Auto Drive 3.4A Dual USB Ports Car Charger,Visible at Night with LED Indicator,Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets.

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This Auto Drive Dual USB Car Charger features two charging ports, meet different requirements of charging to allow you to power multiple devices simultaneously with charging speed up to 2.4A. It is designed to fit conveniently into a vehicle’s power socket, its built-in indicator lets you know when the device is properly charged. It is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, digital cameras etc. Its internal safeguard system protects your devices from overcharging and overheating. The Auto Drive Dual USB Car Charger is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, and it makes a great helper for road trips and everyday driving. Compatible with iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max 6 6S Plus SE 7 7 Plus XS X 8 8 Plus iPad Mini Air Pro / Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S10 S10e Tab S7 Note 8 5 LG Style 4 smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more.

• Auto Drive Dual USB Car Charger.

 • USB car charger with LED Indicator.

 • Compact size Design.

 • Smart Double-USB Port Design: Intelligently identifies your device to safe charging of Dual devices at full speed simultaneously.

 • Built-in protection system against overcharging and overheating.

 • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and more.

 • Input: DC12-24V

 • USB Output: 5V/3.4A Max

Auto Drive 3.4A Dual USB Ports Car Charger,Visible at Night with LED Indicator,Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets.

20 reviews for Auto Drive 3.4A Dual USB Ports Car Charger,Visible at Night with LED Indicator,Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets.

  1. Kitteagirl

    I was pleased to receive this dual compact USB car charger from Walmart. My second car is older and does not have a charging pad, so I find this very useful. It fit into the cigarette lighter socket perfectly and kept my phone charged while driving to an appointment in another city. The charger slid into the socket with just a gentle push and then clicked right into place. This charger can charge two devices easily. The inputs are 12V/24V, and the outputs are 5V/3.4A max. Knowing that your phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever is charged allows you to focus on driving safely rather than worrying about wearing down your battery or having loose cords get in the way of your feet and hands while trying to drive. This little device has built-in protection against overcharging and overheating, which is another great safety feature. I don’t know why I never thought about getting one of these before. They are a small price to pay for the convenience and safety features. I highly recommend that anyone with an older model car pick up one of these inexpensive little car chargers today.

  2. Chellester

    Well, I have been missing out all these years. Whoe knew
    you could get a double port plug in phone charger for your
    car? Well, not me! My husband and I usually take turns
    plugging our devices in while driving. Well, no more sharing!

    Now we can both plug our phones in at the same time.
    It actually charges both of our phones faster than our previous
    single port charger would charge one phone. I am impressed!
    Small and convenient to carry around of needed, leave plugged
    in or store in your cup holder, glove box or anywhere. Easy to use
    And worth the buy. I would recommend.

  3. OneWalmartian

    The Auto Drive Compact Dual 12V/24V USB Car Charger is a must for anyone with a cell phone and a car that is not equipped with a USB port as part of standard equipment. For years I struggled with carrying around two charger cords whenever I traveled; one with a 120 vAC wall wart and USB attachment and another cord with a big bulky permanently fixed auto cigarette lighter plug on it. This little charger now frees me to carry only the one USB cord that I can now plug into my 120 vAC wall wart when indoors or the USB Car charger when on the road.

    I got one for each car. They are small enough to unplug and store in the glove box or the old ash tray for whenever needed. I use mine for my cell phone but I understand that they can also be used for your other digital equipment as long as you don’t exceed the amperage capacity. Their price is also reasonable. I give this item 5 stars and highly recommend purchasing one or more if you fall into my same category.

  4. Jadzea

    I really like this Auto Drive Dual/two slot USB Car Charger. It plugs right into the cigarette lighter spots in older vehicles and the special slots that the newer vehicles have.

    It’s light and compact so when it’s not in use, you can tuck it away in the items holders in the armrests or glove compartment/jockey box to keep it safe.

    Not only can you use it to charge your phone, Tablets and digital cameras that have chargeable batteries. Another great thing about this is if you have a battery pack with this type of slot, you can keep things charged when the lights go out. You can also charge two things at the same time if need be. Hopefully, this review has all the great points my first one did because this is a wonderful item to have.

  5. Godisgood2us

    The Auto Drive Compact Dual 12V/24V USB Car Charger is a great accessory for when we travel. We usually both need to charge our devices at the same time and with the old charger, we had to do that one at a time! Now, we can both charge at the same time with no problem!

  6. Michelle39

    I absolutely love the new Auto Drive Dual USB CAR Charger. This product is very sleak and slender. I really like that with this product I can charge 2 devices at the same time. I definitely recommend this product to everyone that has a busy life and need to charge 2 devices at the same time like 2 cellphones,a cellphone and a tablet, 2 tablets , a cellphone and digital camera etc. The possibility is endless. With my significant other and 2 kids it never fails something is always needing charged when we are going somewhere in the car. Then the fighting and crying starts because the battery died and the car charger is being used to charge the phone my other half or kids device battery already died. Well thanks to my new dual car charger I thankfully don’t have to worry about devices battery dieing and that is awesome. I truly love how compact this device is and that it doesn’t make whatever I am charging with this dual charger doesn’t make the device hot to touch like most chargers that I have used in the past. This product is incredible and I really love the fact that I don’t have to worry about the devices over heating and getting damaged either. So if you are needing a car charger that can keep up with you and your families busy life this product is definitely what you need. Now I just need to get one more for my other vehicle and I’ll be totally set. Grab yours today you’ll be happy you did.

