Canon PIXMA TR7520 Wireless Home Office All-In-One Printer

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The perfect home office printer that’s just the right size. A home office printer should make getting work done easier and the PIXMA TR7520 does just that. It’s made to handle large workloads efficiently from printing, scanning and faxing documents quickly. It’s ready to print sharp text documents and great looking photos thanks to a quick 5-Color Individual Ink System, and has both a front paper cassette and rear paper tray. Not only is the PIXMA TR7520 quick it’s also connected, you can easily print from all your devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even the Cloud3 with the use of the 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen. With the PIXMA TR7520 you’ll see why it’s the perfect home office printer that’s just the right size.

Canon PIXMA TR7520 Wireless Home Office All-In-One Printer

  • FUNCTIONALITY & VERSATILITY Designed to meet all your needs, from scanning and faxing, a 5-Color Individual Ink System for great looking documents and photos and plenty of connectivity options – the PIXMA TR7520 has you covered
  • ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY Connect your smartphone, tablet and all your favorite devices with ease! Print hassle free – whether from the Cloud3, through Bluetooth, from social media or on the go!
  • CONVENIENCE BUILT-IN With intuitive features like the 3.0″ LCD Touchscreen, 20 sheet ADF and Auto Power On/Off, it’s clear to see why the PIXMA TR7520 makes printing, copying, scanning and faxing quick and easy.
  • POWERFUL, YET COMPACT The PIXMA TR7520 is the compact Wireless Home Office All-In-One that fits perfectly anywhere in the home or office, is simple to use, and delivers outstanding results every time.
  • VERSATILE PAPER SUPPORT with front and rear paper feeding ability.
  • With a FIVE INDIVIDUAL INK SYSTEM, only replace the ink tank that runs out!
  • Using the CANON PRINT APP conveniently print from your favorite mobile devices.
  • With built-in FAX and a 20 SHEET ADF the PIXMA TR8520 is ready for any job.
  • Print effortlessly through WI-FI or networked ETHERNET connection.

Canon PIXMA TR7520 Wireless Home Office All-In-One Printer

18 reviews for Canon PIXMA TR7520 Wireless Home Office All-In-One Printer

  1. iKeKe

    After struggling for 4 days with another name brand printer I headed to Walmart to look for something else. This printer was easy to setup! I am able to print straight from my cell phone! Prints very fast! I’m very satisfied with this purchase!

  2. Bill

    Good all-around Printer/scanner ( I do not use the Fax feature).
    Greate colour – cartridges are easy to install.
    Love that it has the paper cassette AND a rear-loading paper rack as well. Save from having to pull the paper tray every time want to do a photo-print.
    Faster than my previous Brother printer.
    Nice device all the way around

  3. GBTV

    My venerable Canon MX922 started printing fuzzy after more than five years of great service. I wanted a replacement with the five ink system so I could replace colors separately and, which would print auto-duplex. This printer was priced very well at my local Walmart store. The MX922 took third party ink cartridges well and I read that Canons are still tolerant of them. Even if not, I can get a full set of cartridges for this printer very reasonably at Walmart and, based on my several pages per day use and the ink draw for them so far, I believe the ink cost will be relatively economical. At first, none of my devices could see the printer on my wifi, but I hit upon using the printer touch screen to connect the printer to my wifi first. At the touch screen, I used the Manual method, chose my network (which the printer could see just fine) and entered my wifi password there. With the printer connected to my network, I was able to let each of my devices find the printer as per the printer instructions. Some have said here that the printer turns off automatically after printing and won’t respond to a remote command. With the touch screen panel raised (I leave it that way), touch the Settings icon, then Settings, ECO, Energy Saving Settings, and follow the menu to the two settings you need. You pick the time delay to Auto power off and set Auto power on ON. Voila! The printer doesn’t use excess energy and I can start it from any connected device in wifi range. This printer hesitates a little longer between sides of a duplex print than my MX922 but print quality seems excellent and photo prints are even acceptable to my wife. The TR7520 is also noticeably faster for single sided prints of any type. The ADF works well and, though it won’t auto duplex scan, the touch screen automatically shows that you lift the scanned sheet out of the receiving tray and put it back on the ADF without changing its orientation to scan the other side; a nice piece of engineering and easy enough since you are at the printer to feed your copies anyway. I have only had the TR7520 for 10 days so I can’t comment on durability but I remain a Canon troll for now.

  4. gmyers1971

    Great printer for the money. Love the document feed for scanning; avoids opening and closing and replacing pages on a flatbed scanner when you have several pages to scan. The rear feed is also wonderful since it’s not a quick and easy job to just throw junk paper in the main paper tray.

  5. Momof3nTN

    I’ve owned this for about 3 months now. I waited almost 6 months for it to become available as all retail outlets were out of stock. So far this has been a huge, and I mean huge improvement from my old Epson which was about 8 years old. No problems printing. The main reson I selected this model is due to needing a fax machine. Excellent print quality as you would expect from Canon. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is the configuration of the print trays is a bit awkward. But something I can definitely live with.

  6. Tammy

    Had to replace another Canon printer, but this takes FOREVER to set up. For some reason, after following all the ink installation instructions, I ended up with black ink all over my fingers. Only black and no color. Tried to get it off with nail polish remover, but NO. This thing takes too long to set up and makes you print several pages during, which wastes your ink.

