Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ Wide, Multiple Colors

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Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ Wide, Multiple Colors

Step away from the ordinary and give your living room a modern makeover with the Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand. Don’t let the simple look fool you, this stand comes with a 23” electric fireplace insert with all the bells and whistles. Ready to warm up a 400 square foot room with the touch of a button, you can relax knowing that timers will take care of the rest. If you want to simply enjoy the look of the flames without the heat use the included remote to switch off the heat option and pick your flame brightness. The fun doesn’t stop there though. On either side of the fireplace insert are three shelves, 2 glass, that hold your entertainment components like gaming systems, a DVD player, remotes and more. Both of the side shelves are illuminated with blue lights to coordinate with the glowing fireplace. This Fireplace TV Stand has a mix of woodgrain laminated particleboard, MDF and hollow core construction with metal feet and tempered glass shelving. Combined together this stand makes for a very sturdy addition to your room. The top can hold up to a 70” flat paneled TV with a maximum weight of 120 lbs. Two adults are recommended to assemble this Fireplace TV Stand. After assembly, the stand measures to be 24.875”H x 64.75”W x 18.875”D.


  • Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV stand includes a 23 inches wide fireplace insert and can hold flat paneled TVs up to 70 inches wide with a maximum weight of 120 pounds
  • Stand combines sturdy metal parts with laminated particleboard, hollow core and MDF with tempered glass to make a sleek and modern fireplace TV stand for your home
  • With 6 open shelves for audio components, DVDs, Blu-Rays, or video games, this stand can store everything you need for movie night while giving you the ambiance of a fire with the touch of a remote
  • The fireplace insert features adjustable flame brightness, flames with or without heat, and much more to make your living room or family room the place to be
  • Two adults are recommended to assemble this Fireplace TV Stand
  • Assembled dimensions: 24.875”H x 64.75”W x 18.875”D
  • Shelves illuminate in 7 different colors that coordinates with the glowing flames
  • he top of the stand holds up to 120 lbs. and the lower shelves all hold up to 20 lbs.
  • lean and Care: Dust and wipe with a dry cloth and if needed, a damp cloth may be used sparingly

Main Specifications

  • Color: Graphite Gray
  • Style Name: 70″ Fireplace

Detailed Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 64.76 x 24.88 inches
  • Item Weight: 122.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Ameriwood Home
  • ASIN: B075MWK34W
  • Item model number: 1822296COM
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Material Care Instructions: Dust and wipe with a dry cloth and if needed, a damp cloth may be used sparingly.
  • Is Assembly Required?: No
  • Warranty Description: 1 year limited warranty.
  • Number of Shelves: 6
  • Batteries Required: No

Common Questions & Answers

Question: When will it be back in stock

Answer: It is back but the price has been jacked up. I only bought mine for around $379 last month at Walmart.
Question: Does it come with instructions?

Answer: It comes with assembly instructions and remote instructions.
Question: Does it have the purple lighting we see in the picture?

Answer: Everyone’s picture flash makes it look like it’s purple.
Question: can this be wall mounted

Answer: Theoretically it could be done if you wanted to buy seperate hardware and if you knew what you were doing/wanted to pay a handyman
Question: How do I put the clear rocks inside the fireplace? Mine came in a separate bag and no instructions for that part

Answer: If you already installed the fireplace insert then you will need a 12″ extension with a phillips bit. There are four screws near the top and bottom corners that need unscrewed. The glass then comes out and your put the rocks right on the bottom sill and then push the glass back in. You then screw the 4 screws back in.
Question: Why won’t the grey give me an option for monthly payment?

Answer: Dont lnow6
Question: E3 when attempting to turn the heater on? What does that mean.

Answer: Hello, the E3 error is most likely being seen due to the fact the unit is not plugged directly into the wall outlet, or the fan is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The manual states that the unit should be plugged directly into the wall to have the most power. It’s likely your unit has over heated and will not blow heat …

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Hello, the E3 error is most likely being seen due to the fact the unit is not plugged directly into the wall outlet, or the fan is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The manual states that the unit should be plugged directly into the wall to have the most power. It’s likely your unit has over heated and will not blow heat any longer. We are working to get this statement better placed on the plug and in the manual. For a replacement, please contact our friendly customer service team at 1-800-489-3351 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. Thank you.

