Prepac Elite 32″ Wardrobe Cabinet, White

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Prepac Elite 32″ Wardrobe Cabinet, White

The Elite 32″ wardrobe cabinet is welcome in any part of the house, either as a stand-alone product or when combined with other pieces in the Elite collection. The hanging Rail is ideal for storing jackets, coats and other hanger-friendly clothing, while the fixed top shelf suits hats, scarves and other small items. Increase storage space by adding the optional Elite 32″ stackable wall cabinet on top for a total of 89 vertical inches of storage. Ships ready to assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly and has a 5-year Manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts. Manufactured in Canada and meets all North American safety standards. Every day liquids that are spilled and quickly wiped up will not damage our products. However, as with any wood-based furniture, continuous exposure to liquids or high humidity may cause damage.


  • Finished in Durable Fresh White Laminate
  • Assembled Dimensions: 32″W x 65″H x 20″D; Internal Dimensions: 30.25″W x 59″H x 18.75″D
  • 2 fixed shelves and 1 hanging rod; 20-inch depth accommodates hangers
  • Durable, solid handles in classic brushed nickel
  • Doors feature high quality, European-style 6-way adjustable hinges; MDF doors with profiled (rounded) edges add a level of sophistication
  • Constructed from CARB-2 compliant, laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer; Ships Ready to Assemble and includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly
  • Manufactured in Canada and meets all North American safety standards; 5-year manufacturer’s limited on parts

Main Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Style: Elite 32″ Wardrobe Cabinet

Detailed Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 32 x 65 inches
  • Item Weight: 114.5 pounds
  • Department: Racks/Futons
  • Manufacturer: Prepac
  • ASIN: B001KW0BRE
  • Item model number: WEW-3264
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Fabric Type: Finished in Durable Fresh White Laminate
  • Finish Types: White/Off-White
  • Is Assembly Required?: Yes
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Number of Shelves: 1
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Included Components: Hardware

Common Questions & Answers

Question: Trying to find out the height from the floor of the bottom shelf to the underside of fixed shelf and same with the top of fixed shelf to inside top..

Answer: I never thought that one day there would be a product that match my Table so well. Now I have met it, and love it as much as I love my Table! YEAH!

Question: assebly directions

Answer: We followed the pictures/directions and didnt find it difficult to assemble. Hope this is helpful!
Question: I Need extra space to store sweatsuits, underwear, etc in my bedroom. Is the finish nice enough for a corner of my modestly furnished bedroom.

Answer: Yes they are smoothly finished inside and out. Would work well for your needs. Shelves easily adjust. I bought some extra shelves at Lowes that fit, so it gives you even more options. I added small (cheap) magnetic closers to the doors just to keep them firmly closed.
Question: Does anyone know if you can order additional shelves for the unit?

Answer: I contacted Prepac’s customer service folks and was informed that yes single shelves can be ordered, just include the part number(s) and quantity of the desired shelves.
Question: Are both ot the sides white “wood” or cardboard? In the photo the side looks black.

Answer: Both sides are white wood
Question: Can you use this cabinet without the top shelf? Also do brooms/mops fit inside with top shelf?

Answer: Yes, you could assemble it without the top shelf. The height of the large bottom section is 55″. Many brooms will fit this height. If you leave out the top shelf, you will get an additional 12 inches
Question: Can extra shelves be ordered?

Answer: I do not know, but I went to Home Depot and had the store cut some out of white laminate, and they fit perfectly! I would suggest that you mark any new holes before putting your cabinet together. I love this cabinet and will be ordering the broom closet and the cabinet that fits above it and the 32″ cabinet that I al…

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I do not know, but I went to Home Depot and had the store cut some out of white laminate, and they fit perfectly! I would suggest that you mark any new holes before putting your cabinet together. I love this cabinet and will be ordering the broom closet and the cabinet that fits above it and the 32″ cabinet that I already have which will make a unit that goes nearly to the ceiling. This unit is perfect for my space!

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Question: is the counter gray, if so can it be replaced with different countertop

Answer: Countr is grey. The box is unassembled, so I suppose you could fabricate a countertop to the exact measurements and replace. tHat could be expensive, Or you could put something you like atop the grey counter…maybe even contact paper. It is a great unit for the money.

