Boost Mobile SAMSUNG A32 5G – Prepaid Smartphone

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Boost Mobile SAMSUNG A32 5G – Prepaid Smartphone

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Boost Mobile SAMSUNG A32 5G – Prepaid Smartphone

4 reviews for Boost Mobile SAMSUNG A32 5G – Prepaid Smartphone

  1. Rob

    Great phone! Easy to use, has alot of extra features. The only issue is one that everyone seems to have. When speaking to someone on the phone, it is somewhat low. I tried turning up the volume, and I can hear the person.. but not as clearly as when I had the J Emerge. Otherwise, it is a great phone and I would buy it again.

  2. Melanie

    ***Be aware that you will need to contact Boost support to switch to this phone otherwise the website will say that this device is ineligible to swap***

    I’ve been using this phone for a bit now and I can understand the 5g hype now. It is lightening fast. As far as the actual phone goes, it comes with a lot of fun features, a TON of really awesome ringtones/notification sounds to choose from, isn’t obnoxiously big and features a really great camera. This feels and acts like a $500 phone but is a little under $200 which for me was still really expensive but I used Affirm so I could make payments. I plan to use this phone for as long as I can.

  3. charrise

    Don’t buy this for boost it will not hook up to boost service. I went to 2 boost stores to find out it’s a known issue for this phone.

  4. B

    Wont activate on boost, had to return this phone twice!

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