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Designed for long-lasting performance this HP 15-inch laptop lets you speed through tasks and stay connected all day, with the AMD processor and a rich HD display.

• Operating system: Windows 10 Home• Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U• Display: 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView WLED-backlit• Memory: 8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)• Internal storage: 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD• Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics• Battery life:Up to 10 hours and 15 minutes (mixed usage)Up to 8 hours and 45 minutes (video playback)Up to 7 hours (wireless streaming)• Camera: HP TrueVision HD Camera with integrated digital microphone• Product weight: 3.91 lb

  • Free Upgrade to Windows 11 when available (see below)
  • *Upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and is scheduled to begin late in 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device. Certain features require specific hardware, see https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11-specifications

HP 15.6″ R3 4/256G Laptop-Camo

18 reviews for HP 15.6″ R3 4/256G Laptop-Camo

  1. Copperpenny

    I love this notebook. You can set it up with your voice. It helps so much to set it up. I love the camo design. Its easy to use. I love to use windows 10. I love to down load music. It has alot of storage. I love the big screen. The camera is very clear. You can use the Bluetooth option . To put files and pictures on it from your cell phone. The battery life is just fantastic. I just can not say enough good things about this note book. Whether you use it for school work or pleasure.this is a good choice.

  2. EBGwd

    Pros – Camo for guys and very lightweight, under 4 pounds. With the new type of SSD hard drive, the laptop hardly makes any noise. Had to retire my older HP laptop and this one seems to meet all of my needs. It comes with 8 gig ram which is very sufficient for emails, surfing, documents and pictures. The processor is Ryzen 3 by AMD and no lag is noticeable. Has USB 3, HDMI output, multi-card reader and RJ45 connector if wireless is not your thing. I am amazed at how quiet the laptop is during normal operation. When you load it down with several programs dragging the CPU and graphic editing at the same time then you can hear the fan ramp up to cool the CPU. The 15.6″ screen is a great size for watching movies or working on documents while sitting with the laptop in your lap. The laptop does not get hot as some do when loaded down. OneDrive software comes loaded and a gift of 25 gigs.

    Cons – The only thing I might consider a drawback is the SSD capacity. It is 256 gig instead of the terabyte that I am used to. An external terabyte is less than $50 on sale and I use a server for longterm backups.

    For a guy, this is a great laptop with the CAMO graphics on the case and keyboard.
    It is also very economical, too.

  3. Orangebeast25

    I was really surprised how well this laptop performed. the processer is very fast for a lower end processer and you can have several things running without any issues. I like how the speakers are on the front instead of under it makes for better audio. The camo design is really good, not just some sticker and the surface is smooth. The graphics are really good even with a lot of games. Best for streaming , listening to music, doing school work, playing moderate gaming. If the 256gb storage isn’t enough space then you can easily buy a external hard drive but in my opinion its plenty enough for most people. Charges normally and lasts quite awhile without charging.


    Here’s what you need to know.

    I didn’t take it easy on this review just because it’s HP or the fact they sent it to me to review. This wasn’t a paid review I simply want you to get the most out of the money you will spend. If you want an honest review keep reading.

    Ryzen 3 3200 processor surprisingly snappy
    AMD Vega 3 GPU 2gb dedicated ram shared 3gb = to 5gb for GPU usually stayed about 69 Celsius. But did get up to 89 Celsius playing fortnite on the lowest graphics. This ISNT a gaming GPU but it definitely provided some interesting results. It base speed was 2.60 and my SON played AAA titles on it with minimal graphics settings. Yes it played roblox, hello neighbor, hill climb slither io and amung us. Plus many more like unturned. It streamed Disney , Netflix, Hulu all very clear and crispy. We have 1tb fiber optic internet and the fasted download speed this hp could reach was about 240kbs we never lagged during video streaming.

    Use shutdown command charges 50% faster with the 45w charger.
    It’s licensed Realtree Camouflage!!
    Windows 10
    Numeric key pad
    I love the hunter green keyboard and the texture of the keys are just right. Not over travel but enough to bounce back up into your finger tips and no audio click click very subtle. (I do like a click like a carrot breaking though but that’s my preference )
    Battery life my son got 6 hours of of playing. Steam and Microsoft games off the charger it still had 30% left.
    8gb Ram
    256 ssd storage HUGE pro over HHD

    Cons but not a deal breaker
    Keyboard isn’t backlite
    8gb ram 5.9 useable

    Those pros and cons I listed were confirmed on the Walmart website detailed information list. None of the “Cons” were a deal breaker to me. This amazing laptop is the new “family” computer for quick school lessons, searches, stream movies, print papers for orders, and some light gaming. The ryzen 3 3200u and the amd Vega 3 graphics card pair very fluid together and flow smoothly through the applications we have open arent super instant but were decent. windows 10 start up time was surprisingly good. The 8gb of Ram was enough for family oriented activities such as games like amung us, slither io, FNAF and some others, as you get into AAA titles you would need 16gb and a larger graphics card but again that’s not what this computer is for, but it does hold its own with new titles on low graphics very very welll! Distance learning was so fun to complete in a Camo laptop that was really fast and clear display, for 720p it’s HD and very bright with lots of brightness and even nightlite mode.

