Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices

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Game loud and clear with the Xbox Wireless Headset, surround yourself with spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone X. Auto-mute and voice isolation reduce background noise and allow for crystal-clear chat. The flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband makes for a more comfortable experience during extended play sessions while rotating earcup dials provide a quick and intuitive way to adjust volume and game/chat balance. Fine-tune your headset with the Xbox Accessories app for a customized audio experience. Pair directly to your console with Xbox Wireless radio without the need for dongles, cables, or a base station, and connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth® for on-the-go music or chat, even pair to your phone and Xbox simultaneously to chat with a friend on your phone while playing on your console.

  • Pair directly to your console with Xbox Wireless radio without the need for dongles, cables, or a base station. 

  • Surround yourself with spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X.* 

  • Use auto-mute and voice isolation to reduce noise interruption for crystal-clear chat. Adjust your volume and game/chat levels with the rotating earcup dials.

  • Flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband. Enjoy up to 15 hours of battery life with the internal, rechargeable battery.* 

  • Connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth® for on-the-go music or chat. Pair to your phone and Xbox simultaneously to chat with a friend on your phone and play on your console at the same time.*

  • Fine-tune your experience with the Xbox Accessories app.*

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices

20 reviews for Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices

  1. erica

    easy connecting to multiple devices, the sound is great for gaming. I’ve used all from turtle beach, rig, and the Sony gold wireless headset. this is definitely better. fast charging and around 4 hours the battery was at half but you can still use it while charging.


    Súper good .the sound is increíble good

  3. Jorge

    Comforting. Feels sturdy. Easy to use controls.

  4. Jeremy

    This microphone is a one stop shop You can have it connected to your Xbox and phone at the same time or PC and phone at the same time and Receive phone calls from your smart phone while your playing of listen to your music from your phone while your playing its brilliant…

  5. Gregory

    Item works perfectly. it has a soft ear muffs for your ears and lightweight. The headset works with pc and is Bluetooth. my pc is windows 10. no dongle needed unless you don’t have Bluetooth built in. Once you get headset, click and hold down the pairing button for 4 seconds till it flashes rapidly. on your pc go to Bluetooth settings and click add Bluetooth it will pop up as a Xbox wireless headset. it also pairs with your phone. To get mic to work make sure after you got it paired go to control panel then click view as large icons and look for sound. once you found sound click it then go to recording then click the xbox headset then click properties then click levels and click the mic icon so it anit muted. everytime you turn it off , it remutes so always recheck sound. well for me it remutes.

  6. Enrico

    I’ve, been through countless headphones and most physical broke due to cheap plastic or just stop working internally. These are easily best the best headphone I. they are durable. They also have a cool feature that you can connect your phone to the headphones while it also connected to the Xbox. So you can play the game while play music on your phone, answer phone calls, or just scroll through social media and annoy your friends because the audio is playing through your headphones instead through the phone speakers. These headphones have many other cool feature. If I explained them all I will be here all day. If you are looking for good gaming headphones for around 100$. Keep these in your sight. 🙂

  7. Travis

    sounds awesome gaming for over a decade would recommend these to someone else already have but I’m a little upset you have to pay for Dolby on your Xbox to make them sound better

  8. Daniel

    the design was bold, but i ended up liking it aside from the fact that the mic is always out. Sound quality was great, very bassy and good quality. my issue is with the mic. i got on a friends headset so i could hear the mic and it sounds like you have a big fan or a shower loudly in the background whenever you talk. they did NOT put much effort into the mic quality.

  9. Scott

    I’ve had these headphones in my possession for 2 days and it’s been the most frustrating two days of my life. I cannot figure out how to pair it to my Xbox One. The instructions that came with it is a joke. There’s no words.. it’s just pictures. Supposedly if you push the little green button for 2 seconds it will turn it on and automatically pair. I couldn’t tell if it was on or not because it doesn’t make a sound to acknowledge it’s turned on. I then pushed the little green button for 4 seconds to try to pair it but still no luck. I know for a fact that I fully charged up the headphones for hours. I know it’s got a full battery. I still can’t figure out how to pair it up to my Xbox One. I’m thinking about sending it back. I even tried to hook it up to my Android phone’s Bluetooth connection…But guess won’t connect to my cellphone either. It didn’t even recognize it on the list of Bluetooth capable devices nearby.