  7. HeavyDutyCutie

    I am so angry right now. After a very troubled setup (don’t bother with the online setup, it’ll just try to sell you stuff you don’t need. I never got past an ad wanting to charge me $10 for drivers on my computer – nothing about the printer. Use the CD instead), I tried to connect to the printer wirelessly because this is a wireless printer and I bought it for that reason, I’d like to connect wirelessly to the printer. But, nope, I can’t do that. The setup initially saw my router and then, in the next window, it listed every single router in the neighborhood but mine. When I tried to connect manually, I got this message: “Your printer does not support 5ghz networks.” Turns out this printer can’t handle 5G, it can only handle 2.4G. I found nothing on the box or anywhere in the instructions that said a thing about this. Canon mentions it not at all, though they clearly know this is an issue. Now I’ve had to order a special USB cable (short and fat on one end, usual USB on the other) to connect the printer directly to the computer because Canon is just fine with me doing things like I did ten years ago. I’m sure this printer will last a long time but I will NEVER buy anything Canon again.

  8. Nicole

    I grabbed a defective printer. It won’t print and support code 1003 shows up – There is no paper in the cassette, when in fact paper is loaded. Requesting an exchange today.

  9. Goodnews

    The new blue ink cartridge blew up like Vesuvius when I opened it. Ruined carpet. Cleaners couldn’t get it out. No replacement cartridges available in Walmart.

  10. Annette

    Impossible to set up.. wasted more time trying to get the printer to communicate.. Finally get to work, have a power outage, not able to connect again.. Printer utility says t he printer is off.. when in fact it was on. Frustration X 100.. returned it

  11. Lori

    Printer was a monster to set up and was not working after less than two months of light usage. Canon was no help with the warranty.

  12. bristolbrat

    Paper tray is low quality

  13. Marc M

    I am using the Canon TR7520 printer in my home office and i am very pleased with its functionality. It is compact in size and fits easily into my corner office without taking much space. It is fast and efficient and the 2 sided printing option is ideal for me and my kids who are putting a lot of mileage on it. They are using it for their homework assignments and other creative projects. The print quality is excellent, even when printing photos on plain paper. It has a rear feeder for photo paper and you can easily access the ink cartridges from the top. It also has a Fax feature but i have no use for it.

    It is wireless and connects via Bluetooth. The cloud printing capabilities through our smartphones is a great feature and is easy to use. I also like the large and simple operation Panel and LCD touch screen, it makes it easy to copy, scan, print or select any other function that come with this versatile printer. I received this printer free to provide an open and honest review of the product, i have been using it for about 2 weeks and it has so far exceeded my expectations.

  14. Cassie K

    I received the printer as a free sample in exchange for writing an honest review. I am very happy with the printer. Love that the app is so easy to install and use that my daughter who is 7 can print easily from her iPad by herself and I can easily print from an Android. The printer has great features I loved like wireless connection, excellent price for all of its capabilities (print, fax, scan, copy), crystal clear printing (very quick printing with amazing quality in both black and color), duplexing (seriously this little printer can duplex! So used to the giant printers we have for duplexing), LOVE that service and support is 100% US based, excellent print quality on photo paper, great that there are 5 individual cartridges which saves on cost instead of having to fork out the money for all (instead replace only the needed color cartridge (ex. Yellow)), cool that the printer has print longevity ink that lasts especially with photos that you want to last, prints quiet, 20 sheet auto feed is nice and no issues with pulling multiple pages through which is a problem I`ve had with other units, 3` LCD touch screen is visually appealing as is the unit itself, easy to read, text on screen is not too large or small, ink dries quickly, text is crisp, auto on off that powers up when you send a job to it is amazing-I`ve never had a printer like that.

    Cons-the flip area where the LCD screen is should be constructed more solidly. We have a competing brand that has a similar feature but has larger cogs and keeps the panel up. This one when a I copy and push the buttons, the LCD panel and plastic flip area creeps down with each touch. The little bitty cog does not support this area. To the left of the upper part of the printer is an area that looks like it would open (scanner bed opens but this little square of plastic next to it doesn`t). You can open it a little which it should not open. Seems like a bad design there. I wish there was a paper manual, I am not big on having to look up every single thing online. It is helpful that there are a few setup pages that accompany the printer but I like the paper version. It is worth noting that there are QR codes for those who like them as well as support codes that pop up on the LCD which help with troubleshooting. Device is a little large but for its capabilities I am amazed it is not larger, a great device. The bottom tray has an annoying plastic tray device that you need to remove to insert paper. It is pretty flimsy to deal with and hard to put back on (align). Printing pictures on plain paper I did have some streaking but they were exceptionally great quality on photo paper.

    All and all pretty user friendly and I do recommend the product. Canon is a brand that is known for its quality. Another great product from Canon to add to my home office.

  15. BOBBY

    I bought it as new. It was used. Returned! Wasted my time and cost gas to return.

  16. kman

    I previously had purchased a printer—I think it is more discrete not to mention the brand name—which was a really defective device, I deliberately chose Canon for its brand name and made a point of looking at the reviews of what people who purchased it had to say about. I have now installed my printer and have it up and operating and so far my impression is that it s reliable and will do excactly what I need it to do and do it well.


    This was a replacement for my student daughter who is away. I checked with her and she reports she really likes the printer, although she hasn’t quite mastered the feeder. I personally have an older Canon printer that has the ability to print on CD/DVD disks. I would miss that feature in this printer, but for her it’s just perfect.

  18. vabege

    4 star rating simply because I have just begun to use the TR7520 printer. I am pleased with it’s operation. I did have problems getting it attached thru my home network and not sure why but it is operational now. It I had to find something that was not 4 start it would be the very light weight plastic parts. Time will tell how they will weather normal usage.

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