FloorPops Altair 12 in. x 12 in. Peel and Stick Virgin Vinyl Floor Tiles (10-Pack)

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Black quilted stars pop against a crisp white background. These virgin vinyl floor tiles will add a dramatic and clean flair to kitchens and bathrooms. FloorPops Altair Peel & Stick Floor Tiles contain 10 square pieces on 10 sheets that measure 12 x 12 inches. This product measures 60 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 0.06 inches thick when assembled and weighs 5.5 pounds. FloorPops have a textured low lustre finish and one pack covers 10 square feet.

  • FloorPops Altair Peel & Stick Floor Tiles 
  • Measures 60 inches x 24 inches x 0.06 inches when fully assembled
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds
  • Virgin vinyl material
  • Comes with ten 12 inch x 12 inch pieces
  • Covers 10 square feet
  • Square shaped tiles
  • Peel and stick to apply
  • Textured low lustre finish
  • Black and white tiles
  • Can be installed over plywood or concrete subfloor, but for additional adhesive strength, we recommend treating the installation surface with a latex primer
  • Water resistant and washable
  • Residential use
  • On-grade
  • Easy installation – no grout or special tools needed
  • Permanent adhesive makes tiles durable
  • Looking for your next DIY project? These peel and stick floor tiles will add a dramatic and bold flair to kitchens and bathrooms with their black quilted star design
  • We do not recommend installing FloorPops on walls or over linoleum, laminate, ceramic tiles, or heat radiant flooring
  • To trim tiles, we recommend using a utility knife and straight edge, but they are easy to trim with scissors as well!
  • Indoor use only

FloorPops Altair 12 in. x 12 in. Peel and Stick Virgin Vinyl Floor Tiles (10-Pack)

Black quilted stars pop against a crisp white background. These floor tiles will add a dramatic and clean flair to kitchens and bathrooms. Altair Peel & Stick Floor Tiles Peel and Stick Tiles contains 10 pieces on 10 sheets that each measure 12 x 12 inches. This product measures 60-in x 24-in x .06-in when assembled.


  • Peel and stick to apply
  • Easy installation – no grout or special tools needed
  • Water resistant and washable
  • Virgin vinyl material with a textured low lustre finish and permanent adhesive makes tiles durable
  • One package contains 10 tiles that each measure . 06-in in depth. Each tile measures 12 x 12 inches, and is 60in x 24in x 0.06in when assembled

Main Specifications

  • Size: Оnе Расk

Detailed Specifications

  • Manufacturer: FloorPops
  • Part Number: FP2948
  • Item Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 0.06 inches
  • Item model number: FP2948
  • Size: Оnе Расk
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Installation Method: Peel And Stick
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Coverage: 10 square feet
  • Included Components: Floor tiles
  • Batteries Required?: No
  • Warranty Description: Limited lifetime warranty., Www. Reg. Wallpops. Com.

Common Questions & Answers

Question: I would like to use this to cover the ceramic tile surrounding my fireplace. Can these be used for such purpose?

Answer: Possibly, but the adhesive probably wont hold up to the heat.
Question: Hi, are this easy to remove? Anyone tried?

Answer: Usually easy to remove but depends on floor below. eg over tile would be ok
Question: Can you use these on a fireplace surround?

Answer: I would always use stone or ceramic near a fireplace. Not vinyl.
Question: How many square feet does 1 box cover

Answer: One box is 10 tiles and they are 12×12 so 10 sq ft
Question: Do you know if this will be back in stock?

Answer: Do a search for them, they are available other olaces
Question: Has anyone used an extra adhesive to secure the tiles to the floor? If so, what worked for you? Mine aren’t sticking very well.

