RCA 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (RLDED4016A)

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RCA 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (RLDED4016A)

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The RCA 40″ LED 60Hz HDTV, features energy-efficient LED technology for a bright, clear picture. Full HD resolution provides an amazing entertainment experience. Enjoy more with the RCA 40″ Class 1080p LED TV that invites you to enjoy a viewing experience that redefines reality on a large full HD 1080p 40″ LED screen. It supports a wide range of input technologies such as 3 HDMI, VGA, YPBPR, AV Audio/Video, PC Audio, Headphone, RF. The spectacular contrast ratio ensures vibrant and perfectly bright imagery. Screen refresh rate of 60Hz ; ensures blur-free and distortion-free images even in fast screen transitions.

RCA 40″ Class FHD (1080p) LED TV (RLDED4016A)

Key Features

  • Screen Size (Diag.) 40″
  • Backlight Type LED
  • Resolution 1080p
  • Effective Refresh Rate 60Hz
  • Smart Functionality no
  • Aspect Ratio 16 9
  • OSD Language English, Spanish, French


  • 3 x HDMI
  • 1 x YPbPR
  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 X PC AUDIO
  • 1 X RF
  • 1 x Headphone
  • 1 X AV Audio/Video
  • 1 X Optical

What’s In The Box

  • Remote Control


  • Mount Pattern 200mm x 100mm

Support and Warranty

  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor

RCA 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (RLDED4016A)

20 reviews for RCA 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (RLDED4016A)

  1. Tada

    Great tv. Color is great. The volume to me is a little loud so when I am home alone I keep it on volume 1 and I can hear it great

  2. Gata87

    I was nervous to order this tv because of the reviews But decided to buy it. And i love it. Its brand new. I have a small house so the sound for me is good.

  3. Karen

    I adore my new TV! Great picture, great sound! So glad I finally broke down and got a bigger TV. Only thing that bothers me are the legs. They were difficult to screw in and they bend a bit

  4. egffg

    I got the tv and was surprised by how light it is. The sound from the tv is good and when I play my Xbox the picture is really good. I really have no problems with this tv and I’m really happy with it.

  5. customer

    Some discrepancies: Energy Guide Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $14.
    Response time listed on box is 9.5ms.
    Remote control is slightly different than pictured.
    Overall not bad, not the best. Also, picture seems to be ever so slightly squished vertically.

  6. NYC54inMA

    Aug. 23rd-
    Received 1st tv with cracked screen and box was damaged in same area as tv screen.

    Return was easy – they provided a postage-paid label.

    Awaiting replacement – we’ll see….

  7. Richard

    The picture has a lot of noise interference and it takes a long time to refresh to have a clear picture

  8. Janis

    When this was delivered, the box was extremely damaged. I am hoping that the TV works!

  9. michelle

    had this tv 5 months and it just stopped working

  10. nonono

    I received two cracked tv’s. The picture is of the second one. Will never buy again!

  11. Cindy

    Great picture and light weight.

  12. macmomma

    Fine tv for the price. Didn’t need a smart tv. I’m a widow living in an apartment

  13. Randy

    Rca has been around since forever. This tv has a beautiful picture. Well worth the cost.

  14. kayla

    love this TV right size and quality!

  15. JDS1

    This TV came a day early and was packed well. It was easy to assemble and fit perfectly. The picture is great but the sound quality is terrible. I knew that from previous ratings before I purchased it. I connected some old computer speakers I had and problem solved.

  16. Mike

    Picture is really good, that gets a 5 star, but the sound quality not so much. The TV was a great price for a guest room and I would recommend this TV to anyone that needed a good bedroom TV. Shipping was very fast and arrived without incident. Good overall purchase.

  17. Meme

    I bought this tv as a replacement tv for my bedroom a couple of weeks ago. Its a little bigger than my first(36″). Nice clear and bright led picture. Sound seems a little off haven’t figured this out yet. But you can’t beat the price for a 1080 led 40″. It’s not a smart tv but I didn’t need it to be.

  18. zimbobz

    Very good so far(less than 1 Month) & pleased w/ features & spec’s & price comparing to other
    similar brands. Recent Vizio refurbished tv purchase was dissapointing in that it failed
    within 4 months, so hoping this RCA works out. The picture quality on TV is excellent & as others have reported, sound is terrible & only remedied by having external speaker system. Walmart.com ordering,purchasing ,processing was very good once again , but wish I could have had the choice between’ store-pickup’ or ‘home-delivery’.

  19. Leo

    This TV is all one could want in a 40″ LED set! SO easy to set up… Written instructions clear (not garbled Chinese to English translations). I’m 74 and “electronically challenged” LOL… The set virtually set itself up. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it.

    I have Dish Network, and after turning on set, it began searching for channels. Of course there were none to find. I simply opened menu and found “Input”. Selected “Cable” and it found my Dish. In seconds I was watching TV with NO work on my part! I don’t even know WHAT channel it’s tuned to.

    VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! For proper resolution picture, and proper sound, this or ANY set MUST be connected with MODERN cable/cables, capable of delivering a proper signal. I used a new HDMI 1.0 cable. Do NOT hook this up with the rotting RCA cables you saved from your 1960 bedroom stereo… LOL! I believe poor/improper cables account for most of the negative reviews on picture and sound-quality.

    Contrary to some reviews, I find THIS $159 set to have a fabulous 1080 DPI picture, and decent (average) but decent sound. Both picture and sound have a LOT of internal adjustments in the menu. Most users will be able to fine-tune to their tastes… ESPECIALLY the picture!!!

    PLEASE NOTE: I found I had to use my DISH remote-control (adjusted to “RCA” TV code) to change resolution. Originally, set was running 720 DPI and I needed to use my DISH remote to change to 1080.

    Don’t expect thumping bass and glass-shattering treble sound… But Internal speakers are plenty good enough for normal viewing, but if you want major stereo sound, add external speakers. I’m quite happy with the factory speakers.

    Picture is as good as it gets… Razor-sharp: Bugs yer’ eyes out in a dark room… LOL!
    fast refresh. As good as any expensive 1080 DPI set I’ve seen including my living-room 55″ high-end Sony.

    My Wife and I are VERY happy with this TV in our bedroom. Can’t really find a thing to complain about, and highly recommend it (especially for the price).

    The BEST features in my opinion are the superb picture, clear instruction manual and SUPER-EASY setup, even for folks like me who don’t do well with anything electronic… ALSO, on the back are NUMEROUS inputs… 3 HDMI ports, RCA ports, VGA PC port, phone, headphone and others. You can connect ANYTHING to this set!

    SIDE NOTE: The packing box showed signs of serious impact… But the TV was undamaged. So it must be fairly robust. And it’s lightweight enough that you’re not likely to drop it while installing…

    In summary, I rate everything about this set as exceptional except the sound, which I rate as average, but good enough. FIVE STARS overall! An EXCELLENT value! And, yes, I realize it’s NOT actually made by “RCA”. But the new owners of the logo did little Nipper proud! BOW-WOW!

  20. eddie43

    This is actually the second 42″ RCA we’ve bought. This one definitely has a few features that last year’s model did not have, it has convenient access to the HDMI ports and more overall outputs supported.

    My only complaint with this tv is that the sound is a little “tinny”, it does have an on-board EQ however, which I have not played with yet, that could tweak that a bit. It also has audio outputs, which could be run to a sound bar or proper audio system.

    This is a great tv for the price.

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