    Also we also have security cameras and wildlife cameras on our property and I can easily ride around to check trail cameras and change SD cards all day with this battery life 10 plus hours. I just put it next to me in the gator and take off, it survives trips to the lake for sleepy time YouTube videos for the kids and post and edit fishing pictures. Not to mention it’s a realtree Camo laptop. The screen EVEN though it’s 720p HD it’s still very clear and the movies the girls stream are very sharpe.

    The sound on this 15” laptop it’s almost like a solid sound bar above the keyboard. I always disliked when my speakers faced the bottom. It’s loud enough to verify wildlife videos and listen to music on the boat without having an external speaker or ear buds. It’s loud enough to block the fan exhaust that’s directing between the screen and keyboard.

    When I review a product I look at Price vs quality. If the quality outweighs the price that’s a starting point for a good review. This hp 15.6” ryzen 3 doesn’t disappoint! There’s very little to NO flex in the camouflage frame, the keys are nice and audible with great travel. Charging port is solid and doesn’t seem to want to wobble like cheap charging ports do. It’s no slouch.

    Happy holidays from my family to yours!

  5. Mcarthurdw

    HP model# 15-db0047wm is a very cool-looking laptop. It comes with 15.6 inches screen which is basically standard or medium size for laptops. As any laptop these days, it has built in HD Web camera with microphone for chatting. It runs on Windows 10 Home operating system. HP has put an AMD dual-core Ryzen 3 2200U processor with AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics. It also includes 8 GB of SDRAM of memory. This HP laptop is a very responsive computer in many aspects from streaming videos to browsing the web. HP made sure that storage is never an issue on this laptop with its 256 Gig SATA hard drive, and if that is not enough there is a built in DVD-writer that can not only stream but also transfer data to DVD. On top of everything else that is included there are many side connections. On the left, it has RJ-45, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and headphone and microphone connection. On the right side, there is media reader and another USB slot. Maximum battery life is rated by manufacturer up to 7 and half hours but it really depends on user and what laptop is being used for. Overall weight of HP 15-db0047wm is about 4 pounds. HP model 15-db0047wm is a very nice laptop with many potential uses and for majority of people it should be enough. Some people might be more interested in one plain color instead of real tree edge pattern which is basically hunter camouflage color, so if you use it in the woods don’t forget where you left it!

  6. Elphie

    This is a special edition camo pattern laptop from HP. I love the camo pattern by Realtree Edge, it completely covers the entire laptop. This laptop is so cool, not only does it look awesome it is full of features. Setup was super simple, when you open the box there is a picture guided paper that walks you through the basic setup, which I do appreciate. When I first powered this laptop on, the first thing that I saw was a beautiful hd 15.6 screen that made the graphics look outstanding. This does have Windows 10 Home, which is nice to have to get any work done. The battery life on this is approximately 10 hours, so I don’t need to worry about charging it all the time. The camera on this is true vision hd which is a great quality to have on a laptop. This has a Ryzen 3 processor which makes this great for anything that you would like to do, like stream videos or playing games, or my favorite shopping online. Overall the look and design of this laptop is awesome. I use this laptop for all of my daily tasks that I need to get done, like typing up documents, surfing the web, playing games using the webcam for zoom calls. This is a must have laptop, it can do it all.

  7. kkmcwh

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this a month ago and I’m so glad I did. I can take it to any room in my house unlike my desktop pc.

  8. Bella

    You would think that a camouflage body skin would be cheesy, but it actually looks good. Gives a feeling of ruggedness despite the slim profile. I was also surprised at the relatively light weight of this 15.6″ laptop. Very portable. I could use it in my lap for long periods because of how cool it was during operation and quiet.
    It was also pretty fast especially when accessing graphics intensive web content. I had to check out the processor specs on testing websites. Apparently the AMD processor was meant to meet the budget line of the consumer price point but yet performed comparable to Intel i5 processors on benchmark tests. Impressive.
    One negative issue i had was the screen resolution. It seemed washed out and flat – not the saturated HD graphics I was expecting from the advertised label, But then i noticed that the graphics chip also performed well on the benchmarks so i looked deeper for the AMD controller settings to see what i could tweak. Turns out the default settings are pretty bad, but with a few adjustments of the control sliders i had a vibrant screen. The same with the audio settings. Using the HP and AMD device controls instead of the windows driver made a huge difference in display and sound quality. And there were a lot more controls and features to adjust the audio and screen resolution to change it from the default.
    So here are the notes:
    – lightweight for the size
    – long battery life – ran for a week of light use before needing to charge
    – fast performance, similar to an Intel i5
    – reasonable audio. HP Audio Control improves sound dramatically. Don’t expect anything remotely close to bass – as with most laptops – but it’s ok.
    – nice camouflage body wrap
    – large screen
    – Granular control of AMD graphics settings.
    – Slim profile
    – full size keyboard