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Question: Why is the grey one much more expensive ?

Answer: Its just like with car insurance…the more noticable the higher the premium and with furniture its about the same

Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ Wide, Multiple Colors

17 reviews for Ameriwood Lumina Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ Wide, Multiple Colors

  1. Joe

    I absolutely love the tv stand. I received it about 6 days early which is a bonus. Assembly took about 2. 5 hours. And I found the instructions were pretty straight forward if you pay attention to the details on the pics. FYI theres a seperate set of instructions for the heating unit for those who have trouble figuring out how to install the crystals. Hint:You have to remove the screws holding the glass panel in place. Overall a great unit it can probably hold a 75″ TV, mine is a 70″ and I still have alot of play on both sides of the display. I highly recommend.

  2. Lisa

    Wonderful tv stand!! Absolutely love the style, VERY sturdy, much more so than I expected for being made of particleboard. The glass shelves are sturdy too! I should know. I accidentally dropped one twice on another while trying to adjust the shelf spacing (which you can do!). The fireplace is beautiful and gives off a nice heat ranging from 68-82 degrees. BE AWARE!!! – the colors do not normally change on the black oak model. I called up Ameriwood and bought JUST the deluxe fireplace insert with LED’s and remote so my black model will change colors. (It only cost 80 bucks for all of it) so if you are interested in mixing and matching Ameriwood can help you out! I suggest it too because not only to the two side panel LED’s change but the FLAME color changes too on the deluxe version (as well as a rainbow shift option for BOTH). This tv stand is seriously the best. Absolutely gorgeous and so darn toasty. 10/10

  3. M

    Overall, it’s a great TV stand. It’s very sturdy and does not wobble at all. The instructions were clear, but keep in mind it does take a while to set up! You can definitely set it up with one person, but having two people at certain parts helps a great deal. The console looks good and actually puts out a good amount of heat too! Not as much as a typical space heater. The max temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. I was mainly sold on the modern aesthetics and PRICE. I’ve been searching for an electric fireplace TV stand for a couple of years, and this is the best deal I have come across. And it can fit 70” TVs! Ours in the picture is only 50” TV. Highly recommend to ANYONE looking for something modern at a great price. It looks just like the photos.

  4. Samantha

    I have been looking at this console from another vendor and found it on for less! It was so easy to put together and I absolutely love it! It is a great addition in my family room!

  5. Alexis

    First off let me say that this stand looks amazing after you put it together! Its says two people but I actually put it together myself. It took me about 3 and half hours with glancing at nba games while putting it together. Im 5ft 120 pounds and not a handywoman. However, I do know the difference between a Philips and flathead screwdriver. So take that as you will to see if you can do it yourself. My issue was with the directions as they are vague and could be a lot better. For example when you put the steel legs on it doesn’t tell you what is the front or the back. However, I figured out that the back, once you put the sides on has pre pressed holes all around so you can attach the back panels. Another thing as I was putting the top on it was not sitting flush in the center. I had to push down hard on the top then turn the center cam locks to get it to sit flush. Afterwards I had no issues completing the stand. I know when I was reading the reviews someone said they were no directions on how to input the fireplace crystals. It actually comes with a separate book of directions for the fireplace and it tells you how to insert them. The lights are blue color even though photos make it look more purple. I havent tried out the heater yet because I really dont need it at this point as I live in the south. There are also some YouTube videos that show the stand and how to put it together that could help you if you are struggling. I got the stand as it was on sale for a great price so I am beyond ecstatic that it turned out so well!! I would 100% recommend!!!!

  6. LittleJoe

    This fireplace TV stand is amazing, the 2 sets of LED light colors are awesome and it provides great heat! I was also impressed on how well it is made and very easy to put together. I was able to put it all together by myself and up and running in 2 hours. I would recommend this hands down!

  7. Teagon

    I love this gives off good heat, remot controlled and has a good ambiance. I thought the lights can change colors but no.


    I absolutely love this item. Assembly was fast and easy to understand directions. The remote controller is awesome.

  9. Willow

    Its exactly like I imagined! Everything looks better in person and the heat is AMAZING

  10. Jane

    This product came with holes on both the front and the back of the cabinet. The problem is from the manufacturer. They made a mistake putting drilled holes all over the cabinets. One of the glasses came with a sharp scratch. Even the handyperson was surprised. I am not happy at all with the purchase. Sending it back for a refund.

