Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lbs

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About This Item

Keep your home safe and remain prepared for emergencies with the Kidde Basic Use Fire Extinguisher. Made from lightweight aluminum, it features a tough nylon valve assembly to direct extinguishing agent towards the fire’s source. The pressure gauge of this 2.5 lbs. fire extinguisher is easy to read, letting you know if the device is ready to use. An easy-to-pull safety pin lets you act quickly while clear, illustrated instructions demonstrate the correct operating technique. The Kidde 1A10BC is suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood and paper), Class B (liquids and gases) and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires. Mount in on the wall with the included bracket for faster retrieval when needed.

Kidde 1A10Bc Basic Use Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 Lbs.
Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lbs.:

  • Easy-to-read gauge tells you the fire extinguisher is charged and ready for use
  • Clear instruction label using graphics to show steps required to operate extinguisher
  • Easy-to-pull safety pin
  • Rust- and impact-resistant nylon handle
  • 2.5 lbs. of fire extinguishing agent (average)
  • Can be used on Class A (trash, wood and paper), Class B (liquids and gases) and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires
  • Dry chemical fire extinguisher made from lightweight aluminum with a durable nylon valve assembly
  • Kidde 1A10BC also includes UL approved retention bracket
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications


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Assembled Product Weight
3.9 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
3.25 x 4.25 x 14.00 Inches

Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lbs

9 reviews for Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lbs

  1. asisconsumer

    I am so happy with this Kiddie Fire Extinguisher. It a Dry chemical fire extinguisher. It is a good size and comes with clear and easy to follow instructions. I read the easy to read instructions and tested it. It was easy to use, lightweight, only 2.5 pounds and can be mounted. It is small and thin, great to store in my kitchen and have on hand for an emergency. It is bright red, easy to identify and I am so happy to have it and recommend it.

  2. misssunshine2014

    The Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 lbs is a very light and small than usual extinguisher. It’ comes complete with a wall bracket so all you need to screw into the wall about 5 feet away from any where you think a fire could start, by chose kitchen. It covers 3 fire properties from wood, electrical and chemical. Subclass A,B,C is an any fire starter must have in every room. Love it’s size, weight and easy to read valve indicator. Make sure to write on a sticker the date you get it so you don’t carry an expired extinguisher, it also has warranty.

  3. ughhhhh

    This is something that no one ever wants to have to use. But the security and peace of mind knowing that we have this Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher is worth it’s weight in gold. And Kidde is the top brand in fire extinguishers. So go with the best and trusted brand. Don’t look for a bargain when shopping for fire extinguishers. You can’t put a price on the safety of you home and loved ones. This Kidde 1A10BC Basic Use Fire Extinguisher is suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood and paper), Class B (liquids and gases) and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires. So it is perfect for the home.

    There is an easy-to-read gauge tells you the fire extinguisher is charged and ready for use. And there is a clear instruction label using graphics to show the steps required to operate the extinguisher. It comes with a wall mount and a 6-year limited warranty. Every home should have several.

  4. Countrygirl

    This Kiddie Basic Use Fire Extinguisher is anything but basic. It is a decent size, the body is made of metal and is built very well. My husband has wanted one for a long time and when he seen this he was impressed. And it comes with a thing to hang it on the wall, he hung it up in our kitchen as soon as it came out of the box. We have not used it and pray we never need to. But in the event we do I hope it performance is as impressive as it’s looks. My home and family feels safer for having it around. This is a high quality, invaluable piece of equipment for every home that needs a little extra peace of mind.

  5. MommyMinski

    This is a very compact and convenient sized fire extinguisher. It is not heavy at all. The packaging states that it weighs 2.5 pounds, and it is very easy to lift and manage. The pin is not stiff to pull out. I was able to take the pin out and return it to the locking position with ease. I like that this extinguisher is rated for various uses, electrical fires, trash fires, wood fires, and liquid chemical fires. For me, this takes the guess work out of the way, so that when I do need to use it I will not need to waste precious time by making sure I have the correct extinguisher to put out the correct fire. This compact extinguisher has been great to have in my car. I have a special designated space in my minivan where I now keep this extinguisher, along with all my other emergency road-side gear. I also have the same model and brand in other multiple locations inside my home, but those are the larger cans and they can be heavy. I love the lightweight convenience of this size, because not only can I use it with ease, but my children can easily pick it up and use it as well in an emergency situation.

  6. jeeps21

    Kidde Fire Extinguisher

    This little fire extinguisher is the real deal. Although small (household size) it is a heavy quality. It comes with a plastic wall hanger, just 2 screws and it’s up. I like that you can hang it so you always know where it is in the event you ever need it.

    This one is recommended for wood, paper, fabrics electrical and flammable liquids. It is important to read the instructions as there are a couple different types of fore extinguishers and if you use the wrong type it could cause more harm than good. It is recommended that you inspect the extinguisher every month to assure that it is charged which is the pointer in the green, if it is not in the green it will not work.

    In the event you need to use it follow these 4 steps, pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the lever & handle and sweep from side to side. Every home should have a fire extinguisher and, in my opinion, this is a quality product.

  7. MC3740

    This is a good fire extinguisher. It’s good for electrical equipment, flammable liquids, wood, paper and fabric fires. It can be attached to the wall so it’s out of the way yet convenient if needed. Every home needs a fire extinguisher and the Kidde brand is a great value for the price. These make great gifts for relatives and friends because many people don’t own them. I have given these to relatives and also have multiple ones in my own home. I have three children , two dogs and home with an upstairs. I am confident that these along with my smoke detectors will insure that if I ever have a fire that all my family will get out.

  8. sspencervip

    I am grateful to have this Kidde Basic Use Fire Extinguisher in my home in case of a fire. I am always careful when I use my stove and oven but you never know if something can catch on fire especially when moving away for a minute or two while a pot is boiling. I like that this fire extinguisher only weighs 2.5 lbs so it’s easy to handle. It has a 6 yr warranty and you can replace after first use or 12 years. I recommend every home to have at least one of these on hand.

  9. WalmartCustomer

    Hi everybody. I M please to state that this item, price and delivery timing was excellent.

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