Answer: Mine stuck great so none was needed. However they have a floor tile mastic at Home Depot.
Question: can you place this over tile that has beveled edges? (not totally flat)

Answer: Yes, you could buy an inexpensive underlay at h depot
Question: When will you have more available? I need to buy one extra box

Answer: Search for them, they have them other olaces

FloorPops Altair 12 in. x 12 in. Peel and Stick Virgin Vinyl Floor Tiles (10-Pack)

17 reviews for FloorPops Altair 12 in. x 12 in. Peel and Stick Virgin Vinyl Floor Tiles (10-Pack)

  1. valerie

    These tiles were very easy to cut and install. They stick really well, but also can be pulled up, moved and still stick well. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

  2. jeannette

    This product is easy to lay down and looks great in my bathroom.

  3. Jen

    I absolutely love these tile. I did use commercial glue on top of our old linoleum flooring but the tiles slipped around so definitely recommend pulling up any old flooring. They were super easy to lay down and look so stylish. I laid these in a rug pattern with wood look tiles and couldn’t be happier.

  4. Earnestine

    Floor was vinyl prev and in good condition but this would barely stick to it after thoroughly cleaning. It looks ok but had some problem matching up exactly the pattern. I had to put some glue under most of the tiles. Still doesnt look like it is going to stick all the way. W

  5. Rebecca

    This was way too easy and was a quick process in my little fixer upper bathroom. (Ignore the fact that I didn’t sweep up yet.) Only criticism is the edges dont always perfectly align the way they are cut so sometimes the smaller stars have extra tips, but its really not that noticeable. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy fix, I highly recommend. Doing my master bath next.

  6. Jackie

    I did a small weekend project of my full bathroom, i love these tiles,they are beautiful, vibrant, however, you will need some tile adhesive. In this picture, I was still placing them down. The adhesive doesn’t stick very well, but I would still order from them because of different designs that are offered.

  7. Twilla123

    I think the floor turned out beautiful in my kitchen. It doesn’t always match up perfectly, but; besides you. only the most observant visitors will noticed. Also, if you noticed a dark smear on some of the tile, it’s adhesive. Easily remove with peanut butter and a scruby. Also, I live in an old house. The floor is not even in a couple of spots, but this peel and stick os very forgiven.

  8. Laura

    I haven’t put it yet! But I love them. Is a good Replacement for linoliom> I meant If you have that cheap linolium flooring yellow from the 80s. In your bathroom. This is an upgrade. A huge upgrade. It’s no gonna look like Ceramic floors. But it is the closest. If you do not put ceramic floors. And if u have 10 SQ feet you need at least 2 boxes.

  9. Charli

    To be honest, this product was worse than I thought it would be. Some of the tiles are scuffed and impossible to clean. Most of the tiles did not match up with another and made it impossible to make it a perfect pattern. Lastly, some of the tiles just didnt stick as well as others. If you have low expectations and a low budget, this is for you. If you want a seamless look. Keeping looking.

  10. Alison

    These tiles are so cute and so easy to use but they dont stick to the floor. We purchased a fixer upper and plan on remodeling our primary bath in the next year or two. The previous owners left it so grimey that no amount of cleaning felt clean enough. I bought these to put down temporarily. I vacuumed, mopped, waited until everything was dry, wiped down with rubbing alcohol and then got to work sticking these down. The whole process took maybe 2-3 hours. Cutting around the toilet was the hardest. But they cut super easy and went down fast. They dont lay flat and the corners come up. I just hope theyll last a year until we can remodel.

  11. Heidi Fuller

    This floor has gotten some heavy use, dropped pans and bowls, an aggressive toddler who loves to empty my lower cabinets, lots of spilled food. It has held up really well. I thought I stained it with tomato sauce but I wiped it up with a Clorox wipe and the stain faded after about an hour. Last three photos are it’s current condition. VERY HAPPY!Well so far so good! I’m using liquid nails in high traffic areas but the tiles are very sticky on their own, and very easy to cut with scissors which helped with trickier spots. My 1940’s kitchen already has about 6 layers of flooring, this is a temporary application until I can do a proper remodel in a couple of years. The existing linoleum was old, stained dinged and scratched. This is 100 % better than what I was living with. I used liquid nails and tacks to secure loose spots then cleaned with vinegar and started laying them. I spent about 6 hours total and I’m almost done with 150 square feet of L shaped kitchen floor. Per other reviews the pattern doesn’t match up exactly but honestly you can’t tell unless you look for it. Over all pretty happy with it

