(2 Pack) Equate Cotton Swabs, 1000 count, 2000 total

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(2 Pack) Equate Cotton Swabs, 1000 count, 2000 total

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Always have a cotton swab on hand with Equate Cotton Swabs. Equate features a wide range of personal care products and simple solutions, created with the utmost quality for the best value. Equate swabs are constructed with the same pure cotton tops as the leading brand, with the same rugged, disposable build for effortless, everyday use. The cotton fabric is hygienic and soft, ideal for everything from personal hygiene, infant and wound care to applying cosmetics and keeping computer keyboards dust and dirt-free. This extra-value bulk pack includes two boxes of safety swabs; each box contains 500 swabs. Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate makes it easy to find the right products for your unique needs with confidence, quality and value. *This product is not manufactured or distributed by Unilever, owner of the registered trademark Q-Tips.Equate Cotton Swabs:

  • Safe and hygienic cotton sticks
  • Made from pure cotton for the ultimate comfort
  • Equate swabs are ideal for infant and wound care, personal hygiene, make-up application, cleaning computer keyboards and more
  • Bulk pack includes two boxes of safety swabs; each box contains 500 swabs
  • Soft against bare skin
  • Disposable
  • Pack of 2
  • Compare to Q-Tips*


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(2 Pack) Equate Cotton Swabs, 1000 count, 2000 total
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(2 Pack) Equate Cotton Swabs, 1000 count, 2000 total

12 reviews for (2 Pack) Equate Cotton Swabs, 1000 count, 2000 total

  1. User

    Sometimes generic brand swabs are wimpy and bend. Equate swabs are sturdy and dont come apart during use. This double pack is a great value for our big family.

  2. User

    These cotton swabs are comfortable to use.

  3. User

    These equate cotton swabs are a much better quality than I had expected. When it comes to buying cotton swabs I usually buy name brands. The store brands in which I’ve tried in the past had little cotton and were pokey feeling. That’s not the case here. These are truly a great quality. The ends are thick and comfortable. They stay on well. And inexpensive! I am switching to these!

  4. User

    Very nice swabs. Made in the USA which is important to me. Great price. Very nice packaging. These boxes when empty come in handy to store small items. Crayons, colored pencils, buttons, Barbie doll accessories, matchbox cars, rubber bands. The boxes slide open

  5. User

    These are not as good quality as the box of 750 swabs you can buy in store but they work as long as you look at then first instead of just grabbing one and using it. Some of them have loose bits of cotton or loose ends that when you bend them you can feel the stick. I ordered several boxes, I am using my first box, maybe this was a not so good box and all the others are good.

  6. User

    These swabs are great! I’ve tried the rest, and these hold up much better, and the cotton portion is just the right size! I use these for a variety of things and haven’t had an issue with the cotton coming off or the stems breaking. I much prefer these over all the competitors brands.

  7. User

    I like the sturdy paper sticks use for the Equate cotton swabs. Much better than the thin, easily bendable plastic that some generic brands use. These are also a much better alternative to the expensive name brand product. These are my go to swabs every time.

  8. User

    Good swabs with the white cardboard stem. I don’t like the plastic stems, they bend too easily. If you want more flexibility, go for the plastic stems. We keep a box of both on hand, though.

  9. User

    I will be buying these again. The cotton is perfect. I was worried it would be to thin like the cheaper cotton swabs that hurt the ears, but it’s not. Definitely satisfied. Inexpensive and good, don’t have to buy Q-Tip brand πŸ™‚

  10. User

    This is another Equate brand product that works as well if not better than the name brand. These Q tips are soft on the ends with a generous amount of cotton on a stick that is not cheap or flimsy.

  11. User

    The Equate Swabs are no different than any other swab , probably better , nice firm stick, no fall off cotton end, multiple uses and where else could you get 500 swabs for this low a cost ? What a awesome deal, like swabs for a year ! Definitely a winner in my opinion. Stock up they don’t go back or expire.

  12. User

    These seem better than the other generic types I’ve tried. The ends are definitely full and fluffy without having that issue of coming apart or unwinding etc., and the rigidity of the stems is great without being either too stiff or too wimpy. Nice quantity. Box design can let them fall out if you aren’t careful, but I think most people probably transfer to a different container.

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