Just Cotton Core Super Absorbency Tampons with Plastic Applicators, 20 ct

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Just Cotton Core Super Absorbency Tampons with Plastic Applicators, 20 ct



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The JUST brand is here to simplify womanhood, one period at a time. With 100% cotton core tampons and 100% cotton top layer pads that just work. Without dyes, fragrances or chlorine bleaching.

Everything you want, nothing you don’t.

Just Just is proud to partner with Active Minds to support mental health awareness. Active Minds is the nation’s premier non-profit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students. Together, we are committed to opening the conversation about mental health because no one should have to struggle alone.

JUST Cotton Core Tampons with Plastic Applicators, Super, 20 Count:

  • JUST tampons are designed with a 100% cotton core
  • No dyes, fragrances or chlorine bleaching Ҁ“ ever. You can see our ingredients on the box
  • JUST super absorbent protection that just works
  • Comes with a plastic applicator to keep things simple
  • You can also get JUST tampons in Regular Or try JUST pads
  • Simplifying womanhood, one period at a time


Stop Use Indications: Tampons are associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. read and save the enclosed information.


Ingredients: Cotton (100% Cotton Core), Polyester, Polypropylene, Fiber Finish


Instructions: Directions for use enclosed.



Just Cotton Core Super Absorbency Tampons with Plastic Applicators, 20 ct

17 reviews for Just Cotton Core Super Absorbency Tampons with Plastic Applicators, 20 ct

  1. User

    Love these! The wrapping is stylish…black and white stripes and easy to open…has 2 tabs you pull apart..its really clever!…no need to tear it open! Also the shape is like an upside-down umbrella inside so it catches liquid…doesn’t let it leak out and make you think it needs changing when its not full yet.. Applicator is very comfortable comtoured plastic…highly recommended!

  2. User

    *I received a free sample to try from SheSpeaks and these are my own opinions*
    I have heavy, unpredictable periods. I have tried several brands over the years and have not found one that I could say I was 100% pleased with. Due to my heavy periods, I would sometimes experience leakage, which is a pain. Tampons aren’t cheap, and I want to make sure that I’m getting my money’s worth.

    The Just Tampons better than the other brands I was using and they are priced just right. The cotton core was super absorbent and I like the fact that they contain no dyes or perfumes. I had no leaks! I’d highly recommend!

  3. User

    I used these tampons and they were very comfortable and they didn’t leak which was really good for me. I like that they have a plastic applicator and they were very comfortable. The box is cute and original and the packaging of the tampons are quite original. They are comfortable to insert and remove and they’re the right absorbency for me. I received a free sample of just. from SheSpeaks and all opinions are my own.

  4. User

    I received these for free in exchange for my honest review from SheSpeaks. I absolutely love these tampons and they work better than the other brands I was using less expensive. I love that these have a cotton core and no dyes/fragrances or stuff that shouldn’t be in a woman’s body. These lasted as long as they said and I accidentally left one in all night and it didn’t leak one bit!! I also love the cute but simple packaging on the box and tampon wrappers easy open wrappers.

  5. User

    I received a free sample to try from SheSpeaks and these are my own opinions. I used these tampons and found they are very absorbent and comfortable. They didn’t leak at all and were the right fit for me. They are easy to insert and remove. I really like the packaging, affordability and that they are available at Walmart.

  6. User

    I just got off my IUD and switched to the pill so that brought back my monthly period. I’ve been trying to use more natural products and i passed these in walmart today. I decided to get a box of the regular and when I got home and I used one. I was so happy with how easy and smooth they were to insert and I can’t feel a thing. I love Tampax tampons but I think I’ll be buying these from now on. I don’t have to worry about any dyes or hidden perfumes or ingredients. I’m so happy I found these locally and will be recommending them to my friends.

  7. User

    I received a free sample of just. from SheSpeaks. After receiving these I was kind of excited to get my period. I had been wanting to try tampons that were free of dyes and bad stuff. I used the whole box (20 tampons) for one period. My periods tend to be longer, around 6 days. The applicator was great and the tampons worked great over all, no leaks, comfortable, and cute packaging. I will definitely be purchasing again!

