Acer 315 15.6″ Celeron 4GB/32GB Chromebook, 15.6″ HD Display, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB eMMC, Protective Sleeve, Pure Silver, Chrome OS – CB315-3H-C2C3

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Google Classroom Compatible! Acer Chromebook 315 CB315-3H-C2C3 – 15.6″ – Celeron N4000 – 4 GB RAM – 32 GB eMMC

  • 15.6″ HD
  • Intel Celeron N4000
  • 4GB LPDDR4
  • 32GB eMMC
  • 2020 Model
  • Backlight Technology: LED
  • Screen Resolution:1366 x 768
  • Sound Mode: Stereo
  • Number of Speakers: 2
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)

Acer 315 15.6″ Celeron 4GB/32GB Chromebook, 15.6″ HD Display, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB eMMC, Protective Sleeve, Pure Silver, Chrome OS – CB315-3H-C2C3

20 reviews for Acer 315 15.6″ Celeron 4GB/32GB Chromebook, 15.6″ HD Display, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB eMMC, Protective Sleeve, Pure Silver, Chrome OS – CB315-3H-C2C3

  1. Danielle

    I purchased this laptop for my 13 year old son. We looked at a lot of reviews, and this one seemed like one of the best for the money. His birthday was in January, and it is now the beginning of March and so far not really any issues, other than the screen freezing for about two seconds every now and again. Hoping this is just due to a Wi-Fi connection or something. When it came, it actually looked bigger than it does on the site. So far, great product for the money. My son really enjoys it.

  2. Noname

    Overall, this is a very nice and sturdy Chromebook. We puchased this for our son and so far, it works well. Its a nice design and very functional for our current needs. I would highly recommend for general use. I would not recommend if you are looking to buy for gaming. It works for a few games, but you’ll want a different type of laptop. However, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one, and the price is extremely reasonable.

  3. Luisa

    Glorious. Simple, easy to use and amazing value. I use my work computer for a lot of tasks so I wanted to purchase a personal computer where I could do my online shopping, watch shows, google my exes without worry. This computer is so easy to set up. It’s a chrome book so it’s all tied to google. If you don’t use google services it doesn’t make much sense. But if you don’t it’s a fantastic value. Also it comes with a nice soft protective case.

  4. Anna

    We ordered two of these computers for our girls for homeschool. We shopped around to find laptops with a larger screen and these Acers were great! The price was well under budget and I like the case that came with it for when we have to travel. They are already logged into their curriculum and starting school. We went to Walmart to see the floor models and ordered online. They shipped quickly and as expected. I highly recommend this product for online learning.

  5. MississippiSteve

    This replaced a small tablet that was old and slow. Nice 15.6 screen, quick loading via wifi, not overly heavy (very portable). Gets the job done for me with my not-to-intensive computing and web browsing. I LIKE IT.
    My only dislike is: Chrome is snooping on everything I do / everywhere I go

  6. amandabee

    Over the past 10-12 years, I have tried many – many different laptops. All different brands, sizes, different specs… but I haven’t liked a laptop this much until now. I have never owned a Chromebook and was a little reluctant switching to one. I am so happy and very pleased that I did though. I do many things on my computer. Schooling, emailing, photo editing, etc. I own my own business so I have to have a fast, good quality computer that is able to run every thing that I need it too. This computer has so many great features and it has been a breeze to use. It’s so easy to get used too, which I am very happy with. Everything with it is so sleek, it runs smoothly, and it’s very fast. Browsing or streaming – no issues at all, I am very surprised at how fast this computer is. There is no lagging, everything is loaded within seconds. The look and feel of the computer is also great. It’s got a big screen, the computer itself is thin and lightweight. So much easier to carry with me when I am remote working. One of the big positives is the battery life, I am able to charge it once a night and use it all day on the battery. It literally lasts me all day which is huge. Very happy with the battery life.

    I can not say enough positive things about this Chromebook. It is everything I wished and hoped for plus more. It really does work that well. It looks amazing. Runs amazing. Everything about it is perfect. I haven’t had one negative issue with it at all.

  7. AlwaysWalmartUser

    I got this chrome book for my daughter to study online. I have to say that I am very impressed by how fast this computer is. It has 4Gb RAM and 32 Gb hard drive. The 15.6 inches HD screen is very sharp and bright. The colors are outstanding.
    It is pretty easy to set up and use. My 8 year old has no issues navigating it.
    One of the cool things about this computer is that it has the charge slots on both sides. This is the longest lasting battery in a computer that I have ever had. My daughter uses it for hours and hours before charging. Sometimes she can use it for a couple days without charging. The computer comes without cd rom, but you can plug in flash drives, camera cards, etc. you can also plug headphones with a standard headphone cord. Overall I think it is a great netbook and I would definitely recommend it.

