Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler, Black

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Revlon Hair Tools is dedicated to helping women achieve beautiful hair they’ll love! Whether women desire gorgeous blowouts, big enviable waves, striking straight locks, or the perfect fashion accessory to complete the look, Revlon has the styling tools you desire. Our innovative Pro Collection line will provide you with the latest technology to help you achieve desired results fast! ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is a revolutionary styling tool that puts the power of a dryer and precision of a styler in your hands. The large paddle brush design runs through your hair to detangle, dry, and smooth hair in half the time. Boosted by Ionic Technology one step is all it takes to get smooth, lustrous, shiny hair.

  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler, Black:
  • Smooth Results with Less Frizz in Half the Time – POWER of a Dryer PRECISION of a Styler
  • Flexible Tangle Free Bristles Help Dry, Smooth and Style Your Hair
  • 1100 Watt of Drying Power. Unlike like Conventional Hair Dryers, this styler you can use to dry and style your hair quickly
  • IONIC Technology: Negative ions saturate the airflow. This helps condition, smooth and make hair shinier, while reducing frizz and static
  • 2 Heat/Speed Settings for Styling Flexibility with Cool Option.
  • Note: Unit is for 120V (Not for use in 240V outlets)

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler, Black

Dare to be new kind of bold with Revlon Hair Tools. Whether youre after salon-style blowouts, one-of-a-kind waves and curls, the perfect hair accessory, or you want to reinvent your style, Revlon has the tools to take your hair where its never been before. About the product: The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is a revolutionary styling tool that puts the power of a dryer and precision of a styler in your hands. The large paddle brush design runs through your hair to detangle, dry, and smooth hair in half the time. Boosted by Ionic Technology one step is all it takes to get smooth, lustrous, shiny hair. Dare to go there with Revlon Hair Tools.


  • Wattage of this appliance may vary depending on the location of use
  • Smooth results with less frizz in half the time – power of a dryer precision of a styler
  • Flexible tangle free bristles help dry, smooth and style your hair
  • 1100 Watt of drying power. Unlike like conventional hair dryers, this styler you can use to dry and style your hair quickly
  • 2 Heat/speed settings for styling flexibility with cool option. Unit is for 120V (Not for use in 240V outlets)

Main Specifications

  • Color: Black Paddle Dryer

Common Questions & Answers

Question: Is it loud?

Answer: It is soooo loud!!! I love it for drying, but, my room mate’s room is down the hall and she thought I was vacuuming!
Question: Does anyone dry their hair with this with their head upside down to add volume

Answer: Yes! I purposefully blow dry my hair in different directions for added volume. I tried to achieve the salon silk press look and was unable to do so. My hair would come out straight, but flat at the roots until I tried this method.
Question: is this item dual voltage?

Answer: Dear please could i inform you the power and voltage. ? I die in Brazil. Accurate voltage 110
Question: I have medium length, thick wavy/frizzy hair. Would the paddle brush or round brush be better for me?

Answer: I have a chin length graduated bob, may hair is very wavy (borderline curly) and very frizzy. I got the rounded brush and it works awesome. Leaves my hair as nice as the salon after a fresh cut. The rounded brush allows me to ensure my hair curls under and not out. I dont have experience with the paddle but would defi…

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I have a chin length graduated bob, may hair is very wavy (borderline curly) and very frizzy. I got the rounded brush and it works awesome. Leaves my hair as nice as the salon after a fresh cut. The rounded brush allows me to ensure my hair curls under and not out. I dont have experience with the paddle but would definitely recommend the round brush to anyone.

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Question: Mine blows heat only from the top portion of the brush. Is it how its supposed to be? I think mine is defective.

Answer: Yours isn’t defective. Mine blows heat only from the top too but it works well. When I’m giving myself a blowout I’m pulling at my natural hair and the top section is where my hair ends up any since I don’t blow out from the bottom. Hope this helps
Question: why am i paying tax on the product if the price says 37. 79?

Answer: Boo
Question: Does this dryer work on type 4b/c hair?

Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question. The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler is for all hair types.
Thank you.
Question: Can I use on just dry hair also?

