Beats Flex – All-Day Wireless Earphones – Beats Black

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Stay connected to the world you love with all-day wireless Beats Flex earphones. In your ears or around your neck, they’re as versatile as the life you lead. With up 12 hours of battery life1, you’ll always be ready for whatever the day (or night) may bring. Enjoy rich, powerful sound with both accurate bass and low distortion across the frequency curve. Magnetic earbuds make listening that much easier with Auto-Play/Pause2, playing music when they’re in your ears and pausing when they’re connected around your neck. The Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort with durable Nitinol construction while four ear tip options offer a personalized fit. And when you’re not wearing them, the magnetic earbuds keep Beats Flex tangle-free as they easily coil up into your pocket or purse.

Beats Flex – All-Day Wireless Earphones – Beats Black

  • Magnetic earbuds with Auto-Play/Pause
  • Up to 12 hours of listening time
  • All-day comfort with Flex-Form cable and four eartip options
  • Powered by the Apple W1 headphone chip for seamless connectivity
  • Audio Sharing lets you wirelessly share audio with another pair of Beats headphones or AirPods
  • Class 1 Bluetooth® for extended range and fewer dropouts
  • On-device controls for music, calls, and voice assistant
  • Built-in microphone with wind reduction for elevated voice clarity
  • Compatible with Apple and Android

What’s in the box:

  • Beats Flex wireless earphones
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • Eartips with four size options
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card

Beats Flex – All-Day Wireless Earphones – Beats Black

20 reviews for Beats Flex – All-Day Wireless Earphones – Beats Black

  1. Jelenna

    I really like my Beats! They were inexpensive, easy to connect, the sound is amazing, and I love the color. They were also delivered quickly. The $50 I spent on these was more than worth it considering I almost bought a pair of Samsung ear buds (I have a galaxy phone) for $180. These come with different size buds too which was a plus for me because I have a small ear canal.

  2. Kathryn

    These stayed charged all day long! Beater than any other wireless headsets Ive ever used. Even better than Apple air pods( they die within two hours) these days over 12 hrs

  3. christopher

    is really good with great sound quality

  4. Day

    So far so good . Love how comfortable and easy these work. Hands free makes life so much easier

  5. Nono

    I received renewed earbuds. Already to return

  6. WallyWorldGirl

    Just received these and was excited to get them up and running. They take a type C USB charger. There is a cable provided however it is type C in both ends. So there’s no larger USB portion to stick into a laptop or regular wall cube to charge. I though that was fine because I have several C USB cables from previous devices. That ladies and gentlemen is incorrect. It will not charge with any of the 4 sun cables I have or 3 wall cubes. I’ve tried several combinations and different outlets and nothing. I’ve ordered a special USB C wall cube to see if that’ll charge the headphones. It’s an inconvenience and another way to get money from consumers. If I’d known that I wouldn’t have ordered these.

  7. Shaun

    The driver left the headphones I ordered in the rain there is apparently no one to speak to on the matter I called everyone they just tried to give me a refund the copper face mask I order came with the box only no mask smh never again. I request that I sign for my stuff they just threw my stuff on the ground took a pic of it raining smh. The driver acted as if he didn’t speak English and y’all got the nerve to require a stay to submit this? No stars for me

  8. Fabrizio

    No original packaging. It came in a plain box with two bags. Just that. Nothing compared with original Beats products. Returned.

  9. hito

    battery life is horrible didn’t even last half a day, there is no play /pause button. there is no answer calls buttons

  10. Chuck

    I bought these for my wife for Christmas 2021 and they are already cracking on the insulation and intermittently working. I can vouch for the battery life though…the best I’ve seen for the price. I am going to try to get Walmart to warranty these and hopefully this won’t happen again.

  11. TexasGirl

    Nice, but…they don’t include the charging cube needed to charge your headphones and it’s not a standard size. Not very customer friendly. The sound is average, but I would have been disappointed if I had paid what they normally sell for. The biggest problem I’m having is none of the earbuds last longer than a year and I don’t sweat that much.

  12. Roa

    Very convenient! Comfortable! Super easy to use, the moment you turn it on it signals your phone and you just have to confirm~~ just one touch and your connected! Super nice, good sound quality I love it!

  13. Clarence

    These headphones work just the way you would expect them too. I really like the fact that they are magnetic and answer the phone when separated and hang up the phone when you put them back together. I also like the fact that all the Siri functions work with this product. While listening to music these headphones really give a rich sound so I am more than happy with this product.

  14. Karen

    These are great earphones. I love the fact that they are attached to each other and I cannot lose them. I also like that I can hook together the two ear pieces to pause a movie or song. These are perfect and I would highly recommend them.

  15. Adrianna

    Before I opened the box, i took a look at the box. The box had a small dent in the top corner but that’s not a problem. I don’t usually care how beat up a package comes as long as the product is alright. Opening the box, the packaging in the inside is wonderful. Very neat and organized. Taking the earphones out, I was confused on how to turn them on but you have to charge them when you take them out because they are dead. If you do not have a brick to fit the adapter the earphones come with or if you don’t a similar charger, you can order one online elsewhere. I really would advise you to order a charger elsewhere, they are inexpensive if you don’t have a brick for the adapter it comes with. Anyway, back to the earphones. They come with different size earbud things (I don’t know specifically what they are called). There’s a little section that has the different sizes in them and I find that so neat! I was thinking about getting AirPods, but I didn’t want to pay so much for earphones. I had Apple earphones with the lightning connector already attached….let’s just say every-time I had them they would mess up within a couple of weeks. But these? These earphones are perfect! I love how I don’t have to worry about tangling them, or getting them stuck to something like handles of a door or dresser. The noise cancellation in these are perfect. These are way better than Apple earphones. And the battery life is fantastic! These are nice and I recommend them.

  16. shaneshia

    The sound quality is great the charge lasts for a while if you turn them off they don’t have auto turn off so if you take them off they’re still on after an hour I do like the magnet in the bud so they don’t fall off sometimes they connect when you turn them on sometimes I don’t connect and you have to to it manually

  17. Christy

    These are awesome! I am an extremely busy mom and I need versatility and something that will keep up with me. People are constantly losing their earbuds and I have never lost these! They hang around my neck and I wear them daily. When a call comes in I simply detach them and put one or both in my ear. The sound quality is awesome. They are not completely noise-cancelling but do a fine job of helping me zone out the surrounding distractions. I highly recommend them and the price is right!

  18. Whitebluffguy

    Very short battery life, as I have to charge them daily whether they are used or not. There is no way of adjusting the sound on an iPhone. I can hear all of the noise of anything I do more clearly than I can hear music or a conversation. I absolutely would not buy these again


    I like these as well or better than the previous expensive Apple Beats I had before, and these are basicly the same except they don’t have the ear piece that hooks over the ear and that’s not a big deal to me. So, yes I’d recommend these instead especially due to the price savings.

  20. Stephie5

    They are lightweight and I don’t notice that they are even around my neck. Like the magnetic feature with pause. Still working through which ear bud to use.

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