  8. Najmuddin

    This is my first ever Chromebook and after using it for 48 hours, here are my initial impressions:

    Overall this is a great machine and would highly recommend this device to anyone who is looking for a fast, big screen, a budget-friendly laptop that has decent battery life. Now since this laptop came out quite recently and there aren’t any reviews on youtube, I decided to give you all an in-depth review of what you can expect from this device.

    Screen: The screen size is a huge plus point as not many Chromebooks offer a big 15.6 screen. Bezels obviously not the thinnest but impressive for the price of this laptop. Brightness is good for indoors but looking at the screen outdoors can be an issue. The viewing angles are not the best, however, when you are right in front of it, the screen looks sharp and clean. Though a 720 resolution screen, I found the colors to be rich and crisp for watching a movie. Lastly, it has anti-glare, which is absolutely a necessity and all laptops should have it. Score: 4/5

    Build quality: The whole laptop is made of premium plastic including the trackpad. Overall it feels sturdy but does have a bit of flex so I wouldn’t recommend keeping a lot of weight on it. Score: 4/5

    Performance and battery life: This laptop surely is fast even with a low-end chip installed. Coming from a Windows laptop, this is something I am beginning to love about Chromebooks the most. The laptop doesn’t heat up, opens apps and web pages instantly, no lag at all. Battery life is amazing, it lasted a whole day for me and it takes around 2 hours to completely charge. Currently, I am very impressed but I am curious how it holds up as this machine gets older. Score: 5/5

    Speakers and Camera: Speakers are pretty good and loud, however, it lacks bass. The camera is better than most laptop cameras I have used and perfect for web conferencing. Though the image feels like it has been softened up a bit. Score: 3.5/5

    In short, I believe this is a great value for the price and surely gets the work done. I hope this review helps you all.

  9. Cami27

    This Acer 315 Chromebook with 15.6 inch screen and 4 GB memory is a great and fast laptop that runs quick and effortlessly on the Google Chrome Operating System. Right out of the box I was impressed by how lightweight, slim and nice looking this Acer Chromebook is. The setup process is super easy and quick, simply sign in with your Google account or create a new one. I like that this Chromebook lets different users save and log in with their own Google accounts, or you can also browse as a guest, so this computer is really easy to share with others if needed. The startup speed is impressively quick and the HD screen is clear and vibrant, the mousepad is very responsive and websites come up without any delay. Convenient access to the Google Play store lets you download a large variety of all types of different apps. We have been using this Chromebook without any problems for homeschooling with Google Classroom assignments for our children, as well as online video conferences with their teachers and classmates to keep up with their school work while social distancing orders are in place. Everything has been functioning seamlessly and the 4GB memory provides plenty of space to save their work. This laptop is an excellent option for schoolwork, creating and saving documents, connecting to my wireless printer, gaming, streaming videos and also streaming music to Bluetooth connected speakers. I love the fast speed when connected to our Wi-Fi! The built in Google Assistant recognizes my voice and is so convenient to use. My favorite feature of this laptop is the long lasting battery life! My children have worked and played on this Chromebook for multiple days before it needed to recharge. Ease of use, size, light-weight, vibrant HD screen, fast speed, good memory space, fantastic battery life and reliability all in one! It also comes with a modern, padded zippered laptop protection case for storage. I would absolutely highly recommend this computer to anyone!

  10. Tiffany2983

    This Acer chromebook has everything! While opening the box I noticed a nice gray computer bag that zips up which is perfect when I’m on the go. Very nice gift! One of my favorite feature is the big HD screen it has. Also, I am home schooling 2 children and this chromebook has all access to their online classes and assignments. The setup was very easy with my gmail email. Once I logged in it transferred all my docs and info into my chromebook. I also noticed that the battery life is amazing. I’ve been on it for two days watching movies, YouTube and more and this I seen it still has 16 hours left. Plus, the storage space is great for my family. I must say I am very impressed with this Acer chromebook.