Answer: Thank you for your question. The Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler can be used on dry hair. For best results we recommend using on damp hair.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler, Black

13 reviews for Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler, Black

  1. Kastillo

    I like the I never have to worry about the comb thing falling off ever again

  2. babycat1216

    I have very long hair and always have to use a blow dryer,brush and then a flatiron. This New Revlon Pro Collection one step Hair Dryer and Styler do all that in one step ! The brush is soft the tips of the brush is coated with a easy soft little balls that separate my hair and the paddle is big to dry big sections at one time. I did not have to worry about burning my hair because it has a auto shut off if the heat gets to hot. There are three heat settings cool,low and high. It’s a very pretty shade of hot pink. Very modern looking. The cord is a swivel so it don’t tangle up.It’s not very heavy at all.There is IONIC conditioning in the dryer that helps to eliminate static and frizz that enhances shine for silky smooth results.You can even use it on the cool setting to just freshen up your hair. My hair was shiny and straight after I used the Revlon Hair Dryer and Styler. I absolutely love my Revlon Pro collection Hair Dryer and styler. Be a wonderful gift for the holidays or a birthday . I can see tweens and teenagers loving this!

  3. SuzinLV

    I am a former hairstylist with 22 years in the industry, so when ever I see a new styling tool, I want to try it. I love this one, for a few reasons: You can get a salon finished look to your hair and it dries fast. Your hair will look healthy. You hair will have tremendous volume and fullness. You can do it yourself at home. There a few things to remember. This is a paddle brush and great for straight styles. Probably best on medium to long hair. If you don’t want a totally straight look, you can flip your ends up or under, it will work with the paddle brush. The best way to use this is by sectioning your hair off, starting at the nape of the neck and working your way up. Once a section is dry and still warm, give it a shot of cool air to set it in. This will also help to close the cuticle layer of your hair and give it a polished look. For volume always lift up and off the scalp as you are drying. Use a styling product for best results. You can also use this tool to freshen up your do, if you’ve slept on it and just want to revive your style, you can use it on dry hair, you don’t want to start from scratch. My only issue with this styler is it’s size. It may be a little big and not the most ergonomic for some people, but with a little practice, the finished style is worth the effort. I recommend it for fabulous looking hair.

  4. Curlygirl59

    I was pleased to receive this Revlon Pro Collection One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler through the Spark Reviewer Program. My daughter had seen it on line and said she would like to try this product. She has thick,curly hair that tends to frizz. In the summer we would wet her hair, put styling product in it and let it dry naturally. Unfortunately this can’t be done in the cold winter months. Constant flat ironing and the traditional hair dryer is not good for the health of your hair. The Revlon Brush/Dryer solves the problem!! It is easy to use. Wash your hair and put the products in that you normally would. Towel dry your hair. I suggest you comb your hair first with a wide tooth comb or I also use the wet brush to ensure there are no knots in the hair. Then section your hair to use the styler. I pinned the wet part to keep it away from the section I was styling. Hold the hair on the bottom and start brushing the hair from the root to the bottom. Keep doing it until the piece you are styling is dry. Keep sectioning and drying till it is done. When the hair is completely dried,I brushed the entire head with the dryer. Then I turned on the cold setting brushed the hair to seal the cuticle. Its that easy!! For thick hair use the high setting. For fine hair use the lower setting. I kept asking my daughter was her head getting burned at the scalp;she said no. This is because with a brushing motion you are constantly moving the dryer which avoids burning the hair and scalp. This also makes the act of styling less time consuming and fatiguing. When we flat ironed or blow dried the hair it took 40 minutes. With the Revlon Pro Styler it took 20 minutes. The cord rotates for easy styling. I would like to see it be a little longer. I suggest keeping your hands away from the brush and only hold it near the bottom of the handle because the brush gets hot. When I placed it down to work with the hair I put it on a trivet for safety purposes. This styler can be used the next day to quickly freshen your hair style. It uses ionic technology for fast dry time and less frizz. It also has a 3 year limited warranty. Most products have a 1 year warranty. This is an easy solution to beautiful hair. Thanks Revlon.

  5. littlebit47

    I have used this hair dryer and styler now for several weeks. It dries your hair perfectly and is no louder than a normal hair dryer. The nice thing about it is that you don’t need a dryer in one hand and a brush in the other. If you like the “straight” look style, then this is for you. The head of the unit does get warm to the touch but does not burn. The bristles of the brush are very gentle on the scalp. The dryer brush unit has three settings – cool, low and high. The high setting is for thicker hair, the low setting is for thinner hair and the cool setting is for setting your style. When drying your hair you take small groupings of hair and pull your hair over the brush. The thing I don’t like about this brush is that it is to flat. It is harder for me to try to get a rounder look for my hair. I would like it better if the brush was rounder and not flat. Pros — Dries hair evenly quickly Bristles are very gentle on scalp Gives you a nice straight style Cons — Wish it had more of a rounded brush as oppose to flat style All in all this is a very nice brush dryer and styler and would recommend it to anyone especially those who like the straight type look.