Prepac Elite 32″ Wardrobe Cabinet, White

16 reviews for Prepac Elite 32″ Wardrobe Cabinet, White

  1. Rocio

    great product for small spaces. Was easy to assemble and came well packaged. We got 2. 1 for my husband and 1 for me.

  2. Marlow

    I bought 2. Once I figured out where all the pieces went it was pretty simple to put together. It would have been a breeze if they were labeled. Perfect for what I needed them for. I would buy again.

  3. Esther

    Love this wardrobe cabinet ! The instructions were kind of hard to follow as nothing is labeled on pieces of cabinet. Therefore you have to guess what goes where. But with my brothers help we pulled it off and the outcome was great ! Its heavy and study, great quality of wood, and spacious ! I love the solid wood rod for hanging my clothes. I used the safety bracket to keep cabinet from a possible fall ( I have a cat that likes to jump around), was easy to adjust to wall. But the cabinet is heavy enough to stand on its own without safety bracket, it would be up to you if you wanted to use or not. The finish on cabinet is smooth and good quality. I choose the white color. Im really impressed and happy with this wardrobe cabinet!

  4. Larry

    Nice cabinet for this price. Came in the damaged box but packed very well and nothing were damaged inside. Problem- all part came unnamed as A, B, C…Tried to call for support- never receive call back… spent some time to figure it out… luckily my husband and I had some experience to put furniture together, but no excuse for the company to send all parts with out labels. I placed it in the mud room and will move it to the garage as an utility cabinet in the future

  5. GregginManhattan

    I ordered this thinking it’d be a cheap little utilitarian cabinet in which to store out of season clothes. However it is much more than that! It’s beauitiful and extremely sturdy. The assembly was a breeze! The instructions state you’ll need a drill but I used an old-fashioned handheld screwdriver and did not find it difficult to assemble at all as the pre-drilled holes line up perfectly. My only warning is that it is EXTREMELY HEAVY when unassembled. Thankfully the delivery guy helped me carry it up one flight of stairs into my apartment. Now that it is assembled I can’t maneuver it on my own. However the way it’s packed for shopping makes it a two man job if you don’t have a hand-truck or something of the like. I am very satisfied with this purchase and am now considering buying a cabinet to match it.

  6. Karin

    I assembled this by myself in about an hour. You do have to make one screw hole that is not predrilled. Mine was also a little wobbly when I first put it together, so I was nervous. However, once I put my stuff in it, it was a lot more sturdy. Overall, I am super happy with the look and functionality and size. Also assembly was not bad at all! I only put a four star because of the one screw hole and the slight wobbliness when empty!

  7. WalmartCustomer

    it looks beautiful & all but many of the panels had scratches on them. AND the worst flaw was that the doors had a gap of approximately 1cm between them & were not level with each other. All the pieces were not labeled which made it harder to assemble.

  8. alicia

    this looks great with additional cabinets purchased from the collection.

  9. Noricelly

    I gave it 3 stars because it arrived with the 2 main boards that go on the side cracked right in the middle on the inside part. Also, It doesn’t have the boards labeled. so its makes it harder but I figure it out . I decided to put it together anyways because I just wanted a closet to my stuff away. I mean is holding for now but if I try to move it feels like it will fall apart. I reached out to costumer service where they provided a small discount for the inconvenience . I didn’t choose a replacement because my daughter threw out the box so I have no where to put it to return it. On top of the discount it would have been nice if they at least send me those 2 boards that were damage. I frequent shopper at Walmart. I’m very disappointed so I may be switching to Amazon .

  10. Soledad

    Its a decent size closet however it is frustrating to have a product that came with incomplete parts. Once my dresser was built we realized a hing for the door was completely missing. We called the manufacturer regarding the part the part. Very Nice customer service however, after 2 weeks of waiting, I had to call again to see if my part was on its way. Sadly to say my order was taken and the part is yet to be mailed out. I now have a dresser that is incomplete for nearly 1 month. Not Sure Ill be shopping furniture items from Walmart any time soon. Second time receiving a product from Walmart that is less than satisfactory.