  7. SoMimi

    I got this as a replacement for a lost nub. The Auto Drive Compact Dual 12V/24V USB Car Charger fit my ashtray outlet socket perfectly and did a great job of conducting energy to keep my phone battery level up while driving. The dual charge feature means I can charge two devices at once with ease, which is much appreciated. I like that it comes in a simple black that doesn’t distract from my car dash color or interior, and how easily it clamps into the outlet with a gentle push. The indicator light let’s you know it’s working, so you can just plug it up, not worry about the cord coming loose, and focus on driving safely.

  8. Ashley

    Does what i need it to do! Thank you!

  9. Block13

    Handy to have around. Much better than having to find a inverter to use in your vehicle. Just push it in your outlet (cigarette lighter port). You can plug in two item (cell phone, iPad etc.) It’s that easy. Doesn’t take long to charge. Nice product.

  10. AJnMyzMom

    I got this because I thought it would be a good idea for the car since everyone always has to charge their phones at the same time and there is usually only one in the car. It works but it is a bit slower than just having the charger that only charges one. I mean if you aren’t in a hurry or you are on a long ar ride it won’t be an issue so it’s cool but if you need a decent charge on your way to work because you forgot to charge your phone the night before this one is not going to be the best choice. BTW all the phones in my house are Galaxy phones.

  11. Me123

    This works very well. It doesn’t come with any cables, so you could use it to charge virtually any USB device. I use this to charge my husband and I’s iPhones when they run low on battery. The size of this is nice, as it isn’t too bulky or heavy to store. The black color is classic as well. I think it will last us quite awhile.

  12. krmills

    Newer cars don’t come with a cigarette lighter anymore and I was wondering if I would be able to use this. But on inspecting my car I found the port in the in-between storage center and it works great. I love that it doesn’t have to be plugged into my dashboard while driving. It’s out of the way and it can charge 2 items at once. I don’t care that it doesn’t come with a cord. Everyone usually has an extra charging cord. Now I don’t have to unplug one thing to charge up another. Or my passenger and I can charge 2 phones at once. I will find this very useful.

  13. KeiKei22

    One thing we all can use are charging devices. Charging everything on the go is a wonderful asset. This Auto Drive Dual USB Car Charger, Compact, Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, Digital Cameras is a great device to keep on hand especially at such a low price. I like the built-in charging indicator and internal safeguard systems. What more can you ask for? Designed for a variety of smart devices. Just as the product description describes. It gets the job done. Will recommend to family and friends for a quick fix/alternative. I have so many charging devices that I keep spares throughout the house, work and my car.

  14. Sundar

    What were not mentioned in Product information on website, but were mentioned on box after purchase, are that
    1) the charger has to be unplugged when engine is off, and plugged back when engine in on. The LED light on charger stayed lit, even long after engine was cut off. My first charger from another maker never behaved this way, and I always have it plugged in car.
    2) There is a 1 Amp USB port and a 2.4 Amp USB port. Web advertisement mentioned total of 3.4 Amp but did not spell out the details.

    But when the charger works, it works fine. I will be returning this charger as I am not prepared to remove

  15. lexinifo

    This charger works well. It charges 2 devices at once and doesn’t seem to slow down or stop performing when two are plugged in. It’s small, so it fits nicely in smaller spaces and doesn’t look or feel bulky if you have to carry it in a bag or something.

  16. Musicmaniac11

    This is my favorite style of car charger because it has 2 usb slots in case I need to charge two things or have passengers. It would be nice if it came with a cord but I have plenty of my own. Package was a bit dented upon arrival but everything seems to be working fine.

  17. Nikki

    I found this item to be useful while traveling. It charges my tablet fairly quickly and I’m pleased with it’s capabilities. It will also charge smart phones and digital cameras.

  18. redjessi

    Nothing fancy here, it does what it says. It is a charger that can charge two things at once. That is it, it does what it say. Nothing fancy just a charger doing its job.

  19. CorriB

    Great dual Dual charger for your car. I like this one because it’s not big involved the it’s very compact and doesn’t take up too much space. It does the job.

  20. cage47

    Needing to recharge my devices while traveling is important to me as I spend many hours in the car when going to visit family. Audio books and music from my iPod and phone make the ride more pleasant and knowing the batteries are being charged is important.
    I was able to replace my two single chargers with the Auto Drive Compact USB charger as the dual charger charged both my devices at a reasonably fast rate.
    It made for a less cluttered look in my storage area.
    New cars have charging pads but, in my older car, this product is necessary and did the job well.

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