Ktaxon Microfiber Spin Floor Mop with Bucket 2 Heads Rotating 360° Easy Cleaning Mop Cleaning System

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About This Item

Mop is commonly seen in every family.Choose this 360-Degree Rotary Head Stretchable Ultra Slim Mop to experience muchlabor-saving cleaning work at home! It is designed with a 360-degree rotary mophead, can be flexibly operated for maximum comfort. High-class plastic,stainless and fiber spinning materials make this mop durable to use for longtime. Ergonomic treatment on handle; this mop is comfortable to grip. Besides,it comes with 2pcs cotton mop heads for replacement. Once there is somethingwrong with it, you can easily replace by your own. This mop is room-saving andconvenient to use. You should have a try!

1. Ultra slim handle, ergonomic design,comfortable to grip
2. High-grade materials and fine workmanship ensure itsgood durability and reliability
3. Rotary head design, can be flexiblyoperated for more labor-saving operation
4. Room-saving, can be placedanywhere in your house
5. Stretchable handle could well meet your actualneed
6. It comes with a bucket, a mop rod, 2pcs cotton mop heads and acircular disc for convenient use
7. A must-have for each household to dealwith daily cleaning work

1. Material: Plastic & FiberSpinning
2. Color: Purple
3. Mop Dimensions: (52.75 x 1.22)” / (134x 3.1)cm (L x Dia)
4. Bucket Dimensions: (17.99 x 10.31 x 8.27)” / (45.7 x26.2 x 21)cm (L x W x H)
5. Weight: 3.20 lbs / 1.45 kg

Package Includes:
1 x Bucket
1 x Mop Rod 
2 x WhiteCotton Mop Heads
1 x Circular Disc

Rotating instructions Adjust the button on the mop handle to the “on” state. Press the mop handle at the position you want to clean.

  • Ultra slim handle, ergonomic design, comfortable to grip
  • No spills, no shock and no damage to floors
  • Rotary head design, can be flexibly operated for more labor-saving operation

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Ktaxon Microfiber Spin Floor Mop with Bucket 2 Heads Rotating 360° Easy Cleaning Mop Cleaning System

5 reviews for Ktaxon Microfiber Spin Floor Mop with Bucket 2 Heads Rotating 360° Easy Cleaning Mop Cleaning System

  1. patricia

    I was looking for me a mop and I found this one and read all of the reviews and thought about it for 2 day and looked at other mops and decided to order took me almost 2 1/2 weeks to get it . and I love this mop it is just what I needed I have them slap wood floor and this is great I can get the mop as wet or dry as I wont it and with my husband and 3 kids a 10 year old and two 7 years old this mop is a live saver .now my question is how do I get replacement mops for it . I look on line and did not see any please some one help me .

  2. JoAnn

    . Person used my site to buy this she loves it because I recommended it to her its great! She now looks forward to cleaning her floor. I highly recommend it.

  3. Karen

    I have one of these mop/ bucket sets already. Love it. Bought on as a thank you gift for a friend who needed a lightweight mop,highly absorbent, easily wring out with up and down pumping motion. Had a foot pedal model of different make ,busted at pedal. Hard for my balance issues. This arrived in a blink. Don’t be fooled by it it’s lightweight construction,not flimsy ,just efficient!! Was on Sale ,to boot!

  4. martha

    I have a Spin mop and love it. I bought this “replica” for a friend. I like how life weight it is and that it comes with 2 mop heads. It has the same easy to use spin bucket, very nice. I don’t like the way you have to turn the on/off spin action on the handle. When your hands are wet or if you are older and your hands are stiff it is hard to use.

  5. Shy

    it broke today and I only received 1 mop head

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