Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil, Sparkling Strawberry

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About This Item

Have tropical strawberries any time of day with this indulgent, fast absorbing body oil that provides awe inspiring illumination and perfected, supple skin.


Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil, Sparkling Strawberry

Marilyn had many beauty secrets. Marilyn always accentuated the positive. Marilyn loved to highlight her face with strobing. She made sure that when the light hit her face, she was glowing. Hard Candy X Marilyn Monroe features Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil

Key Features

All Over dry oil that gives a golden shimmer to your whole body

♥ Leaves your skin soft and velvety

♥Apply all over to Glow


Skin Type
Nu World
Ingredient Preference
Phthalate-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free
Price Per Unit UOM
Color Category
Hard Candy
Body Part
Number of Customer Ratings
PPU Quantity of Units
1.00 Each
Age Group
Product Name
Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil, Sparkling Strawberry
1 fl oz
dry oil
Assembled Product Weight
1 oz

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil, Sparkling Strawberry

5 reviews for Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil, Sparkling Strawberry

  1. Tristab228

    This Hard Candy Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil is MAGICAL. It smells incredible just like strawberries. It has a watery consistency which is perfect for using this on your body or for a highlight. I used a beauty blender and a brush for application. This does have a lot of glitter. Some people don’t like glitter so if you’re one of them be weary. I LOVE glitter even at 30 years old. I wore this almost everyday for two weeks and it never broke my skin out or irritated me. It wore beautifully overtop of my makeup and underneath. I even used it on my shoulders when I was going out for that extra pop and everyone wanted to know what that smell was. No one believed it was the Hard Candy Shimmer oil that smelled like strawberries. It does dry down very quickly and it is not sticky. It lasted all day and night. It is a little hard to get off just because it does have a lot of fine grain glitter in it, but it’s nothing an extra time of face wash won’t accomplish. I highly recommend this.

  2. Amanda3

    Firstly, the packaging on this is totally beautiful. It really fits Marilyn. The shimmer oil looks beautiful across my cheek bones as well as my collar bone. It did not look wet at all once applied- it looked like a beautiful glitter but without the fallout that usually comes with it. I loved the applicator and the bottle was a very sturdy glass. I’ll be keeping the bottle once I am done the product as it is too pretty to toss!

  3. Kimmie034

    I was a little hesitant to try it since it is an oil. But, I was pleasantly surprised how it totally dries down. It has a nice light scent and just enough sparkle to be noticable. This is something I would use on special occasions and probably more frequently in the summer. My daughter enjoyed it as well!

  4. CupcakeDarling9

    Absolutely love this oil! Everything about it was amazing! From fist appeal the bottle is beautiful and well designed! As soon as you open it you can smell a delicious strawberry scent! Then the shimmer is wonderful perfect color and wear time is great! It’s easy to wear alone or stack with makeup!

    It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling like the yummy berry!

    Great product that will become a essential for me and I bet you too! Definitely recommend!

  5. Itskatyy12

    I was a bit skeptical of trying anything shimmery at first. I didn’t want to look like I took a glitter bath or like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz! I typically avoid those products because it’s just ends up being messy.

    I have a different perspective now, thanks to this product. The shimmer was just subtle enough, and so beautiful. It smelled amazing! I wore it to the beach, and was in love with the highlights and shine. It made my skin very soft, and the scent was soft and not ever powering.

    I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t transfer to my clothes, but I did have to wash my hands. It would be better if it came with a brush or sponge to apply it. It washed off easily.

    Overall, I was quite impressed with this fun, summery dry shimmer oil. I would recommend it.

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