  11. FreeSpirit

    This has been such a fun product to review! I have never owned a Chromebook but I am familiar with Google from using my android so I was more than ready to get my hands on this. This Chromebook is silver, and came with a charger, and it’s own sleeve case to protect it which was a great bonus. The first thing I realized was how lightweight it is! It is very different than any other computer I have owned so I took my time going through the initial set up. It was super easy to get set up and personalized. My favorite thing about getting new tech toys is setting them up to match my style. I love the options to customize Chrome but I only found where you can add a wallpaper on the desktop. I like changing the colors of my toolbar and color behind wallpaper images also so obviously not a huge deal, it’s just a preference I miss. Everything is easy to locate and the google assistant recognizes my voice to make things more simple. After several uses I noticed the Chromebook didn’t get hot on my lap like other computers I’ve used and the battery lasts a good while before needing to be recharged. It also tells you how long you have left on your battery before it needs charged. The keys are the perfect size and work great. There is also a nightlight setting that you can automatically program to turn on during certain hours. I get migraines triggered from bright lights so I appreciate this proactive setting to help during the night time hours. You can also connect your other google phone/devices to this. The screen looks great for watching movies and I connected my wifi to this and it works very fast. I ended up using my wireless mouse with this because I prefer that to using the touchpad and I didn’t have any issues with that either. After using this it will be hard to ever go back to a standard laptop.Β 

  12. blueangeleyes5

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! I have three children and I teach elementary age students. All of us have been thrown into online school. We were sharing a laptop and a tablet. Let’s just say, this Chromebook was a lifesaver! The laptop we currently have wouldn’t allow me to use my online meeting/class apps. So, all of us had to use the tablet and take turns to do meetings, lessons, classes, etc. The Acer Chromebook will let you use the app needed for meetings and classes. Hallelujah! It also connected to my phone. So, while I was on a meeting or class video, I could answer texts for work or personal at the same time. My kids have been able to access all of their online classes and resoures as well. It has a large screen. So, they can see everything the teacher is sharing with ease. Added bonus – it came with a very nice case to keep it safe when we are not using it. A in our book. Thank you, Acer! It is perfect for this teacher! And it is great for students to use for online schooling, for sure!

  13. CharmeusePrincess

    I love chromebooks because they are so sleek and easy to carry around. This one is longer than some which make makes it stand out. It has a good screen size and it’s almost all screen none of those edges getting in the way. It is good for playing games on and browsing social media and really anything you can think of.

  14. Elphie

    This Chromebook from Acer is awesome! The design is very sleek and clean. The HD screen is 15.6 inches wide so it is a great size. The quality of the graphics are very crisp and clear. This was super simple to set up right out of the box. There were step by step instructions with pictures on how you set up your Chromebook for the first time. Once you are set up you are ready to go. I love that this Chromebook does not have any lag when you are pulling up any websites. I can check my emails and shop fast and efficiently. There are tons of Google apps that you can download and use. The battery life on this gives you 12.5 hours before you need to charge which is a great feature. A really cool feature is the numeric keypad which makes it easier to use. On the side there are also USB ports. The speakers are on the bottom however they are very powerful and the sound quality is great. The design of this Chromebook is user friendly for adults or kids. Overall this is a great product, this is a must have in your home!

  15. blue2u26

    This is great and came just in time. I like the bigger screen on it and so do the kids. Perfect for their school work and games. This works perfect for the kids. The screen on this one isn’t has bright and I don’t like that but its not bad enough where I wouldn’t use it or I would want to send it back. It works perfect like I expected it to. I am extremely happy about this coneced to internet and my printer with no issues at all. Even got Bluetooth to pair up with 3 different speakers. I would recommend this to anyone for sure. This is a great crombook. Kids have played a lot of different games on this.
    Everyone is happy with this. This is with the brightness almost all the way up. I did try to include a couple photos.

  16. smulc54

    This is such a simple but impressive chrome book. It is a bit of an adjustment from a traditional laptop because chrome book does have differences. The chrome book itself id]s very fast to connect to internet. I’ve had no issues using any of the apps or using the internet.
    The outside of the chrome book is so nice looking. I was immediately impressed when I took it out of the box. It is so lightweight and slim but the screen and keyboard are so large! It’s so nice to have the actual number keypad. I had to double check the screen size because it seems so much bigger than the ~15 inches it is.
    The only two things I would improve on is that you can’t open it with one hand. Since it is so lightweight when you pull up on the screen the bottom half comes with it. So you need both hands to hold the bottom half down and pull the screen up. The other thing, which is just a preference nothing that really needs to be improved, is I love a backlit keyboard.
    If you are needing a simple chrome book that does what you need it to when you need it to this is the one!