  8. User

    I used these and thought they were great. I received a free product but all opinions are my own.

  9. User

    These were v comfortable! i didn’t even know i had it on.

    kinda wish they did something like a flex cup.

  10. User

    I’m very impressed with this new product. No leaks and comfortable. Also cute packaging!
    I received a free sample of just. from SheSpeaks.

  11. User

    Plastic applicator works good tampon doesn’t hold as much as the ones I usually buy. This brand is my 1st pick next time.

  12. User

    Yas! Super comfortable with these super just period tampons! Very absorbent and completely leak proof. I felt safe and secure wearing these in my white shorts. Great design that fits really comfortably with my body and I have a tipped uterus. I’d definitely buy these again. I received a free sample for my honest opinion and review and I’m so satisfied with Just tampons!

  13. User

    I used my free coupon to pick up a package of Just. super tampons. I picked them up in preparation for my upcoming period, knowing that it should arrive in a couple days. I’m blessed with only having a period whose flow only gets as heavy as a “moderate,” but I prefer a more absorbent tampon for a longer, better protection.
    It was very easy to spot the box on the shelf, as it is a bright red box in a sea of other boxes that look all the same. They make it quite clear that there are not any chemicals and are pure cotton core. I’m always skeptical of products that have these claims but I was more than happy to test them out.
    I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked and kept me dry and confident. I had no leaks while using them and didn’t notice any odors. I definitely think that I will purchase these again. Knowing that there are only a couple materials used to make them, make me feel that I am making a wise choice for my feminine health.

  14. User

    I really like these tampons! I especially like that they are cotton and safer to use. I am becoming more aware of how dangerous a lot of products we use are and this small change is an easy one to make! They are very absorbent and I had no issues with them! The only thing they could change is the applicator is very skinny and hard to grab. Won’t stop me from continuing to use them and definitely recommend them!

  15. User

    For over a year I have been trying to find products that have less chemicals. Whether it is cleaning my house, more organic food and drink choices or products used in my appearance. I’ve been searching for more natural products and those without dyes, bleaches etc. When it came to my “time of the month” though I have historically not had the best experience with period products. I’ve ordered online and even shopped the specialty stores without much success in finding a product that will do what I need it to do for the duration of time I need it to do it. Then, through this campaign, I find out that Just a period is available and I can get it at Walmart! The price was in line with the large commercial brands and way less than the ones I had been trying. I’ve purchased both the regular and the super absorbency since finding out. And did my second purchase using Walmart Online Grocery (my new love). I’ve also told all my friends. I plan on trying the pads next but a big thanks to Just a period and Walmart. I am glad I was selected to participate in the campaign. I received a free coupon to try this and five discount coupons for my friends, but my opinions are 100% my own. I feel better knowing that I am using a quality solution that does not add in bleaches and other chemicals.

  16. User

    What is so different about just.pads. Well I can tell you that. There’s no dyes, no fragrance, no harmful chlorine bleach. Today so many products, especially personal use products are full of harmful chemicals and other ingredients that most can not identify or even pronounce. It’s scary at times when we discover what they actually put into them. I shocks me that companies think it’s okay to put literal poison into products we use in our most personal areas. But here we have a company who cares for us women and what they place into their products. Just.pads that leaves out all the harmful dangerous and scary chemicals. They offer you a 100% cotton pad (and tampons) that work. The absorbency is as good if not better than any I have ever used. And I don’t feel like I am harming my body in using them. The coverage is also good. They offer super and overnight. I found them very comfortable, unlike other brands I have used in the past. Like they say it’s everything you want. Anything you don’t. I highly recommend this. It’s time we stand up and demand feminine products that don’t cause us harm. This is where we can start!

  17. User

    I loved these tampons. They are free of dyes, fragrances, and bleaching..and they are 100 percent cotton! They last a full 8 hour shift ( but don’t leave them in any longer ) and I didn’t have any leakage at all. I feel so much better knowing what I am putting into my body! Check them out

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