e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set – Small

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The Elf Makeup Mist and Set is the ultimate must-have. This special spray is designed to hold your face and eye makeup in place all day, transforming any foundation, blush and eyeshadow into a superior, long-wearing formula. The colorless, featherweight veil intensifies and revitalizes makeup color simply by applying just a few sprays. The Elf makeup setting spray also nourishes skin as it locks looks in place with soothing aloe and cucumber. The cruelty-free, vegan formula also includes green tea and vitamins A, C and E to soothe skin and create a nourishing base for color distribution. Spray on your brush or sponge prior to makeup application for extended hold and vibrant color.

To apply after make-up application, simply hold the long-lasting makeup setting spray bottle at arm’s length and spray mist with eyes closed to provide an even coat of long-lasting protection. Choose from a single bottle or a convenient two-pack.

  • Long-lasting formula with a smooth finish
  • Keeps makeup in place all-day
  • Moisturizes and soothes skin
  • Contains aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A, C and E
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% vegan formula
  • Revitalizes makeup color with just a few sprays
  • Spray on your brush or sponge prior to makeup application for extended hold and more vibrant color

e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set – Small

Designed to hold your face and eye makeup in place all day and to revitalize makeup color with just a few sprays. The formula contains aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E to soothe and hydrate the skin. Spray on your brush or sponge prior to makeup application for extended hold and more vibrant color


  • 2 Packs of elf Makeup Mist and Set Spray

Common Questions & Answers

Question: is this shiny like some reviews say?

Answer: Absolutely not. I don’t know what they are talking about. I love this product. If you combine it with the primer before makeup, you are set for the whole day. Your makeup stays on perfectly. With all the expensive products that I’ve tried this is the best. I will never spend that kind of money again, I’m Elf all the way
Question: how many days shipped it

Answer: Next day
Question: Does it have fragrance?

Answer: It does have a light fragrance but its not perfumy its like a cucumber scent.
Question: how many days shipped it

Answer: dont remember
Question: how to paid by bank account

Answer: Maybe
Question: Can anyone tell me if this formula is oil free? Does it say its oil free on the bottle or packaging? Anyone notice breakouts after using it? Thx

Answer: The bottle doesnt say oil free, but I do believe its an oil free product. Also I havent had any breakout and my face is very sensitive. I use it daily. My makeup lasts all day once I apply mist multiple times throughout the day.
Question: how many days delivery

Answer: Prime members are Next day or 2 day delivery. If youre not Prime, or if its not offered, it will say under the product and when you check out.
Question: Does this keep eyeliner in place?

Answer: not for me. 🙁 I had hoped it would.

e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set – Small

8 reviews for e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set – Small

  1. Momma Dunk

    Seems to set my make up to last a couple more hours. I mean its a setting spray not God so my expectations were met when for a few pennies a day I got a few more miles out of my cheap make up. You get what you pay for I mean you want your make up to last maybe buy a better quality and save on this but I like to look worn out at the end of work so that my boss thinks I really worked my but off so this works great for me, the make up holds until about an hour before shift change so almost all day I look the best that I can expect for a 15 min morning make up routine and then right before I leave I say good bye as I pass the office to punch out and they see the raw unkempt face bare in the flesh and seem to smile a little brighter knowing that yes, this girl we pay just under what she is worth is giving us every pennies worth. So in the end I will order it again because it does just make my life simpler.

  2. TinaBug

    Hard to find these in the store with two in a package or even just one at all. Elf is an affordable brand and the quality is good. After you place your foundation and/or powder onto the face, lightly mist the setting spray with eyes closed. Do not frown or scrunch the face because it will effect the make up. It adds a bit of shine to your complexion, so if you want a matted look, this may not be your cup of tea.

  3. MelDub

    I have super sensitive skin and this was used for my wedding almost 2 years ago. Thats when I discovered it, through my makeup artist!! You can find it in any drug/makeup store, but the value here is unbeatable.When using this compared to a setting powder or versus nothing…. this will make your makeup LAST ALL DAY.No joke, I even took naps in mine and my eye makeup was still perfect! (Except the occasional undereye eyeliner smudge (when sleeping!)… which you can easily clean with a qtip and a brush of light eyeshadow underneath).Other than that… this has been a lifesaver. I dont write fake/ misleading reviews. And I dont back products that I dont regularly use. I use this daily.It absolutely has helped with the dreaded MASCARA/EYELINER smudge raccoon eyes by lunch!!! NO MORE!!!! REJOICE, LADIES!!Just mist about 3 times in your left, right, and then center of the face … fan with your hands. .. and off you GO!

  4. Desiree

    I bought this to use purely as an antioxidant spray. Because my skin leans oily, I have to use water-based products and love sprays, so even my moisturizer, that I barely need to use, is actually a gel. I got this because it has green tea, cucumber, vitamin C, provitamin A, and a couple of other good ingredients as well, & a couple of ingredients I cant remember .. But I love this stuff because it is full of antioxidants.. and is at a great price! My only complaint is that the spray is a little too much as far as how much comes out- though it is still a fine mist. -You need to hold it about arms length away from your face, because it is a thorough wetting of the face if you hold it too close. The price is great for what youre getting though!

  5. Jules1943

    First. I am a huge fan of e.l.f. Products. They are cruelty free, cost effective, and their products work well! This mist and set is wonderful. Keeps your makeup on and sometimes it’s great to spray for just an added glow throughout the day. On days where I don’t wear makeup, I just spray it for a nice mist to add a little moisture and glow. Love it!

  6. ChristinaDownes

    I am in love with this makeup mist & set. I was using a different brand, that I also loved, but was having issues with breakouts. I figured Id try a different brand to see if it was the set process causing the issues, or the brand. Ive had far less breakouts using the e.l.f. brand, and I couldnt be happier! The product is really lightweight, but does take a bit of time to dry. Be patient! If you smear while its drying, youre going to have your makeup set in a smeared pattern. (Lesson learned!) I was hesitant to spend more on something I wasnt 100% sure would work, but now that I know it works, and it works well, I definitely recommend it!

  7. Emma Williams

    I love this spray. My makeup stays on all day through the heat of August in Arkansas. Its amazing. Nothing moves, but you can still take it off easily with makeup remover at the end of the night.

  8. jazarewicz

    Love the solution (+ cruelty free) for this but the spray bottle doesnt mist it well. I pour it into a different bottle

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