Boost Mobile, Motorola Moto G Power – Prepaid Smartphone

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Want longer battery life and gorgeous photos? Get moto g power. With its 5000 mAh battery, you can go up to three days on a single charge. And moto g power packs a 48 MP triple camera system, so you can capture stunning images in any light. How about a better view? Watch games, movies, and video chats on an ultra-wide 6.6″ screen. Wanna capture more of life? You got it.

Boost Motorola Moto G Power

Boost Mobile, Motorola Moto G Power – Prepaid Smartphone

19 reviews for Boost Mobile, Motorola Moto G Power – Prepaid Smartphone

  1. Paul

    This is a great phone for a great price using the Boost mobile platform. Easy to transfer data and photos from previous phone and connect to Boost service was a breeze. Like the long battery life almost 3 days without a charge required. Camera quality is excellent.

  2. Dale1k

    4 stars until I use the phone more… It works and was easy to swap Apps/contacts, etc.. from my old phone.. It’s not glamorous/state of the art, but it is functional, has a great battery, and for the price is more than adequate for my needs… If it continues to work for a long time with no performance issues, the 4 stars will change to 5 stars..

  3. Nay

    Great phone and for an excellent price, but Boost Mobile doesn’t even cover my area. Plus my current carrier wasn’t compatible with it, so shame on me for not doing the research lol.

  4. Jsas66

    idk…I cracked the screen on my year old Moto G7 Play and it was too expensive to fix. So I got the G Power and thought it would be an upgrade.

    Well…I can’t send attachments in an SMS. It will say that the message is being “sent” for a half hour. As far as calling..people tell me my voice is cutting in and out. Often, the call just disconnects. Sometimes it won’t connect to the Boost network.

    I got a text from Boost 2 days ago saying my SIM card was out of date and it won’t connect to the expanded network. I had to order another ..and no idea when it gets here.

    Normally, I wouldn’t mind, but I specifically bought the Boost version of the phone. IT was new in box and not refurbished. And there was no warning that the SIM card may be obsolete. And honestly, I don’t know if that is the problem..I won’t know until I get the new card. Please, don’t sell these things without warnings that they may need hardware updates.

    On the good side, the screen is a little bigger than the Play, sound and video quality are good and the battery is excellent. I usually only have to charge it every 2-3 days, depending on use. I’d just like to be able to talk on it, where the person on the other end can hear me.

  5. Jeff76

    You will have to go into a Boost Mobile shop and buy a sim card. The sim card that comes with the phone will not work. It will read as not valid when you try to activate your phone online, over the phone, or through your phone. Would have been nice information to have before I bought the phone.

    Also, the phone is useless until it’s been activated. Which means the sim card not working out of the box makes the phone a paperweight until then. Also would have been nice to know before I bought it.

  6. Angela

    I’ve spent more than 8 hours setting up this phone, I was looking for the instructions I didn’t find any. The most frustrating one is it locked on the lock screen. I tried to look for the home key, there’s none. The phone is not getting or receiving phone calls. I will never get Motorola phone again. I’ve returned it and bought a Samsung Galaxy AO2s which is easy to set up.

  7. BambiRigne

    Do not buy if you only want to use on wi-fi. Boost will not let you use for wi-fi only unless you purchase their service.


    can’t activate phone, boost said it has already been activated in the past .. excuse me?! I JUSY BOUGHT IT SUPPOSEDLY BRANS NEW!

  9. Harper

    phone was great. but the sim card was used. therefore could not activate the phone.

  10. Susieq7542

    The price is great! I love the the size and battery life is great. Easy to use..

  11. Jo

    I am giving the five star but to be honest, it was a boost mobile phone and I am a verizon customer, so I had to send it back.

  12. Sebastien

    this is honestly the best phone ive ever bought from motorola its fast, great battery, decnet display kinda wish it was 1080p like lasts yesrs phone but what are you gonna expect for $90 the phone has excellent camera and design I tested it against the iphone 7 plus camera and the 7 plus camera is great but surprisingly it took better photos then the iphone 7 plus the iphone 7 plus just has better lighting thats all if you were to buy this phone, go for it its. great phone

  13. Francina

    looking for reviews on how the phone works not paint

  14. alicia

    durable, battery last, great value overall

  15. angela

    Great device. Only flaw is the moto8 has several different versions of itself and it makes it hard to find a case and glass screen bc it only says two of the four lines in store and threw Amazon and Walmart. Com

  16. Mike

    Size is good. Weight is not a problem for me. Switching from my prior boost mobile phone was a snap on-line. Battery life is better than my prior phone but I doubt the 3 day claim. So far I am charging about every other day (let it get to about 30 percent before I plug it in). Still learning about all the cool things this phone has to offer. At less than a $100 I would recommend this phone to just about anyone.

  17. Monterey

    I really like the Motorola g power.. I like a large phone and it’s much better than my LG Stylo 6 and better than my Samsung 8 plus for sure…

  18. Adam

    I like the camera the quality of it blew my mind the dislike thing I don’t like about it I had problems getting it to connect to Wi-Fi

  19. Rafael

    Everything on this transaction is great.

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