70 Samsung 4k Smart Tv, 6900 Series

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70 Samsung 4k Smart Tv, 6900 Series

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Step up from Full HD with the clarity of the NU6900. Get 4X the resolution of Full HD, plus non-4K TV content is upscaled to 4K via a powerful UHD Engine?. This TV is a clear upgrade for your content.


  • Enjoy millions of shades of color, fine-tuned to create an incredibly vibrant picture.

Essential Contrast

  • Discern lifelike details in the brightest and dimmest scenes.


  • View stunning high-dynamic-range content with a TV designed to support HDR10+.


  • See what you?ve been missing on a crisp, clear picture that?s 4X the resolution of Full HD.

Game Mode

  • Get a leg up on the competition, thanks to an optimized gaming experience with minimal input lag.

UHD Engine?

  • A powerful processor optimizes your content for 4K picture quality.

Motion Rate 120

  • Smooth action on fast-moving content.

Contrast Enhancer

  • Experience a greater sense of depth with optimized contrast across all areas of the screen.

HDR Formats Supported

  • HDR10 (Static MetaData), HDR10+ (Dynamic MetaData), HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). All Samsung 4K UHD TVs also meet the CTA HDR-Compatible definition.

Clean Cable Solution®

  • Neatly manages cords for a crisp, clean look.

Slim Design

  • An elegant, slim design for a modern look you?ll admire.

Universal Browse

  • An easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows with a single universal guide.

Connect & Share

  • Sync your TV to your compatible smartphone to access and control your content on the big screen.*

Samsung Remote Control

  • Adjusts TV functions and navigates Samsung Smart TV menus.**


  • Enjoy higher-quality audio and video with an HDMI connection that transmits both signals over a single cable. Compatible with next generation Ultra HD Blu-ray? players and HDR content decoding. Includes 1 Audio Return Channel (ARC).


  • Enjoy your favorite on-demand content seamlessly through your existing network with built-in Wi-Fi (802.11N).

Dolby® Digital Plus

  • Enjoy the ultimate digital sound quality on all your favorite movies, TV shows and streaming content. Dolby Digital Plus optimizes your entertainment experience with enhanced sound richness and clarity.

Included Accessories

  • Standard Remote (TM-1240A)

4K Ultra HD Connected

  • All Samsung 2018 4K UHD and QLED televisions comply with the CTA 4K Ultra High-Definition Connected definition requirements. The trade organization known as the Consumer Technology Association (CTA?) is considered an industry authority on engineering standards for consumer electronics in the United States. Visit www.cta.tech for more information.


  • *Some features vary.
  • **Compatible devices only. All devices must be on the same network, and internet connection is required.

70 Samsung 4k Smart Tv, 6900 Series

20 reviews for 70 Samsung 4k Smart Tv, 6900 Series

  1. Shades

    fantastic Samsung TV. If you didn’t get the option to get one sorry I got the other because I got 2. Amazing price and I wish I had more of them

  2. Maria

    love this TV, the picture, quality, online! Love the smart tv!TV! Best buy yet!!

  3. Alyssa

    Just buy it ! Works great

  4. Emmy510

    Love this tv!! If I was to complain about one thing it’s that it takes to dang long to connect to the internet when u first turn it on, And the way the remote is made, and how small the stupid arrows at the bottom are!

  5. ScrtAgentMan

    I purchased this tv to replace my 2013 model 70″ Vizio (also purchased from Sams Club) and what an upgrade. Picture quality is amazing, connectivity is flawless, and it has most of the major steaming apps available. I shopped around and looked at several tvs before making the purchase and dollar for dollar, this was by far the best deal to be found. My other Samsung tv is a 15 year old lcd that’s still going strong so I have hope that this one will be with me for many years as well.
    The 1 star review from the person having internet problems, that’s not an issue with the tv, that’s a network configuration issue.

  6. QueenOfCritique

    Steal of a deal. The quality of this TV is really great. Watching took some getting use to since it’s my first UHD LED TV. My only hang up is that I was unable to connect my surround sound system directly to the TV due to it not having the In/Output Aux in the back. I used the HMDI connection but it didn’t work so I purchased an Optical cord and it still was an epic fail. No sound at all! Disappointing to say the least but I found an alternative by connecting the surround sound to my Smart Samsung DVD Player via old school Aux and connected the player to the TV via HDMI. So it was not all a lost. Just wish I’d known it came without the old audio In/Outputs prior to purchase. So for that it gets 4 out of 5.