  12. Lauri

    After some hem-hawing over inexpensive options to improve the flooring of a mid-century kitchen, I took the chance with these FloorPops and am SO GLAD I DID! I love this flooring!I took the advice of another customer and used this tape to ensure adhesion: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H897S7R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_VjIKDbJ3365ET. The quarter round still needs to be replaced in this kitchen, but the install was so simple! …just needed scissors.Ive read the reviews of others about the tile pattern not aligning well. I took the time to rotate, rotate, and rotate again–sometimes going for a new tile–to get the near-perfect fit. I consider myself one who likes things to look great, and I am quite pleased with how the pattern pieces came together.Ive waited to write this review to see how I liked these after having them down a few months. The adhesion is holding up superbly (with the help of the 2-sided carpet tape). No scuffs that havent come up easily. Do need to see about a spaghetti sauce stain, but I think Ill find a way to get it off.If youre on the fence about these, I dont think youll be disappointed. You should go for it!

  13. Maggie O

    When we bought our new (to us) home, we knew wed want to completely renovate the upstairs later on. For now, we needed to make the odd, upstairs kitchenette less of an eyesore. Enter Peel & Stick floor tiles! They were super easy to work with. Theyre so cute, they make me excited to catch a peek when I walk by. They really refreshed a dingy space and made it a happy one.I did need to goo-gone the surface of the tiles after installation, as the (very strong) glue did gum up the surface a little while I was placing them. They cleaned up very nicely, seem super durable, and make me smile every time I walk by that weird little room.

  14. Luckylotery

    Love these! I used as a backsplash under my counter. The adhesion isn’t strong enough if you are using as upright item, you’ll need a spray adhesion. The tiles are not all exactly the same so some stars aren’t exactly lined up, but it’s really too minor to notice. Awesome and inexpensive way to spruce of a space!

  15. Lacey

    I used this the star printed peel and stick flooring for my small powder room (and just applied it right over an old linoleum). It worked great. I watched a video before installing (start in the middle of the room and work your way out). Once you slice the material with a box cutting it easily tears in half. I had a little issue getting it cut right around the toilet and had a learning curve with getting the pattern to match up. It if it was a solid print it would have been super easy. I only paid $9 something a box, so for under $20 I got new flooring!

  16. Val

    In less than 3 years, I’ve installed brand new penny tile in this bathroom, hated the grout maintenance so I had gray rectangle tile installed and that turned out to be just a bit boring for my taste after almost 2 years- in come these. I couldn’t possibly add a 3rd layer of flooring, but I desperately needed to have my vision of a Scandinavian bathroom (to match the rest of my home ) come to life and these were my dream come true! After reading reviews and seeing updates on wear and tear- I found them on a Thursday and by Sunday night they were in. They were easy to use, albeit the adhesive that got on the floors was annoying, but that was easily removed with a cotton ball with a little acetone. Hoping these hold up nicely, but so far I’m impressed. I’m just going to have my husband caulk around the toilet once more to keep a clean like there where it was a bit tricky to cut. I smile every time I sneak a peak of my bathroom now!

  17. starinthesky

    I used these peel and stick tiles to cover an old ceramic entry way that was outdated and just needed some sprucing up. We plan on replacing all of our flooring eventually, but for the time being its nice to have an inexpensive option to cover up some outdated flooring. I also plan on using these tiles in a bathroom, so Im sure that will be a bit trickier as the space I used the tiles on so far had all right angles.I started off using an exacto knife to make my cuts, but then switched to a pair of scissors which worked out fine. I did notice like other people mentioned that if any of the glue gets on the top of the tile, its hard to remove. Other than that, I liked how easy these are to install. I used three boxes (10 tiles per box), and still have tiles left. It took me about 1.5 hours to do this project (I worked alone). Personally, I dont think I would use this on anything larger than a bathroom, but for a quick re-do in a small space, it works great.

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