  17. TBrand96

    the best things of Chromebooks, doesn’t matter who makes it, when you power up and sign in everything will be there!i LOVE everything about this from watching movies and gettin from point A to B really Fast,setup was too easy and the screen is perfect i am in LOVE.this come with a setup Guide to help you setup and that is really easy so read it!you can do the review to get a Free mouse if you want one and this come with a 1 year warranty for parts & labor and 1 year for support just read the booklet also…and this has a wide screen 15.6 HD!!oh and it come with a sleeves and it is a Granite Gray color..NICE

  18. Michelle

    This is a pretty amazing Chromebook laptop. First, the screen is big and wide with excellent visuals. I have noticed no visual issues, like when the screen darkens from a certain angle. Also, the screen doesn’t reflect light back so it’s easy to see and work in just about any kind of lighting.

    It’s comfortable to use, too. The keys have a nice shape, size, height, and feel to them. It’s all really easy to type on, even if you have larger hands, like my husband. I can type as fast on this Chromebook as I do on my PC keyboard. There is a generous touch pad area (no mouse needed) and a wide wrist-rest area, too.

    I like that all that size doesn’t make it heavy, it’s about three and a half pounds. The case is some kind of heavy duty plastic, which looks very upscale, with a fancy metallic look. At its thickest, it’s about three quarters of an inch and on the thinner edge, it’s only about a half an inch. And yet, they found enough room for several ports, including two of the faster, blue USB ports, two superfast USB-C ports (so I can charge it with the included USB-C power cord on either side), a Security Lock slot, and a micro SD card slot to enlarge storage and save and access files. Note that it has no HDMI slot, so this may not be ideal for an entertainment center (if you don’t have a USB-C to HDMI converter).

    It also has a regular 3.5mm micro-stereo plug for earphones, but I usually use my wireless ear pods since the Bluetooth on this Chromebook pairs and connects almost instantly with great sound. The speakers aren’t bad, either with clear audio making it easy to talk back and forth via video chat or online conferencing. Zero problems with the microphone, which has good sound according to those I’ve chatted with. And the camera is every bit as good as my office camera, even in less than ideal lighting.

    Also, I used to have a laptop where the fan would start up during video chats, ruining the audio (it sounded like an airplane taking off). This Chromebook has a special processor that runs cool and has no fan, so I really appreciate that. It said that it has super fast Wi-Fi, so I ran multiple speedtests to check it out and I got download speeds over 200 Mbps, and nearly the same for uploads. To be clear: That’s 200 megabits per second for wireless Wi-Fi, not plugged-in ethernet.

    I was a little unsure about relying on the Chrome OS so much, as I’ve used Windows my whole life, but it has been really easy and intuitive to use. Setting it up was very simple. I plugged it in, turned it on (boots up in seconds), and logged into the Chrome browser, which is what I always use anyway. And… that’s it. Moments later, there was my Chrome browser, set up the just the way I like it, with all my bookmarks and everything. I tried to overload it for this review, to see how it would handle lots of tabs open and videos playing, but it just ran smoothly.

    There are two icons on the bottom screen menu bar. The one on the left accesses files, the Chrome browser, and such. The one on the right, which also displays the time, battery, and Wi-Fi strength, has all the settings right there — volume, screen brightness, and everything else.

  19. dindin31

    With the COVID19 around. My daughter is doing her school work online. I really needed a laptop to video chat with her while I’m at work. This Chrome book is perfect, it’s exactly what I needed. The picture quality is superb and so crisp.The size is perfect not to forget to mention it has the number keypad on the right side. Which for me is a , I love everything about this Chrome book, setting up / customizing was a breeze, connecting to WIFI was automatic. I even have the smart lock to my phone to sign into this Chrome book. The speed of this is phenomenal , One thing I had to figure out was. To right click a word that was misspelled. You have to put two fingers on the right side of the mouse pad and click the word that is misspelled. Pretty simple, different but simple. This book is great for social media, video streaming, basic surfing, e-mail, and much more. I honestly thought this was a 17 inch screen not a 15.6 seems so much bigger. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but great Chromebook this is the one!!!!

  20. TISAMA

    Acer Chromebook 315, 15.6 HD, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB LPDDR4, 32GB eMMC, Chrome OS – CB315-3H-C2C3, I am super happy with this Chromebook it works with the google chrome operating system and it is super fast and smarter, the size is just right and very light super easy to carryover everywhere, it comes with a protective sleeve. It works with google so when you enter your gmail account synchronize all the applications you use, photos, videos, music and documents, the battery lasts up to 12 hours, the appearance is super stylish metal color, it connects super faster to any wireless connection, the memory is 4GB LPDDR3 5DRAM and 16 GB EMMC and in addition 100GB google drive space for all documents to automatically backed up, It is full HD experience making the photos, videos, games and documents very vivid, sharp and legible, the screen size 14 inch, the resolution 1920×1080 pixels and it weight 3.42 pounds, super recommended.

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