    It’s cringing to be unable to hide my cords due to a beam in my wall which it’s no fault of Samsung, of course… Lol! Just might want to have the installer check that before mounting the TV in a particular location… Just an FYI.

  7. Omar

    A wide line across the screen right after the one year Warranty expired. I liked the aps when it was working, not much memory to put as many as you want. The TV never came up when trying to cast using the same Wi-Fi and tried with multiple devices. Screen mirroring was my only choice. Walmart also gets a 1 star, the only way to find it in my purchase history is if I typed it in. I could see things I bought prior and after but not the TV unless I type Samsung in the purchase history. This had me looking everywhere as I had it delivered and wasn’t sure if I bought it from Walmart. Had to double check with my credit card…

  8. Jeff

    Ordered online and got it sooner than expected, looked good until I powered it on and there was a 10 inch wide black line through the middle of the screen.

  9. Disappointed With Samsung

    so i bought this tv in jan. 2019 and its good fair priced and does the job. around march 2020 3 dark tint lines appear on the screen all with normal use no accidents. i continue to use it since warranty ended in jan 2020. then july 2020 the image starts to get dark and tinted as in the photo i posted. horrible tv and experience. bought an lg and not looking back.

  10. julian

    Samsung does not stand behind their product ,buy this tv If you only expect 3 1/2 years out of a tv then this is the tv for you ,I just took this picture of mine ,you see that big white dot ?It doesn’t go away ,Samsung directed me to a repair shop which is an hour away ,so they want me to take a 65” tv off my wall ,drive it 1hour to get there ,so I called the repair shop and he told me it’s not worth it to repair ,go with a reputable company Samsung is not them

  11. PERLA

    Order it online and waited a couple of weeks for it to arrive and when it did it was damaged. There was only a white screen with something dangling inside. Never got to experience our new TV. Had to return it and get a refund, since most stores a sold out. So now we are Tv-less!

  12. sp

    omg awesome!!! we bought this tv 2 days ago and just got it set up and holy moly! its amazing. the picture is amazing the sound is great and I just can’t contain myself. for thr price and 70 inches we were kinda scared trying to move it around but we got it. so happy

  13. Walter

    Although, I am very unsure what has happened to the declining price among all smart TV’s and their different brands needless, to say I’ve watched these smart TV’s over the years start out price wise significantly high making things for the average shopper to afford. I will begin diving right in continuing on with my 2019 Samsung 70″ smart 4k UHD purchase which was made on 02/21/20 and to all interested Walmart shoppers, I am very pleased with my purchase in entertainment, and hands down this smart television gets 5 stars across the chart especially for the unbelievable purchase of $618.00 tax included out the door…. BANG!!

  14. Joseph

    Bought this TV brand new, about 2wks later this starts to pop up. Hence i dont run the TV all day everyday so its weird this discoloration would pop up and the TV isnt old. Im really hoping there wasn’t damage to the TV before pickup and the employees “forgot” to tell me

  15. Welton

    bought 50″ samsung from best buy in 2018. see pic for mod / serial. motherboard changed in first year. now pic with dark shadow on right side. very disappointed. called tech ser and told one year warranty. i have owned 2 previous samsung tvs and many smartphones including 2 now. i will not be buying any more of your products after this. see pic for screen shot.

  16. KKTHOMAS137

    Awesome product, I am pleased with my purchase. I need a awesome antenna now, thanks Walmart for making this transaction pleasingly pleasant.

  17. CiaT

    After setting up my TV the picture quality was bad.The screen was half dark half bright. It also kept glitching on one side.

  18. Alan

    Never buy these Samsung TV’s, they are very bad and you will experience problems after couple of months. Samsung will not stand by their product nor willing to offer you a reasonable solution.

  19. Erika

    I bought this TV one year ago and now it doesn’t even turn on. now I’m back on my 42in so sad. and I forgot to get warranty and now I’m stuck with a non working tv. picture is my 42in infront of the non working 70 inch

  20. jawonna

    Exceptional quality. Thank you.

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