  6. king

    This product really deserves its five star review. Let be really clear here, I HAVE 4C HAIR, No Really 4c hair. I spend so much time detangling my hair that it is ridiculous!!! I mean hours and I have tried every trick in the book. By the time I finish one section the other has gotten tangled again. My hair is so thick that it would take me 45 minutes to blow it dry, so I just never did it. I was able to blow dry my hair on the cool setting in 20 minutes. I did use heat protectant along with a leave in in as well as some black castor oil heavily on the ends. I am able to comb thru my hair, now. I am so relieved. I think I am going to start seeing some real growth now that I will not be putting off my wash days because I simply dont have the time for all that detangling. Not to mention that I was always losing a lot of hair with the detangling process. There was some hair in the brush styler but nothing compared to my usual hair loss. I love this product. I did notice that the high setting was really hot, I just used the cool setting and it worked wonders. The bristles are very malleable and the bristle tips are rounded. I have read that some folks have had a problem getting their roots to dry. I had no problem at all. This product is well worth the price. I would have paid three times as much just to be able to part my hair without all of the tangles.

  7. Vett Garcia

    Im a stylist of 9 years, Ive straightened many heads in my lifetime, I NEEDED THIS NINE YEARS AGO! OMG, I use it prior to performing full blowouts on clients and it helps tremendously, especially for finicky children and teens. Its great for all hair textures. Just look at photos! I use it as my drying system, then follow with flat iron pressing.

  8. Donyelle

    Best blow dryer ever, my hair is really thick and it took 20 mintues to blow out after washing and detangling it – 3 years later and still the best at blowing out my hair

  9. Frequent Shopper

    This brush makes drying thick natural hair so much easier. It has 3 settings and it detangles as you brush. My granddaughter usually complains about how painful it is to detangle and dry her hair. I didnt hear one ouch! Sometimes have the job of doing her hair so I purchased this for myself. It makes my life easier. See for yourself!!!

  10. Carla Gomes

    Yes yes yes!!!!This is what I waited my whole life for it!!!I have a lot hair and its curly/waivy every time I wanted to straight it up would take minimum 1 to 2 hours! Now less than 10 minutes!!! LIFE SAVER!What to know:Its a hair dryer, so yes it is noisy!A little big, so might be a hassle to take on tripsEven though you use to dry your hair, it is not water proof… meaning that you shouldnt clean it under water.TIPS:If you have a lot hair like me separate your hair in 4 parts… makes it the process fasterAfter you are done, use the cool setting and brush your hair a bit longer… it makes your hair very shiningI find it more effective when using the brush vertical way instead of horizontallyI think thats it!I LOVE the product!

  11. Kezia S. Lowery-McClain

    I absolutely love this brush-hair dryer combination! I am African American and I have combination 3c-4a and 4b hair (in the middle of my head mostly) and it dried my hair faster than any other dryer Ive used before! I separated my hair into four sections and each section was separated into four additional sections. I used argan oil on my ends to keep them from burning and detangled my curls and coils before using the dryer. Once my hair was manageable but still slightly damp, I turned on the dryer at the low heat setting. After about three passes my hair was dry and semi- straight!! My roots were a little harder to get to but thats was due to my small sections. Overall, this product more than satisfied my needs and expectations!!

  12. Melanie

    After barely 1 year all the bristles in the brush are no longer straight and the plastic that bristles come out of are now warped. Please see attached picture.It worked well at first but now it takes a lot longer and many more passes through my daughters hair to get it dry and straighter.UPDATED: 9/11/17While the product failed the customer service for this company did NOT, they reached out to me without prompting and replaced my brush for for free. This alone will make me continue to use this company.

  13. Keith Aulston

    I have a before and after picture along with the review. On my 3 year old daughter I used the Revlon comb/blow dryer, right after I deep conditioned her hair. I used the setting \”cool\” went through her hair 2x on each part. The noise or the little amount of heat coming out didnt bother at all. Its easy to use, and little to no hair was left on the brush!Only thing I didnt like the air only blows from the top of the brush.

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