  10. TMcfry

    I bought my son the MS wireless headset, and it is nothing 100% trash. You can hear EVERY button he hits on his controller through his mic. The headset doesn’t even try to suppress background noise. It’s doesn’t get any worse. Firmware is updated, and the mic mute feature is on a high. Still trash.

  11. Trolololol

    Works really well once you gave it setup. My main platform is Windows 10. It does have an issue using bluetooth in Windows 10. It shows two audio devices instead of one. You will have to buy the xbox dongle in order to pair the device properly to Windows 10. Using Zoom without, the audio gets cuts off but with the dongle it works well. I would give this a 5 stars if it works with bluetooth out of the box or at least mention that it requires a dingle for Windows 10.

  12. Christopher

    I had it for like 1 month and the chat mixer went out and isn’t working now I can’t hear my teammates and the mic doesn’t receive my voice to the party anymore

  13. Paul

    Deep sound, almost too much bass even with the EQ down. Also if your one of those people that like the MIC monitoring, this is not it. You can hear yourself talk but only when there is nothing else coming into the mic (game music etc) otherwise it sounds like your talking into a can.

  14. Micah

    This headset is great for the price. Fantastic sound with Dolby atmos and easy connectivity with the Xbox series x. I pushed a button on my Xbox then a button on my headset and the connection was complete. Easiest setup ever! For 100 bucks these are a really great value.

  15. Michael

    Bought this item to have the official headset to go with my new console, unfortunately the mic quality makes you sound like your using a cell phones speaker mode. Was testing in game chat and party chat, many people complain about the same thing.. returned it for a different headset.

  16. Danny

    After a week of use the device stopped to function completely. It will not charge, turn on, boot up, or reset. According to Microsoft this device was activated way before I even purchased it and it was delivered, so it is already out of warranty. The assured me it is not a used device but it is activated by the vendor but still puts it out of warranty for the end purchaser. I would not recommend purchasing this device in the future to anyone.

  17. Jerry

    The setup and sound quality are great, and it makes it so I can play anything without bugging the wife. After a few minutes, I do start to have a bearable but annoying amount of pressure on my head. I’m hoping a little wear-in will mitigate my one gripe over time.

  18. DocKate

    I really like this headset. I find it to be the perfect size for my head. I am female and do have a smaller head so those who are male or have larger heads may find it to be a tad tight. Mic sound seems fine. I asked my team mates if they could hear me and if I sounded ok. No complaints and they said I sounded just fine. The sound quality of the speakers is nice. Im able to hear everything I need to and tell which direction it is coming from. I really like how I can control the party chat to game sound ratio using the left ear cup and the overall volume using the right. This is very convenient indeed. I do wish the mic boom was a bit longer though, and that the mic monitoring was louder. The ear cups are comfortable as well, a tad hot because of the faux leather, then again, I am in AZ and its hot here anyway.

  19. Millicient

    I purchased these and instantly fell in love, they were a recommendation from my bff and what a great buy. The design is awesome love the colors and the sound is pretty cool. I received them in 2 days just in time for me to hit the beach and see how they sound outside of the house.

  20. BobTFromPA

    I love these headphones. The sound quality is like night and day compared to my prior ones and my grandson said he can hear details not heard on his Cloud-X headset. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my CW multiplayer and outbreak play has improved markedly. Add in the wireless factor and you’ll wonder how you ever got along playing ‘wired’. My complaints – 1) You get a very short Type-A to Type-C USB cord making it tough to charge while in-use. 2) The instructions are pictues ONLY. No text in any language. It’s taking time to figure out the details of usage via trial and error.

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