    – Reflective screen too glossy. Would’ve preferred matte
    – 0.9.mp webcam image quality is noticeably bad and gets worse in low light level. But it does what its supposed to do
    – keyboard clicks are not smooth. Not necessarily a negative since i like the tactile feedback very much….hubby prefers smooth key strokes, this is just individual preference.
    – sound is not loud

    Overall this is an excellent consumer budget laptop. It should totally satisfy anyone shopping in that price range.

  9. ponko04

    I’m writing this review from that laptop, after using it for one week.
    It’s a good product overall, delivers great battery life, good performance for everyday tasks, would be perfect for a student or light office work. Not optimal for some processor high demand activities like gaming or video editting.

    With its 15.6 inches monitor, this is not on the portable end of laptops, however, the keboard layout includes a numeric keypad on the right side, so the characters are too close together and the keys are small. I know some will love the numeric keypad, but for the normal typer, key layout may be on the crumbled side for character typing.
    The laptop is not too heavy, I think mainly due to the SSD, that also helps with the boot-up speed and overall system response, and to the lack of optical drive (An SD card reader is included).

    The screen can be too reflective for outdoor use, and being backlit display it’s on the brighter side.

    RealTree camo edition is more of an acquired taste, the pattern covers both the outside and inside of the laptop, so its hard to ignore it.

    It is overall a good setup for light to average use demands.

  10. Zcarlover

    This Hewlett Packard Realtree camo adorned 15-inch laptop computer is super easy to set up and use. The Realtree camouflage will easily blend in with the open woods, blind, or tree stand. I plugged in the laptop to charge up the battery before getting started with the set-up and then read the instructions. If the laptop starts to get too warm, a fan kicks on automatically to eliminate heat build-up and prevent damage.
    The keyboard is full size and the keys press easily and are comfortable to use. All of the keys are well marked as to their function. The touch pad sits slightly off center to the left. The large 15.6-inch diagonal screen is fantastic for those of us with reduced eyesight and the graphics are bright and clear. The volume worked perfectly and is easily adjustable. I was not impressed with the camera as my own picture was “grainy” during a facetime chat and the user on the other end of the chat reported the picture being slightly blurry and not as clear as the webcam on my PC. The battery lasts an appropriate amount of time but will obviously depend on the particular usage.
    The laptop comes preloaded with Microsoft’s Windows 10 program and will automatically tell you when to update it. When I turned the computer on for the first time, “Cortana”, the voice module for Microsoft popped up immediately to guide me through the set-up. Cortana helped me connect the laptop to the Wi-Fi so I would have immediate internet access and also helped to set up security questions and a password. This HP laptop prefers the use of the Microsoft Edge browser.
    Overall, this HP Realtree camo adorned laptop is working great. It is super easy to set up with the help of Cortana, it is lightweight, and all of the features and programs work exactly as they should. The screen is large and easy to see and the keyboard is comfortable to use and is well marked. The camo finish will blend easily out in the field or woods. The blurry/grainy look of the picture when using the camera for a web chat is the only issue I have encountered.

  11. mccarp

    What can I say. This is a fantastic camo special edition notebook. It is light weight n the screen clarity is great. This laptop has 8GB And a 256 drive. I love that it is WIFI PLUS BLUETOOTH. The web cam is also a plus. Its pretty fast and u cant beat the camo color design. Great item. Thsnks hp.

  12. Possumlips

    This is a great laptop for me and my wife and we plan on taking it with us in our R.V. when we travel. It has 3 USB ports, a SD card slot for our camcorder and camera, headphone jack, HD Webcam and a HDMI cord slot so we can hook it to our tv and share pictures and videos with friends stopping by. This model has 8 GB’s of Ram that makes multitasking effortless so I won’t need to upgrade that anytime soon. By the way, This model doesn’t come with a disk drive so you won’t be able to play CD’s or DVD’S. The keys are not backlit or the font on them “Glow in the dark” so it maybe a problem seeing them well in low light conditions. It’s SSD drive makes startup super quick but as it has less than 200GB’s of storage space left after updates you may have to be picky about the size of games and amount of videos stored on it. Again, not a problem as we’re mainly going to use it for watching streaming videos and camera pic storage. It is so much faster, lighter, thinner and uses up less power than our 10 year old laptop, we couldn’t be happier!