  11. Melissa C

    I looked at this cabinet for a few weeks before I decided to purchase it. I went through and read all the reviews from 1 star to 5 stars and saw that a majority of the reviews were positive, so I finally purchased it. I was so excited because our new house didn’t have much storage and I was planning on using this as a hallway cabinet to hold our bath towels and other stuff.Here’s the only PRO I can give you: I love the color and it didn’t take long to assemble it. That’s it.CONS: You might want to pour a drink before you read the list of CONS. I can’t believe there’s a company that actually manufactures this crap.Since it didn’t take us long to assemble it, that means it didn’t take us long to become disappointed. You would think something that weighs 104 pounds would be sturdy, right? Wrong. Not only that, you can easily sway the cabinet (once it’s assembled) left or right, meaning it is not sturdy at all. If we had kids, we would’ve either tried to return it or put it in the fire pit. That’s how bad it is.Oh, if you’re not good with anything other than pictorial directions, you’ll be screwed. No one within the company that designs this product thought it would be pertinent to actually label the shelves, so you’re on your own on figuring out which shelf goes where. It gets better….Another big engineering flaw: the cabinet doors that open and close are so heavy that you have to anchor it to the wall because as soon as you open the doors, it tilts forward. If you have small children that like to climb stuff, do NOT purchase this product. This is the first piece of furniture we’ve had to anchor in our home and we have 2 huge hutches that we have no worries with. Ridiculous.After we followed the directions, the end product showed outside doors that didn’t line up—the right door is higher than the left one. The only way to fix this is to re-drill more holes in one of the doors which would be a total pain.Here’s another flaw: after all of this, the shelf supports (that you can move up and down so you can place the shelf) are PLASTIC…not metal. This means if one of them breaks, you’re SOL or you need to go to your local hardware store and hope they have the same size shelf support.BOTTOM LINE: if you’re placing this cabinet somewhere where it doesn’t matter what it looks like (garage, laundry room, attic), youll be fine. But if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that has competent directions, strong, with doors that should align, then you’re going to be disappointed. I will never buy anything from this company again. Lesson learned.

  12. Jennifer D.

    My husband and I shared a closet for the past four years and I was looking for something to keep my clothes in as we were running out of space. I put this together myself with only a screwdriver in about an hour. Getting the doors aligned is the hardest part of assembly but I love the way it turned out! I also added two command hooks to the door for my belts.

  13. AFish

    The cabinet lasted a month before it fell off the wall and damaged my equipment. I followed directions, used the correct mounting screws and mounted into wall studs. The problem is the mounting boards on the back of cabinet. They are made out of particle board. The weight of the cabinet broke the particle board in half, as you can see from photos. Not a happy customer.

  14. Oma D

    I dislike purchasing items that I cant examine for myself, but this cabinet is truly worth it.Very nice appearance: beveled doors, and the clean, semi-gloss white brightens up my kitchen. The cabinet is sturdy, and roomier than I thought it would be. Although I didnt find it necessary, I liked that the materials are already included in case the purchaser wishes to anchor the cabinet to the wall against which it will stand.Im a little old lady, and was apprehensive about assembling it by myself, but the instructions were clear with every step illustrated, and it went together quickly and tightly. The only difficulty I had was getting the package from the front porch into the kitchen: it was around seven feet long, and VERY HEAVY, partly because it was so well protected from potential damage in transit. I had the help of a small dolly, but a couple of healthy grandsons would have been nice, too.

  15. Brown Hornet

    Like other reviews have said this is a solid broom closet and it does have a very sleek modern look. Assembly was easy without help. I did not put in any shelves as I needed it exclusively for tall items which would not have fit otherwise.

  16. Voyager

    I know this product is higher than the others, but well worth it. I was very pleased of the outcome. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. I took my time putting it together, because they used images instead of stickers of what goes where. After you are finished, your doors might be crooked slightly. Read the manual carefully, there are 6-way adjustments on the hinges. I got mine perfect before my wife got home to see it. I also got the 32 inch wall cabinet topper to fit on top of it. It comes with 2 metal dowels that fit right on top of the standing cabinet that has predrilled holes for it, perfect.The only problem I had was the cabinet topper. It was my mistake of putting the two thin boards on the back side. I was thinking the boards were white on both sides putting them in on the outside. They were not and I had the bare wood showing on the inside and I had the back board on with nails. No problem; unscrewed with drill bit from outside and flip them in the right way, whew.

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