Muscle Rack 48″W x 18″D x 72″H 5-Shelf Ultra Rack, 4000 lb Capacity, Black

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Organize any space and outfit it with long-lasting durability with the Edsal Storage Rack. It is constructed from industrial-strength steel to stand the test of time. It assembles in minutes with minimal effort and requires no nuts or bolts. It features five shelves to increase vertical storage space in any room. The Edsal 48″W x 18″D x 72″H Ultra Rack fits in many spaces of different shapes and sizes. Each shelf adjusts in 1.5″ increments and can hold up to 800 lbs. The entire 5-shelf unit can hold up to 4,000 lbs in total. This steel rack is the ideal solution for all of your storage and organization needs, whether it is your garage, basement, workshop or anywhere else additional space is needed. Store and stack to make your space less cluttered and your items easier to find with the Edsal Storage Rack.
Edsal 48″W x 18″D x 72″H Ultra Rack:

  • Constructed from industrial-strength steel
  • Ideal solution for all of your storage needs
  • Assembles in minutes with minimal effort
  • No nuts or bolts required
  • Shelves adjust in 1.5″ increments
  • Unit holds up to 4,000 lbs in total weight or 800 lbs on each individual shelf
  • Ideal for garages, basements, workshops and more
  • Edsal Ultra Rack has 5 shelves to increase your vertical storage space
  • Measures 48″W x 18″D x 72″H
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Fits in many different spaces
  • Sleek black finish looks cohesive with many room styles


proposition 65 reasons:PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to some kind of chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer For more information, go to

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Muscle Rack 48″W x 18″D x 72″H 5-Shelf Ultra Rack, 4000 lb Capacity, Black

10 reviews for Muscle Rack 48″W x 18″D x 72″H 5-Shelf Ultra Rack, 4000 lb Capacity, Black

  1. DGold

    I ordered 5 of these shelving units for my garage. Fedex delivered 3 of the boxes, and two were damaged, with one being completely open on one end. The Fedex delivery man said that the other two boxes also came open at the warehouse, and that they would be taped up and delivered the next day. This both annoyed me, and worried me. When my husband got home, we went to work building the three units that were delivered. Two of the units were complete and went together well. The box that was delivered open and damaged, had two missing pieces, and a broken shelf board. The other two units were delivered the next day as promised, and had no pieces damaged or missing even though the boxes had come open. I contacted the company that makes it distributes the shelving units. I told them about the damaged and missing pieces. They said that the warehouse was closed to to Covid-19, and that they couldn’t help me. So we returned the unit to Walmart for a refund, and then ordered another unit on the Walmart website. So the units are great. No problem there. Just be aware, that they are poorly packaged and will more than likely be open, or damaged. It’s like a game of Chance.

  2. thomas

    Very easy to put together. Took me and my 2 boys(13,11 they wanted to help, could have done it alone) only 25 minutes. A best practice is to have it close to the area , it will be left. Edges are sharp so be careful. Great quality product.

  3. Wallly

    Easy to assemble. The unit is sturdy as a rock when put together. I expect this to last quite some time in my garage. I should’ve bought more while they were on sale and plan to do so soon

  4. ExperiencedUser

    There are several different manufacturers of these types of shelves and we have several of them. This one is of the better designs. The only two things about it that I do not like are: 1. The shelves are thinner than others so they sit down in the shelf frames. This creates a lip around the shelf, making it a little more difficult to slide larger boxes on and off the shelf. 2. The shelf frames are shorter in height than others we have. This is only a problem on the top shelf placement as the vertical frames extend well above the top shelf, exposing the sharp ends of the vertical frame. Other than that, this is a pretty good unit, overall.

  5. Getterdone

    Long learning curve for assembly. The first one took an hour and a half to assemble, the last one took 10 minutes. Instructions not very good and beware of reboxing. I received a box that someone had try to put together, but did not succeed. While it was bent, I managed to put it together myself. The metal arms are easy to bend so be careful. You must use a heavy rubber hammer to secure the fasteners. The top two shelves are not secured very well, so I split the shelves into two parts, one with a bottom plank, and one without. Worked out real well.

  6. james

    Ordered two sets. Took three weeks to get here and had lots of drama because both boxes were damaged in transit and it took three days for the shipper to get back with Fed Ex to resolve whether it should be delivered. Good news is all of the parts arrived however all of the 5 press boards in one box had damage on the corner. Was poorly packed by the vendor. Only had one set of directions In the two boxes. Difficult to put the second layer on so get yourself a rubber mallet and helper to set it up. Once set up, it appears to be pretty solid. Each box weighs 74 lbs so eat a big breakfast. Took 4 hrs on the Walmart chat line waiting to help rectify this order. So the stars are for the long chat wait, poor packaging, and difficult in setting up.

  7. Dustin

    I’ve bought these shelves about this time last year and to be honest, I couldn’t praise them enough! Unfortunately these “same” shelves I just received are not the ones from last year. I’ll cut right to it. Last year they came with joining bracket to connect two tiers of shelves. Now the instructions just say to use the shelving brackets to connect them. This instantly turns this set up from a one person job to a three person hassle, so three stars lost. Unless things change I’m looking to a different company for my shop shelves next time.

  8. Keith

    These shelves are amazing! I have bought similar from home depot in the past but the delivery driver left these boxes in the rain and parts were missing. Only reason for two stars is because of the quality of the things when it is put together with ALL the parts.

  9. Steve

    Two of the up right rails were bent. I have previously bought two other racks that included a connector for the horizontal rails but this one did not have it

  10. margaret

    This was delivered in a damaged box. I was unable to open and assemble and it sat in my basement and I missed the return window. Stupid mistake on my part considering the box was damaged. When I opened the box I discovered it was further damaged inside and four vertical beams were missing. Of the four that I had, one is missing holes. I attempted to assemble the half that I had, but it was clear the pieces were not aligned. Everytime I try to push it hammer in the pieces the others pop out. I previously purchased a similar item just months prior that I was able to assemble with extreme ease. I would buy that product again and I wish I had, but I wanted black metal this time. Also, the shelf pieces were chipped in the corner, but it’s unclear if the manufacturer or shipper is to blame for that.. but the remaining pieces not aligning is on the manufacturer

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