  13. FlaFigJo

    The screen is nice and large however so is this laptop.
    It is very easy to adjust screen angle for glareless viewing. The only down side and for me a real pain is over 1 hour of ReQuired OS Windows updates some arw over 6 months old. That and removing the junkware I do not want or need. Once you get past that and the nannyware is off it runs fast and smooth. It has a fast processor for a laptop. Pretty good not great.Also it has a ling cord.

  14. upNorthJohn

    I really love the SSD feature of this notebook. It makes start up and shut down go quickly as well as other app loading during use. The camo look is an eye-catcher that have gotten positive remarks. Not too many preloaded apps that I uninstalled. Windows 10 supports most of the apps I reloaded from my previous pc. Looking forward to using this for many years to come.

  15. Catfanman

    Have been running this laptop thru the ringer and it is great! I highly recommend to anyone needing a new quality laptop.
    Battery life is over 10 hours, and it isn’t the llightest laptop, but it’s not the heaviest either. It weighs a bit over 7 lbs so it is great for traveling for a full size laptop. The sound quality is great and is phenomenal with headphones.
    Complete with wifi and bluetooth. High speed USB, has a total of 3 USB and an hdmi port and full size sd card slot. The mouse pointer is great, not jumpy and smooth to use and has the right and left click buttons unlike many these days.
    Picture is clear and runs smooth, not jumpy, plays games from Microsoft app store great without any jumpy streams. Comes with a month of free virus protection from McAfee. No issues with memory and you can run as many programs as you want, it is complete with 8gb of ram! It has an AMD ryzen 3 3200u dual core processor with 4 threads (so it runs like a quad core) processor speed maxes out up to 3.4ghz in turbo. Awesome!
    A downfall of this unit is the lack of a backlit keyboard, and screen view decreases as you move left or right from center of screen. It’s also not the fastest at charging time.
    The design by REAL TREE is awesome with realistic camouflage design, not only on the outer shell, but also on the inside keyboard area. DON’T DROP IN THE LEAVES, YOU WILL NEVER FIND! SETUP WAS SUPER FAST AND SIMPLE AND WAS COMPLETE WITHIN 10 MINUTES.
    Battery lasts forever, even while watching movies, it also comes with Netflix app already installed. Overall, I would highly recommend for a quality laptop at a decent price. Pick one up and give it a try, you won’t regret it.
    Last but not least, it comes with plenty of storage for pictures, movies and music. Glad i got this!

  16. Texan1965

    First noticeable thing Right out the box the casing material is much sturdier than many laptops I’ve looked at with similar specs/price range. All the keys feel durable including the left and right click buttons on the mouse touchpad, but it’s definitely not a quiet keypad. Those around you will know you’re typing. The woodland “camo” decal is a winner IMO.

    Initial set up is easy, runs windows 10. Having an SSD means startup is fast, under 10 seconds and it has plenty of speed when in use. Programs/apps are quick to start up and it’s able to cope with multiple programs running at a time without any apparent slowing.

    Wifi connects to dual band no problem and I averaged between 175-199Mbps download and 12-20Mbps upload with an internet speed test, so if you have it high speed wifi isn’t wasted.

    No issues connecting to wireless printer

    After first bootup and doing windows updates there was 192GB free space on the SSD. So if you intend on using it to store lots of large files keep in mind an upgrade might be required.

    I tested the camera and mic using Skype, I found the camera resolution a tad disappointing. Not the sharpest res. in good light and gets very grainy in low light. There is no privacy shutter over the camera. The audio both in and outgoing was perfect.

    Streaming video runs smoothly, but I found the screen viewing angle range a tad limited. sit off to the side slightly or have the screen tilted and you lose a lot. Of course this is handy if you wish to keep your work more out of view from others.

    The battery seems to last okay. At the first full charge I ran it on battery for 7 hours total (including several shutdown and start ups) testing running video, apps, a game, internet calling, web browsing etc. and had 20% left before I recharged it.

    Pros. Fast for a budget laptop, despite a couple of let downs there’s some bang for the buck.

    Cons. Not a lot of storage, narrow screen viewing angle.

    Great laptop for school/college or just surfing the web/watching videos/playing games.

  17. CrystalM

    I have a laptop similar to this one, also in camo pattern, and wanted to get my husband one as well. This is a great laptop to give as a gift. It will allow him to work, play online games, stream movies and connect with friends. It is just the right size for him to use. I, personally, like that the keyboard also has the number pad. We both tend to use it often so that is a plus for us.

    Appearance wise, it is really pretty. The leaves in the camo pattern look bright and fall-like. The size is great as well.

  18. Melissa

    I love this thing! It is super light, super fast, and super quiet! The camo graphics are a cool feature as well. The processor is fast enough for any browsing, streaming, or downloading I needed to do. I use this to work from home and i havent had any issues having a bunch of programs running all at once. Speakers are great quality and graphics are better than I expected as well!

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