Cricket Wireless Alcatel Glimpse, 16GB, Suede Black – Prepaid Smartphone

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Cricket Wireless Alcatel Glimpse, 16GB, Suede Black – Prepaid Smartphone

Cricket Wireless Alcatel Glimpse, 16GB, Suede Black – Prepaid Smartphone

Cricket Wireless Alcatel Glimpse, 16GB, Suede Black – Prepaid Smartphone

14 reviews for Cricket Wireless Alcatel Glimpse, 16GB, Suede Black – Prepaid Smartphone

  1. Michelle

    I bought the phone for my niece, she absolutely loves the phone.

  2. nethanyiel

    I like the phone the right phone for me

  3. Jimmie

    Over all nice phone, good service, but has problems with touch screen when it has just a little bit of finger oil on it, or in the cold. When dirty or cold, you can see it jolting when scrolling, and has a hard time typing. Must be kept CLEAN CLEAN, and use it in a warm place… Bring Tissues for frequent wipe downs!

  4. CommodoreFan64

    I got this for my elder aunt who only needs a basic smartphone.
    01. it’s priced cheaply
    02. has a removable battery which I would like to see in more phones
    03. Nice big clear screen even if it’s not HD.
    04. Wifi, and HD calling on the Cricket Wireless Network
    01. runs Android 10 GO(really more of a maybe depending on your needs)
    02. 16GB of internal storage(at least you can put an SD card in the phone, but you are not able to format it as internal storage), and the SOC is of an older generation, so not the fastest phone
    03. cameras both back, and front are only passable with a weak LED flash.
    05. annoying having to uninstall junk games, and apps that came with the phone(you can only disable Facebook, and can’t even disable the games app)
    06. because of the older hardware the phone does get a bit warm at times.
    07. because it does run Android 10 GO no home screen widgets, no always on Hey Google(you have to press the Google assistant key), and some more heavy apps might not work very well.
    Only get this if you need a very basic smartphone, otherwise look at spending a bit more on something like a Motorola Moto E series, or Motorola G series phone.

  5. Meghan

    This phone is frustrating. It resisters a swipe as a tap and a tap as a swipe. Most frustrating thing I do all day is try to pull down the menu from the top of the phone screen. Do not recommend.

  6. carri

    Junk from day 1. Stopped recieving texts and calls after 2 days. Total crap.

  7. Zachary

    This phone is slow to the touch, freezes up a lot just trying to search for an application to the point I had to restart my phone to factory reset three times, doesn’t allow you to Draw Over Other Apps because it saids, “Feature Unavailable – This feature is turned off because of slow down your phone” yet other Android phone allow you to choose to set this on or off, and WiFi Calling keeps going on notify you even when you have the setting off. Too much frustrations, don’t waste your money.

  8. Hunter

    I bought this until i can get another phone and it’s terrible, Its very slow and glitches. some apps don’t wanna load. also I have to restart the phone once a day because the screen doesn’t wanna respond to touches. I will have to tap on a app or letter 4 or 5 times for it to respond to the touch. the battery life is decent but not great. and it also doesn’t hardly charge when you are using it. And when on video chat or any application that uses the front facing camera it’s oddly zoomed in for some reason. this phone is junk.

  9. Devin

    Overheats when using it. i returned it and bought the same one and had the same issue.

  10. Kars

    Trash. We bought two of these and they are terrible!!

  11. Joe

    Somewhat Difficult To Program Intiallity

  12. Adil

    The phone is super slow and poor quality

  13. Billybobwilly

    Can’t hold a charge, always making mistakes. Pure garbage. NEVER AGAIN!

  14. don

    perfect for when your on a budget

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