Ozark Trail 4-Pack 16-fluid Ounce Enameled Carbon Steel Mugs with Handles

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Cheers to the Ozark Trail 4-pack of 16oz Enameled Mugs. This 4 pack of durable 16-ounce Enameled Carbon Steel Mugs by Ozark Trail will make a great camping companion for your group. These multi-purpose mugs are great for camping, hiking or just sitting on your porch while you enjoy the morning coffee. Each mug is ideal for hot and cold drinks, soups or anything else you wish to put in it. They can even be used to scoop dry goods for easy transfer. These mugs come with an enameled finish, measure 3.54″ tall, have a diameter of 10.3″ and come with comfortable handles for easy holding and scooping. The mugs are available in a variety of stylish decals and can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite drink. Each mug may vary in coloration, as they have been individually dipped by hand one by one. Grab a set today and start enjoying the great outdoors a little more.

  • SMOOTH- Ergonomically designed lip provides the user with a smooth, comfortable drinking surface. 
  • VERSATILE- Hot drinks, cold drinks, soup or any other type of liquid. Use this cup for anything!  
  • DURABLE- This cup is made from tough and durable carbon steel. It promises to be useful for years to come! 
  • LETS GO CAMPING- Great option for campers to use when looking to travel light. Tough enough to withstand wear and tear. 
  • DISHWASHER SAFE- This cup is top rack dishwasher safe allowing for easy clean-up and frequent re-use.

Ozark Trail 4-Pack 16-fluid Ounce Enameled Carbon Steel Mugs with Handles

FITS MODELS – 991151 (000101 – 000104) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991151 (000105 – 014999) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991151 (015000 – 024999) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991151 (025000 – 034999) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991153 (000101 – 000103) Apex 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991153 (000104 – 014999) Apex 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991153 (015000 – 024999) Apex 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991153 (025000 – 034999) Apex 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991155 (000101 – 000412) Apex 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991155 (000413 – 014999) Apex 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991155 (015000 – 024999) Apex 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991155 (025000 – 034999) Apex 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991157 (000101 – 000302) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991157 (000303 – 014999) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991157 (015000 – 024999) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991157 (025000 – 034999) Apex 60–>Transaxle Drive, 991173 (000101 – 014999) Apex 48 CARB–>Transaxle Drive, 991173 (015000 – ) Apex 48 CARB–>Transaxle Drive, 991175 (000101 – 014999) Apex 52 CARB–>Transaxle Drive, 991175 (015000 – ) Apex 52 CARB–>Transaxle Drive, 991177 (000101 – 014999) Apex 60 CARB–>Transaxle Drive, 991177 (015000 – ) Apex 60 CARB–>Transaxle Drive, 991311 (000101 – 014999) Apex CE 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991311 (015000 – 019999) Apex CE 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991311 (020000 – 024999) Apex CE 48–>Transaxle Drive, 991311 (025000 – 034999) Apex CE 48–>Transasxle Drive, 991312 (000101 – 000222) Apex CE 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991312 (000223 – 014999) Apex CE 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991312 (015000 – 019999) Apex CE 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991312 (020000 – 024999) Apex CE 52–>Transaxle Drive, 991312 (025000 – 034999) Apex CE 52–>Transasxle Drive, 991314 (030000 – 034999) Zenith 60 CE–>Transaxle Drive, 991314 (035000 – 039999) Zenith 60″ CE–>Transaxle Drive.


  • OEM# 08300711
  • ***Please view specifications and reference below before purchasing***

Detailed Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Ariens

Ozark Trail 4-Pack 16-fluid Ounce Enameled Carbon Steel Mugs with Handles

5 reviews for Ozark Trail 4-Pack 16-fluid Ounce Enameled Carbon Steel Mugs with Handles

  1. LunaSparkles

    This Ozark Trail carbon steel cup fits 17 ounces, and is sturdy and well made. It’s also super easy to clean! It’s perfect for hot and cold drinks or soups or even for a bowl of cereal, which I think is awesome! I love that it has a handle too – making it easy to hold. I love the black smooth finish on the cup too. It is cool – it has a beautiful drawing on on side of the cup and the Ozark Trail logo on the other. It’s super easy to hook this mug to a karabiner on my backpack so it can just hang off the side it rather than taking up more space in my backpack when I’m hiking or camping. It’s also a great cup to use at home – in your backyard to make it feel like you’re camping. I love this cup and I love the Ozark trail brand. I’ll definitely buy more of these and recommend them to friends.

  2. HeatherDM

    Adorable! I purchased for coffee and hot chocolate in our travel trailer because the enamelware doesn’t chip like regular mugs during travel. Love them!

  3. Roger

    Nice looking cups which holds a lot .

  4. Smiley1112

    My only qualm is that there was a slight chip on the cup I guess due to shipping and prior to getting here. Feels like plastic but the paint prices can chip off. Still need to wrap up and treat as fragile if and when moving. Definitely try not to drop it. It’s a good wide cup!

  5. Joseph

    Overall, I like them. The four I received were flawless. The designs and colors are “cheerful” if not exactly art. The caveat: I wouldn’t recommend them for hot liquids. This are big mugs with wide mouths. They get heavy if filled. Most people would tend to use two hands with them, and these mugs transmit heat very efficiently. They’ll hold the contents of a soft drink can with plenty of room for ice cubes, and that is how I use them. For that purpose, they’re perfect.

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