onn Roku Smart Soundbar with built-in 4K Streaming Media Player

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onn Roku Smart Soundbar with built-in 4K Streaming Media Player

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High-quality audio with a Roku streaming player built in. Add rich, crystal-clear sound and picture in one sleek device with onn. Roku Smart Soundbar. With a powerful Roku streaming player built in, you get easy access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes, plus millions of songs across free and paid channels. Stream just about anything in brilliant High Definition, 4K, and High Dynamic Range picture quality and vibrant sound that will bring your entertainment to life. Search with your voice using the free Roku mobile app and enjoy features like Speech Clarity and Automatic Volume Leveling to quiet loud commercials without lifting a finger. Setup is super easy—simply connect to your TV with the included Premium High Speed HDMI® Cable and immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment. Blast onn.

  • High-quality sound: Enjoy a cinematic sound experience with expanded frequency range and dynamic bass, plus listen as spacious sound moves around your room with virtual surround. Calibrated for full, vibrant sound, you’ll hear your favorite TV like never before.
  • Powerful streaming: Stream live TV, news, sports, movies, and more across thousands of free and paid channels. HD, 4K, or HDR, you will enjoy picture that is optimized for your TV with sharp resolution and vivid color.
  • Elevate your music: From pulsing rock to symphonies that surround you, enjoy your music in vibrant sound with expansive range. Simply tune in to your favorite music channels or stream via Bluetooth®.
  • Fine-tune your sound: Easily boost the volume of voices with speech clarity, lower loud commercials for consistent sound with volume leveling, and enjoy your TV without waking the house using night mode.
  • Super simple setup: Just plug it into your TVs HDMI-ARC port with the included Premium High-Speed HDMI® Cable and connect to the internet.
  • Bluetooth® streaming: Listen to your favorite music and more from popular streaming channels or stream audio from a Bluetooth® compatible device.
  • Remote with TV control: A world of streaming is at your fingertips with our simple remote. You can even control TV power and volume, which means you will juggle multiple remotes a lot less.  To allow TV power control, a compatible TV is required.
  • Easily expandable: Enjoy even deeper, richer bass for entertainment you can feel with onn. Roku Wireless Subwoofer. (Sold separately)

onn Roku Smart Soundbar with built-in 4K Streaming Media Player

19 reviews for onn Roku Smart Soundbar with built-in 4K Streaming Media Player

  1. brooke

    I am using this with my projector that I purchased (not from Walmart though). After I bought it and read the directions, I was initially disappointed about the ARC end of the HDMI cord because the projector didn’t have that. I set this up on my TV that does have an ARC input and crossed my fingers! There have been no issues using it with my projector other than if I pause a show, the CC will turn on and sometimes the pictures gets very zoomed in. I’m guessing it’s because I’m not using an ARC connection. It’s an easy fix though of backing out of the movie/show and clicking back on it. The sound is epic as well. Onn products are extremely amazing! My lady cave has been completed with a lot of Walmart purchases and I thank you for making every one very easy!

  2. Jacqueline

    What an amazing difference this sound bar made. I feel like I’m at the theater. So easy to install. It only took minutes. Well worth the purchase.

  3. ladynatashasilky

    Love this soundbar. Totally changed the sound for new TV. Well worth every penny. Would buy again in a second. Nice looking also. HINT: Be very certain, if you have a Roku box, to Unplug it Before you install the Roku Soundbar and then plug back Roku Box back in. Otherwise your system will not recognize the sound bar to complete installation

  4. Robert

    Excellent ….. I,m hearing impaired! Yes and I recommend this sound system. The sound is superb, I’m not fooling. I wear hearing aids and with all the new technology , Bluetooth and Wi-Fi many sound systems sold don’t have the frequency ranges that it has. This system is affordable and compares much more expensive name brand with a big “B”.

  5. Acuna

    I switched away from a Ruku built-in TV but wanted to retain Roku as an option. Well this definitely fit the bill while adding better sound to the overall experience. The ARC support makes it work seamlessly with the Television by automatically turning on and off.

  6. monkeyspankin

    Sound bar looks nice and sounds great. There are two screw mounting holes on the back side of the sound bar but no mounting hardware is included in package. Must buy separate universal mounting brackets.

  7. Seth

    The Roku setup worked and I get access to what Roku is all about. However, the sound bar delivers about the same dreadful sound quality that I get from my flat screen tv. I feel like I overpaid for a roku box and should have stuck with the lousy speakers from my tv.

  8. deborah

    I was disappointed that the remote does not have voice. I thought that i ordered the model that offered voice remote and paid extra for the bigger bar. Sounds good.

  9. David

    Deceptive advertising. Not as capable as a ROKU Soundbar. The ONN ROKU Soundbar looks just like the pure ROKU version. Same packaging, same manufacturer, same performance claims; but it is actually a less powerful and less capable Walmart only version.

  10. DolciL

    The only negative thing I have to say about this is that we were forced to purchase it because the TV that goes with it has terrible sound with the TV alone. I’m annoyed that we didn’t really have a choice but to purchase this. Other than that we have been happy with it. We can understand conversation better and playing music and video games is a lot more fun with the sound quality this provides. I really love that I can now control my TV and sound bar with the same ROKU remote. The sound bar comes with its own remote but I can’t really figure out how to use it so we still use the original that came with the TV.

  11. Tiny

    I have no idea what the problem is but I do know that in order to watch tv, I have to unplug everything, wait about a half an hour and then plug in surge protector and then try to turn the soundbar off before it connects to wifi so that my tv will come on and display the Roku channels. This doesn’t always work. Sometimes, like today, I have to try this several times. I went to their site and was referred to a fripping message board for help. This is eventually going to end up as litter in the Walmart parking lot, I’m sure.

  12. Jeff

    Great sound and great base. Huge difference from just the TV. I have the subwoofer also. Super easy set up.

  13. Andre

    Like it

  14. will

    Volume control raises TV norm setting to loud to revert to tv speakers must use sound bar.

  15. Cynthia

    Works perfect with our tv. Enjoying it very much.

  16. grayline6

    It sounds like an AM radio in a tin can.

  17. Anne

    The sound started to go on and off for a few seconds at a time until no sound after using it for only four weeks.

  18. Treander88

    Great buy! Very easy setup if your tv is HDMI compatible there is setup for ARC support but it we use the hdmi

  19. Bruce

    It was very simple to set up, thought sound would be louder but the clarity and stereo sound outweighs how loud it is, very good product

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