Ktaxon 5 PCS Upgraded Installed Fireplace Safety Fence Baby Gate/Fence BBQ Pet Metal Fire Gate

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About This Item


    Thereare so many uses for our baby safety gate/fence. Enclose thefireplaces, grills, wood burning stoves; keep pets contained to onearea; Put around our Christmas tree or block entryway.

    Thereinforced steel frame construction provides strength and support tokeep your child safe in his play area, allowing you to get chores doneand no need to worry about the baby getting out.

    Thereare only vertical slats with NO FOOTHOLDS for little feet to climbover! Fits opens up to 120 inches wide (included 2-panel extension) andstands 30 inches tall (that will also help to prevent the climbing)

    Noneed to assemble with many small pieces anymore! Our upgraded gate iseasy to setup and break-down. And you can make it any shape you want(330 degrees): Circle, rectangular, square, crooked, etc. Foldabledesign allow for easy storage

    Designedwith a walk-through door with safety locking feature. Unlimitedextensions may be added or panel can also be easily removed. Wallmounted for added security and protection (all hardware included).

  • Warm Prompt:
    Please confirm the product size before purchasing, to make sure the size of our product is in line with your requirements.

  • After-sale Service:
    Sincethe satisfaction of customer is always our primary concern,so if youhave any problem when using this product please don’t hesitate tocontact us first.


  • Material: Steel & Plastic

  • Individual Panels: 25″ x30″(L x W)

  • Overall Gate Width: 120″

  • Overall Gate Height: 30″

  • Door Dimensions: 17″ x 29″(L x W)

  • Weight: 26.4 lbs

  • Color: Black

Package Includes:
1 x Fireplace Fence

  • Installed in advance, safe and convenient
  • Ensured durability and beautiful look
  • Support user-defined the number of fence


Manufacturer Part Number
Dose Not Apply
Assembled Product Weight
26.00 lbs

Ktaxon 5 PCS Upgraded Installed Fireplace Safety Fence Baby Gate/Fence BBQ Pet Metal Fire Gate

10 reviews for Ktaxon 5 PCS Upgraded Installed Fireplace Safety Fence Baby Gate/Fence BBQ Pet Metal Fire Gate

  1. Happy

    This gate is wonderful. It keeps our dogs on our porch. I can leave them and know they are safe. Also has a gate door to let them out without having to move the whole thing. Needed a wider one and this is great Ty.

  2. PAUL

    Well made and sturdy. Reasonable weight. Lots of flexibility in configuration. Used in zig zag pattern to keep puppy out of the living room area. No need to fasten it for a dog as it is sturdy freestanding. Now dog is older and allowed in living room. He also outgrew his crate. We now use it in master bedroom in a ring around a circular dog bed. I used 2 cable ties to secure the ends together so it keeps its (pentagon) shape. Door operates well and the dog is happy sleeping in there. It is also light enough and handy enough for us to take it when travel to visit folks.

  3. mrujoint

    What a gate! This totally “gated” off our living room, etc. from our wonderful dogs that shed. Well made, sturdy, and the swinging gate works great and is also well made. Easy to add or subtract sections for a perfect fit. Great purchase!!

  4. jamela

    perfectly keeps my little. one away from things

  5. Rachel

    This shipped and arrived very quickly and is high quality!

  6. Dusten

    Works well. For the price, it’s a great buy. So far, it has been great for our 11-month-old.

  7. Sharon

    Very nice fence, using to keep my son in his play area. The only reason why I wouldn’t give it a 5 star is due to a part coming broken. the plastic hinge to put the fence in a circle came cracked. Would return it but this is the 3rd fence bought with Walmart that has some damage to it (returned the first too and they wouldn’t give us our money back only store credit) so at this point we stayed with that we got.

  8. Lindsey

    The gate/fence is great. The mounting brackets on the otherhand are pointless. It took one quick jerk from my son for it to just snap. Now I have to find a new inovative way to mount the gate.

  9. Cassie

    This gate will not fit on my wall and it’s 82 1/2 inches I’d have to cut a gate that I paid a lot of money for that’s supposed to already be installed and ready to go and it was not… The metal is good and I’m sure it would probably work good if I could install it.

  10. CChaffin

    The ad said “upgraded installed “ and “no assembly needed”. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I paid extra for this because I had read that it was difficult to put together. Each panel was a separate piece and each joint to connect the panels was separated. Not to mention that three out of four of the wall anchors snapped during installation. It does seem like a good product, but the wall anchors are junk. Hoping that the company will be able to replace them so I can at least use the gate

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