Ktaxon 36″ x 48″ Home Office Chair Pvc Floor Mat with Lip for Carpet

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About This Item


Ideal for home or office, the Floor Chair Mat protects floors from damage caused by chair legs or rolling casters. The chair mat creates a protective barrier and it won’t mark or damage the floor or tiles. like hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, it easy to roll a chair on and off, whether rolling from a desk to a file cabinet or transitioning from one workstation to another.

  • ANTI-SLIP: Our office floor chair mat rectangular shape Designed for use on all hard floor surfaces such as tile, laminate, hardwood etc. slightly coated underside prevents mat from slipping.

  • Designed with Lip:The extended “lip” shape covers the floor under your desk and protects the floor when your chair is fully pushed in under your desk.

  • THICK & STURDY : Our floor chair mat made from long life PVC, 2.2mm thick, The chair mat has the characteristics of high strength of anti-impact, good toughness, moisture-proof, flame retardancy and insulation, to prevent cracking or shattering.

  • Reduce friction between chair and the floor, protecting floor from frequent scratch

  • The transparency of this mat allows your flooring to show through – it won’t look intrusive in your home or office; lies perfectly flat right away and has an easy glide surface to help reduce leg fatigue


  • Material: PVC

  • Dimensions: (47.24 x 35.43 x 0.08)” / (120 x 90 x 0.2)cm (L x W x H)

  • Weight: 86.07oz / 2440g

  • Color: Transparent

  • Suitable For:Carpet

Package Includes:
1 x Chair Pads with Nail

  • Designed with a lip, this floor protector can provide protection for your floor when the chair is pushed under the desk.
  • The thickness is 2mm
  • Environment Friendly

Ktaxon 36″ x 48″ Home Office Chair Pvc Floor Mat with Lip for Carpet

10 reviews for Ktaxon 36″ x 48″ Home Office Chair Pvc Floor Mat with Lip for Carpet

  1. Smartshoperr

    Got delivered quickly and its pretty sturdy so far. I was expecting it to take a while to lay flat as it comes rolled and its flexible but still kind of hard plastic but within a day it flattened well and has the pegs that grip it to the carpet

  2. Molly

    Hardest was getting it to unroll, took a couple days with weight on corners. Works for what I needed it for, to save carpet and allow chair to move easy.

  3. Sandra

    This chair mat is a very good value. It is thick enough to provide chair support, but it does develop wheel “divots” on thicker carpets. Takes a while to un-curl after whipping.

  4. LMG53

    Not bad for the price. I did leave it outside overnight put some heavy objects on it since it’s all rolled up and must be flat. It is thin so you do see indentations in the plastic from the wheels of your chair. However it does a good job of not sliding and protecting our new rugs. I would recommend this product

  5. babydoo06

    I have this mat on normal house carpet, not office carpet. There are indentations in the plastic where my chair normally sits. Kind of a bummer if you want to scoot over a tiny bit because the chair just rolls back into the indentations. It is better than when I was just on carpet though, I couldn’t roll at all.

  6. SBuck11

    It is hard to unroll and get to lay flat but if it weren’t it probably wouldn’t be worth having. This one is durable and functional for the task at hand. Over all I would recommend this product. I felt all of these I looked at were over priced and this was as good a deal on one as I could find.

  7. David

    The chair mat for carpet is not made of heavy plastic. Kind of light weight. Size is right. Should last for a year or two. Not too bad for the price and there was no shipping charge.

  8. Tecky

    The Ktaxon 36″ x 48″ chair pad is absolutely terrible when used on a low pile carpet. The material is far too thin for use under a chair. The chair with the weight of a person simply digs into the pad and then can’t move in any direction. I tossed the pad into the trash.

  9. James

    The mat came rolled up and will take a day or three to flatten out. I put it on medium pile carpet and am disappointed to see that it “creeps” every time I roll on it. After a few sittings it is smashed against the side of the desk and curling up against it. I have to pull off the chair and slide it back. I’ve seen throw rugs behave this way on carpet, too, so this may just be the way carpet with all but very short (office) pile behaves. But in the end, it is not working very well for me.

  10. Jane

    Don’t waste your money on this mat. It is very thin so the wheels on my office chair sinks into it and makes it hard to roll over the mat. I didn’t think about the thickness of it. It’s like rolling on the carpet.

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