Kendall + Kylie Fuschia/Gun Smart Watch with Interchangeable Strap and Earbud Set 900267B-40-D11

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Trendy meets tech with smartwatches & earbuds by Kendall + Kylie. This fashionable digital watch features all of the latest smart technology to help you get in shape and achieve your goals, including a calorie tracker, heart rate monitor and pedometer. Show off this stunning combo of a smartwatch and earbuds along with an extra interchangeable strap & earbuds charging case that subtly shows off the Kendall + Kylie logo.

  • Continuous heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer function
  • Weather Update
  • Interchangeable strap
  • Comes with wireless earbuds along with a keychain case

Kendall + Kylie Fuschia/Gun Smart Watch with Interchangeable Strap and Earbud Set 900267B-40-D11

18 reviews for Kendall + Kylie Fuschia/Gun Smart Watch with Interchangeable Strap and Earbud Set 900267B-40-D11

  1. Mzfreebz

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] KENDALL KYLIE SMARTWATCH with Rose Gold/Silver Stones, Blush Straps Set is amazing beauty for low cost of $49.99! It came with ear pods with a bling charging case! New age era technology gadgets are affordable and nice for daily! Only thing must download the iTouch Wearables app to begin to operate either smartwatch or ear buds! It is very easy to do! The app even has quickly customer service to troubleshooting! It is in a nice box has a charger and extra smartwatch strap! The smartwatch is lightweight and has many features to do connect with cell!

  2. Grannyliz

    Best smart watch ever. Easy to set up. Watch band very comfortable I have a small wrist fits great on the last hole highly reccomended.

  3. courtney

    I’m super happy with the watch! Im honestly surprised it doesnt cost more than it did based on the quality of not only the watch but the wireless headphones that are included.

  4. Trace

    Omgoodness where do I begin! This is perfect for my granddaughter who’s name is also Kylie! She loves everything bling and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens this on her birthday! It is so bright and cheery just like her!

  5. Ganne

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Very cute watch set with a definite fashionista look. I love the fact it is waterproof. I get my hands in a lot of water at times and don’t want a watch that will stop working when that happens. I use the sleep mode, calorie tracker and music features the most. They work pretty well for me. The interchangeable straps are a nice addition, I had no issues changing those up. Wireless earbuds are a first for me to use and we got that set up and working in no time. The keychain case for the earbuds are very handy to carry around in your purse. Overall a nice set that has not given me many issues so far. I just get lots of compliments on it!

  6. Deliam

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I Have Been Using My Kendall Kylie SmartWatch Set, Black/Blush logo and Blush Straps about a month now this watch set is very nice, and it was very easy for me to set it up. It has many features it shows you the calories you burn and how much you walk and how far you run, it also has music something you need when you go for a walk or a run. The interchangeable straps are a nice addition, also the Wireless earbuds are ok since they don’t last very long, and the keychain case is nice to carry around overall is a nice smartwatch to have I do recommended

  7. Nancy

    Does not stay connected you have to keep re downloading the app becaue once it disconnects the messages on the watch doesn’t work you have to delete and re download every time and this is my 2nd watch so it wasnt just a bad one.

  8. diana

    my 30-day return literally expired yesterday. and today it stopped working. I cannot get it off the main screen can’t swipe it nothing it just tells me time. limited warranty that it comes with you have to sign up on a website I put all the information in that warranty is already expired SMFH

  9. Jazmin

    Terrible and horrible quality pure plastic. My Amazon $25 watch is so much better and more quality. watch came dead and the overall look and feel just let me know to leave it in the box and return it. smh disappointed

  10. Heather

    charged it out the box for an hour or more. doesnt turn on or anything. junk.

  11. Marcq

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This was a gift for my niece and it was a hit!! Her first smartwatch and she loves it. Great features and very durable. Kendall Kylie SmartWatch Set, Gold/Black, Cheetah Print Straps is a wonderful product. it was very easy to set up and would highly recommend.

  12. Goldenpuppy76

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love this watch and cordless earbuds set. I got the set with a black/checkered black and white band. The bands are stylish and match with my black sweaters. I like mixing and matching them up and they are easy to switch out. The earbuds are comfortable and last for about an hour. I was able to pair the watch with my iPhone. It took me 2 tries but just had to reset the watch and then it paired. Love the pedometer and touchscreen.

  13. Edie771

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Kendall Kylie Smart Watch Set is something that is good to buy if you’re looking to get into using a smart watch to track your daily habits but aren’t sure how much you want to commit to doing that yet. Why do I say this? Because it tracks basic daily functions of steps, heart rate, and sleep but the software for it doesn’t seem to be too in-depth or really very accurate. The app is easy to install and set up but I found having my blue tooth linked to the watch seemed to drain my phone battery quickly. And I couldn’t even get the wireless ear buds to connect to each other- I think there may be a charging problem with one of the buds that makes it not work. The watch itself was comfortable to wear and I like that there is an extra band if I want to switch up the look of it. The screen is easy to read and navigate through the different functions. Like I said, because of the phone battery draining and basic functions, this would make a good starter set for someone just getting into tracking fitness but it is not something I could see withstanding the test of use and time.

  14. Benn

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I initially thought that this watch would be disappointing but I was pleased that it surpassed my expectations. It’s very easy to use and the system works flawlessly. I was shocked by the quality of the product based the relatively low price as compared to competitor watches.

  15. oldboxcar

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Very nice smart watch set. Solid gold color for everyday use and the glitter color is great for dressing up abit. Was easy to setup. Works as well as more expensive versions. Quality is very good. Earpods are another nice add. They too are clear and function well. Pleased with the complete set.

  16. Oleksandr

    Received watch in wrong color. It was a gift, too late to send back. Disappointed

  17. Emily

    I really like the look and I liked all the comets it made my decision easier.

  18. jessica

    just got it a few days ago the the face stopped lighting up

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