp and can easily accomodate a 125-150% screen magnification. What a great value!

  14. phillip

    At this point the only reason it gets a 4 is because some of the parts did not come with it it did not have a base that was supposed to be in the box which is a little odd but we hung it so it all worked out and Walmart did give me a discount for not having the bass.

  15. Randy

    The monitor has a good picture but the stand is pretty weak and the controls are on the back you kinda have to guess which one to push it has symbols on the front but they are hard to see.It has 2 hdmi ports but to switch from one to another I have to turn it off and back on or unplug one of them the settings don’t change it over.

  16. JCP174

    I bought this as my 7 year old 24″ was going dim. I like the 27″ size. As for brightness, was much brighter than i needed so I adjusted it and then I put it in Eco mode and it is perfect. If I get 7 years out of this, I’ll be 85 and probably won’t need one anyway.

  17. scotty

    picture was misleading it shows a dvi port theres none on this item and ports are not on side but in back however my mb dose support hdmi and theres two hdmi ports on monitor and a vga which my card dose not support if you need a dvi monetor this model will need a dvi to hdmi adapter you cannot use a dvi d to vga it wont work so hdmi is all u can use so if your card digical only use a dvi to hdmi for old computers new models with video card will work on a hdmi it will boot

  18. Anonymous

    Mainly bought this for work from home setup during this pandemic. On first connecting this monitor to my 11 inch MacBook with my USB C 3 in 1 dongle, I noticed the picture was grayish, faded and without crispness. It took quite a bit of adjusting with the settings on the back to get the color, picture quality and sharpness to where I was somewhat pleased and felt the quality of image matches my native MacBook. The settings buttons on this monitor are somewhat annoying navigate and change but now that its set I hope they stick! For the price this is pretty amazing overall. I love the 27 inch screen size so much! Bezel is also nice and small without being obnoxiously large compared to how I pictured from the ad display images.

  19. Doctorjoon

    The supporting base is not that stable (as long as you don’t touch it you be okay), Speakers are not great (but better than no speaker), clarity of the picture is not the best (picture looks hazy/cloudy) you have to play with setup to make the best of it, the setup button in the back is not user friendly instruction doesn’t say the function of the buttons. it comes with 2 HDMI input, 1 VGA input and Audio input and output (however if you use HDMI you don’t need to use the audio input or output)

  20. George

    These units are great for expanding your Home Office configuration configuration. They are easy to install with a proper docking station to any laptop or desktop system.

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