  11. Brandi Wilson

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Absolutely love it! I have been waiting 6 months because it was originally out of stock but was definitely worth the wait. Once in stock it shipped and arrived within days.The quality is great, very sturdy, and the lighting and fireplace just make this piece one-of-a-kind. The graphite grey is beautiful and the 3D, moving, crystal fireplace unit is breathtaking. In addition, the symmetry of this unit makes it quite appealing.Only con is it scratches easily; nothing a Sharpie wont hide but the coating is not as durable as anticipated. So just be very careful when assembling as well as when fitting wider consoles/components in the shelves so to not brush/scrape the sides.The overall assembly was easy; one person can manage in a couple hours. In addition, the instructions were simple and all pieces, including the leds, were present and packaged well. One plus with this unit, unlike with other assembly-required furniture, was this is the first time I have seen wood glue included for the wooden pegs/dowels used.

  12. Keila T

    Honestly this was a hassle to put together (as others have stated) and even taking it out of the heavy, big box was intimidating when seeing all of the pieces! For reference I am 5’2, 115 lbs and I did this alone in 4 hours. This took forever, but it is possible on your own, as everything is neatly organized and the manual/illustration makes it as easy as possible to put together. All in all, it’s beautiful and I don’t think I could’ve done better than this unit.

  13. Patrick Nomee

    I love the way it looks! Its holding up my 75 inch TV, its not recommended but the TV seems very stable on it. The TV overhangs about an inch on either side but I am still very pleased with the result, to me it seems to make the TV look bigger. My only wish is that the colors could be adjusted to match my bias lighting. the LEDs are blue but they seem to have a purple tint. I had no issues with assembly, everything went together easily and the instructions were super simple to follow. I however felt it was unnecessary to put the lettered stickers on the glass shelves, they left goo behind that I have to scrub off. All in all this unit is worth every penny and I highly recommend it!

  14. Todd Humphrey

    Bought the graphite color fire place and for the safety of my 19 month year old. I added soft safety corners for my baby bc walking and falling come together at this age.After installing the safety bump corners with double sided tape. I did a security test and the safety bump corner peel off and attached was the paper paint finish ( like wallpaper) Poor paint quality .. I have had this fire place for a month.Been not even a year and the book case led in out..I need this addressed..Looks terrible fwd left corner

  15. Malu

    It’s a great and beautiful fireplace. Good quality and excellent price. I love it.

  16. Bret Piontek

    I purchased this stand because we got a new TV and I liked the idea of having a decorative fireplace.Product was packaged well, although the styrofoam gets everywhere. All the pieces were there. Only tool needed not included was a standard Philips head screw driver.The instructions arent very clear on a few details, so you have to make extra sure that you are putting everything together the right way. We had to reverse and try things over a few times (this is not our first time putting this kind of furniture together). It was exceptionally frustrating. If youre putting it together with your SO, youre relationship may not survive this if youre on shaky ground (that was a joke).The fireplace and stand have separate manuals. You have to remove the glass face to put in the acrylic crystals BEFORE you install it in the stand (another frustrating thing). Be careful with the acrylic crystals. Theyre sharp as glass and could easily cut you.The stand seemed very unstable at first (probably because of all the re-dos) at first. Once the back panels were put on, it was fine, but that makes me a little nervous. Its been able to accommodate my 65\” tv no problem though.As far as looks go, I like the finished product. The fire display looks pretty fake though, especially when youre up close. I recommend putting it on L2 (lowest brightness) and enjoying from a distance.Theres really nothing else like it and overall Im happy with it. If I had to do it over again, Id probably go with something else though.

  17. DanO

    The engineering and design of this piece is top notch. Ive built plenty of put it together furniture, but never have seen something as sturdy as this. The major components are made up of 4 MDF sandwiched together. The pins for the cams are screwed into nuts, not just the wood. The recommend gluing the wood dowels in – even including a tube of glue to use. Packaging was great and the parts were well protected. Had one small area on an edge that was slightly damaged in shipping, but turned out to be on the back of the stand – so not even going to bother getting a replacement part. Definitely worth the money.

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